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REC.O.R.D Game APK is an online shooter with beautiful graphics, thrilling gameplay, players will enjoy fast and dramatic action, with diverse weapons and special skills.

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Name REC.O.R.D
Pagekage name com.V.GGames.REC.O.R.D
Version 1.32
Size 399.64 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer V.G Games

About of REC.O.R.D APK

REC.O.R.D Game APK is a real-time multiplayer action visual shooting game in which players will engage in intense and dramatic battles.

RECORD Gameplay APK, players will play the role of a professional gunner and participate in fighting matches against other opponents online. The game features a variety of game modes such as singles, team battles, and chaotic battlefields, providing different and varied experiences.

REC.O.R.D APK has high quality 3D graphics, creating a beautiful and lively playing environment. Players will enjoy fast-paced and dramatic action, with diverse weapons and special skills to use.

Overview of REC.O.R.D Game APK

In REC.O.R.D juego APK, players can upgrade and customize their characters, open new weapons and collect rewards. The game also provides a ranking system so that players can compete against other players around the world and achieve the highest ranking.

In addition, Record android APK supports offline play mode, allowing players to practice their skills and experience the game without an internet connection.

In short, Record mobile APK is an attractive online shooting game with beautiful graphics, intense gameplay and diverse game modes. If you are a lover of the shooting game genre and want to challenge yourself in online fighting matches.


Features of REC.O.R.D APK For Android

REC.O.R.D APK has many attractive features to bring multiplayer online shooter gaming experience. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Diverse game modes: REC.O.R.D APK provides many different game modes for players to explore and experience. Typical are single player mode, team battle and chaotic battlefield. Each mode offers its own unique emotions and challenges.
  • High-quality 3D graphics: The game uses beautiful 3D graphics, creating a vivid playing environment with clear details and attractive effects.
  • Diverse weapon system: REC.O.R.D APK provides a variety of different weapons for players to choose from. From traditional guns to advanced weapons, players can choose and customize their weapons to suit their playing style.
  • Special Skills and Tactics: The game provides special skills and tactics for the player to use in battle. These skills can deal great damage, support teammates or create special effects to make enemies difficult.
  • Character Upgrade and Customization: Players can upgrade and customize their characters to enhance their strength and combat abilities. By collecting and using items, players can customize equipment, upgrade skills, and enhance attributes.
  • Ranking and challenge system: REC.O.R.D APK has a ranking system so that players can compete with other players around the world. Players can show off their skills and climb to the top of the leaderboard through matches and challenges.
  • Offline play mode: Besides online play mode, the game also provides offline play mode for players to practice and experience without an internet connection.
  • Regular updates and events: REC.O.R.D APK regularly updates new content and organizes in-game events so players always have new and exciting experiences.

These are just some of the key features of REC.O.R.D APK. The game has many other special points that players can discover during the experience.

Graphics of REC.O.R.D APK Latest Version

The graphics of REC.O.R.D APK are designed with high quality and remarkable detail. The game uses 3D graphics to create a lively and attractive playing environment. From modern cities with tall buildings and wide streets, to peripheral environments such as forests, deserts or devastated places, players will experience diverse and exciting scenes.

Characters and weapons in REC.O.R.D APK are designed with detail and variety. Characters have their own distinctive features and styles, while weapons are faithfully recreated with details like metal, knobs, and accessories. This detailed graphics creates vibrancy and powerful effects in matches.

REC.O.R.D Android uses special effects to accentuate skills, weapons, and effects in the game. These effects include lighting, firepower, destruction of the environment and more, creating a realistic and engaging feeling for the player.


How to play, gameplay of REC.O.R.D Mobile APK

Diverse game modes: REC.O.R.D APK provides many different game modes for players to participate in. Includes single-player, team-player and chaotic battlefield modes. Each mode has its own goals and rules of the game, providing variety and challenge for players.

Singles: In this mode, players will fight alone against other opponents. The task is to destroy or achieve a higher score than the opponent to win.

Team Battle: REC.O.R.D Android allows players to join teams and fight with teammates. The player team will compete with other teams to achieve goals such as destroying opponents or controlling the land.

Chaos Battlefield: This is a game mode that focuses on large-scale, multiplayer battles. Players will face many opponents and try to survive and gain the upper hand in a busy combat environment.

Control and shoot: REC.O.R.D Mobile APK provides on-screen controls for the player to move the character and aim. Players can use the attack buttons to shoot guns and destroy opponents. In addition, the game supports jumping, dodging and using special skills to create powerful attacks.

Upgrade and Customization: REC.O.R.D APK allows players to upgrade their characters, customize equipment and weapons. Players can collect and use in-game items to improve their character's attributes and combat abilities.

Achievements and Rankings: The game records player achievements and results and provides a rating system for comparison with other players. Players can climb the leaderboard and get the highest score through successful matches.

Pros and Cons REC.O.R.D APK iOS


  • Diverse game modes: The game offers a variety of game modes such as singles, team battles and chaotic battlefields, providing diversity and challenges for players.
  • Character Upgrade and Customization: Players can upgrade and customize their characters, enhancing their strength and combat abilities.
  • Ranking system: REC.O.R.D APK has a ranking system for players to compete with other players and get the highest achievement.
  • Regular updates and events: The game regularly updates with new content and organizes events for players to have a new and exciting experience.


  • Depends on internet connection: REC.O.R.D APK requires a stable internet connection to participate in online matches. Having an unstable connection can cause lag or disrupt the gaming experience.
  • Highly Competitive: Due to the nature of the online shooting game, REC.O.R.D Game APK has a highly competitive environment. This can make the game difficult and challenging for new players.
  • Addictive: REC.O.R.D APK can be addictive with its tension and continuous action. This can affect time management and consideration when playing games.


REC.O.R.D APK is an attractive multiplayer online shooting game with high quality graphics and diverse game modes. Players will be able to participate in intense and dramatic battles, upgrade characters, customize equipment and show off their skills. The ranking system and regular events also provide constant competition and discovery.

In conclusion, if you are a lover of online multiplayer shooting games, REC.O.R.D APK can be an interesting choice. Enjoy the action matches and explore the fascinating online world of this game.


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