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Real Cricket™ 24 APK is the ultimate mobile game, combining realistic graphics, flexible gameplay, and diverse tournament modes, providing a great experience for players who love this sport.


Name Real Cricket 24
Version 1.8
Size 668 MB
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Nautilus Mobile

Introduce to Real Cricket 24 APK

Real Cricket 24 creator APK is a significant breakthrough in the world of virtual cricket. Real Cricket 24 really makes a strong impression with sharp and realistic graphics. The feeling when entering the field is like participating directly in each match. The details about the players, the football field and the surrounding scenery are done extremely delicately, creating a lively atmosphere.

Another great thing about Real Cricket 24 APK obb download is the richness of team selection. You can choose from many national teams and famous club teams around the world. Each team has its own squad and unique characteristics, giving players the opportunity to experience many different tactics and strategies.

More Overview of Real Cricket 24 Mobile Game

Real Cricket 24 Game APK is not just limited to international tournament playing but also extends to different game modes like individual challenges, club tournaments, and even artist mode, where you can create unique matches with your own custom rules.

Not only is it an entertaining game, Real Cricket 24 also gives players the opportunity to practice their skills through each match, from choosing the squad, building tactics to performing movements and Realistic cricket playing techniques.

All features in Real Cricket 24 Latest Version

  • Realistic Graphics: Real Cricket 24 APK is not only beautiful but also creates a vivid feeling with high-quality graphics. Details about the players, the field and the surrounding environment are designed very delicately, helping players completely immerse themselves in the virtual cricket world.
  • Rich Team Team: The game offers a wide range of famous national teams and club teams around the world. From India to Australia, you can choose your favorite team and participate in exciting confrontations.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Real Cricket 24 is not only limited to international tournament mode, but also offers many different game modes. You can challenge yourself in individual challenge mode, join club tournaments, and even create your own unique matches in artist mode with custom rules.
  • Skill Training: The skill training feature allows players to improve their playing ability. From choosing the squad, building tactics to implementing cricket movements and techniques, Real Cricket 24 APK is a great platform to practice and develop your skills.
  • Share Your Experience: Players can share their experiences via online social networks, creating a community of cricket enthusiasts where everyone can interact and share the joy of every match.
  • Regular Updates: The development team continuously updates Real Cricket 24 APK with new upgrades, bug fixes and added new features so players always have new and exciting experiences.

Interface, graphics on Real Cricket 24 iOS

Real Cricket 24 APK is not simply a game, but a work of digital art with high quality graphics. From the moment you step onto the field, you will immediately feel the special care put into every detail. Players are designed with great realism, from their fluid movements to their faces expressing true cricket emotions.

The stadium and surrounding environment are also impressive with vivid graphics. From the passionate fans to the ground to the sunlight shining through the trees, it's all delicately recreated. It feels like you're sitting in the stands, not just an experience on a mobile phone screen.

What's interesting is that Real Cricket 24 APK not only focuses on being beautiful but also focuses on the interactivity of the graphics. This can be clearly seen in each player's movements, from powerful shots to agile runs. The softness and naturalness of the movements further enhance the realism of the game.

How to play, gameplay for Real Cricket 24 APK

Flexible Controls: The game provides smooth and flexible controls, allowing players to easily perform complex movements such as hitting, catching the ball and running in the middle of the field. This helps create a more realistic simulated gaming experience.

Diverse Game Modes: Real Cricket 24 APK is not only limited to international tournaments but also offers many different game modes such as club tournaments, individual challenges and artist mode. This creates constant variety and exploration for players.

Skill Training: Players can practice their skills through training and challenge modes, from choosing a squad to implementing unique cricket playing techniques.

Pros and Cons of Real Cricket 24 For Android


  • High-Quality Graphics: One of Real Cricket 24's biggest strengths is its high-quality graphics, which create a vivid and realistic feel.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Diversifying game modes helps players never get bored, with many opportunities for challenges and new experiences.


  • High System Requirements: Some players may have difficulty using low-spec phones, as the game requires a relatively powerful system to run smoothly.
  • Internet Connection Required: For some features, Real Cricket 24 requires an internet connection, which may be inconvenient for players who do not always have an internet connection available.


Real Cricket 24 APK is not just a mobile cricket game, but an exciting journey that brings players closer to the world of professional cricket. With high-quality graphics, flexible gameplay, and a variety of tournament modes, this game is truly a great choice for sports lovers.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Real Cricket 24 APK

What are the system requirements to run Real Cricket 24 smoothly? +

For a smooth experience, you need a device with relatively high configuration, including enough RAM and a responsive processor chip.

Does Real Cricket 24 support offline play? +

Yes, this game has an offline play mode for players who want to enjoy without an internet connection.

How to interact with the community in Real Cricket 24? +

You can connect with the community through the game's built-in social networks, share results and even challenge friends.

Does Real Cricket 24 have multiplayer? +

Yes, you can participate in multiplayer matches and challenge your friends online.

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