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Overcooked APK is an attractive and addictive game, especially when playing with friends, where players will experience the life of chefs in a chaotic restaurant.


Name Overcooked
Version 1.0.2
Size 13.3 MB
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Matt Games

About of Overcooked APK

Overcooked APK is a multiplayer video game developed by Studio Ghost Town Games and published by Team17. This game first launched in 2016 and has quickly become one of the most popular and addictive multiplayer games in the time management genre.

Overcooked has a simple but humorous storyline. Players take on the role of chefs and take part in a series of chaotic cooking challenges. The main goal is to cook delicious food and serve the customers in limited time. However, in-game restaurants often have quirky features and difficult obstacles, such as moving tables, burning fire, or shifting spaces. This creates a chaotic environment and requires close cooperation and coordination between the players.

Overview of Overcooked Mobile APK

The game Overcooked mac has single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing 1 to 4 players to join together on the same level. Players must work together to divide the work, prepare ingredients, prepare food and deliver goods to customers. The special feature of the game is the high interactivity and the increased pressure when time goes by quickly.

Overcooked APK pc is not only a fun game but also a challenge for coordination and communication between players. It requires focus and flexibility in adapting to constantly changing situations. The game offers a variety of levels, from easy to hard, and also replayable to try to get a higher score and complete more difficult objectives.

Overcooked has received positive reviews from both players and critics, and has won numerous awards in the gaming industry. The game has since been developed into a series of sequels, including Overcooked 2 and Overcooked APK! All You Can Eat, expanding players' content and gaming experience.

Features of Overcooked APK for Android

Overcooked APK is a multiplayer video game with many attractive features. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Multiplayer mode: t17 Overcooked allows from 1 to 4 players to join together on the same screen. Players can cooperate with each other to complete cooking missions.
  • Plot and World: The game has a simple but funny plot. Players will engage in cooking and serving in quirky and challenging restaurants.
  • Diverse Cooking Challenges: Overcooked APK takes players to a variety of restaurants, each offering unique and varied challenges. Challenges include table movement, fire, changing environments and more.
  • Time Management: The game puts time pressure on the player. Players must complete the objectives quickly to get a high score and avoid losing points because of being late.
  • Dishes and Recipes: Overcooked requires players to prepare and cook different dishes. Players will have to work with ingredients and follow recipes to create delicious dishes.
  • Character diversity: The game offers a variety of characters for players to choose from. Each character has its own characteristics and influences on the game.
  • Single Player Mode: In addition to the multiplayer mode, Overcooked also has a single player mode in which players can challenge themselves and complete levels alone.
  • Incremental difficulty level: The game has a series of difficulty levels from easy to hard. As the player progresses, the challenges become more difficult and require coordination and quick thinking.
  • Addictive nature: Overcooked has a simple but extremely addictive game structure. Challenges require quick interaction and coordination, creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Thanks to its unique features and exciting multiplayer gaming experience, como jogar Overcooked multiplayer APK has become one of the famous and beloved games in the time management genre.

Graphics of Overcooked APK Latest Version

Overcooked steam and epic has a simple, lovely and funny graphic style. Characters in Overcooked are designed with simple but lovely shapes. Each character has unique characteristics and makes for easy identification.

The game brings players to many different environments, from traditional restaurants to outdoor locations such as trucks or ships. Each environment is designed with lovely detail and creativity. The graphics in Overcooked steam epic crossplay APK also have funny and special effects, like when the food burns or when the characters collide with each other. These effects add humor and fun during the game.

Overall, Overcooked's graphics bring a lovely, funny and creative style. It combines wonderfully with the agile gameplay structure and makes for an enjoyable gaming experience.

How to play, gameplay of Overcooked APK

Cooperation and coordination: Overcooked requires close cooperation between players. Each player acts as a chef and must work together to complete cooking missions. The coordination and division of work is important to achieve high performance and accomplish goals within limited time.

Prepare ingredients and prepare food: In each level, the player must collect ingredients from areas in the restaurant and make them into dishes. Dishes often require a series of prep steps such as washing, cutting, cooking, and assembling.

Delivery and customer service: After processing, the player must deliver the dish to the customer. The special feature is that the player must find the right dish that matches the customer's requirements to get a high score. Fast and accurate service is important so as not to lose points for being late.

Time and pressure management: In Overcooked APK, time is of the essence. The player has to complete the mission quickly within the time limit to get the high score. Time management, prioritizing work and dealing with pressure are an integral part of the gameplay.

Incremental Difficulty Level: The game has a series of increasing difficulty levels. Challenges become more complex and require faster coordination and thinking. Players will face new barriers and obstacles such as moving tables, changing environments, and the appearance of monsters in some levels.

Diverse Game Modes: Overcooked APK offers a variety of game modes including story mode, challenge mode, and confrontation mode. Players can challenge themselves in single mode or engage in cooking wars with opponents in head-to-head mode.

Expansions and Extra Content: Overcooked tiene crossplay has expansions and extra content for players to explore and experience. Expansions often bring new levels, new restaurants, and unique challenges.

Pros and cons Overcooked APK iOS


  • Exciting and Addictive: Overcooked APK offers a fun and addictive gaming experience. Agility challenges, cooperation between players and time pressure create tension and excitement during gameplay.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: A game specially designed to be played with friends and family. Multiplayer mode allows 1 to 4 players to join together, creating interaction and coordination between players.
  • Diverse missions and challenges: The game offers many different levels and environments, each offering its own unique challenges. The levels gradually increase in difficulty, requiring players to coordinate and think quickly to complete the goal.


  • High difficulty and rapid increase: The game has a rapidly increasing difficulty level and the challenge may become beyond the capabilities of some players. This can cause frustration and a feeling of pressure during play.
  • Needs good coordination and communication: Overcooked requires close coordination and good communication between players. Without good understanding and coordination, the game can become a difficult and stressful experience.


Overcooked APK is an engaging and addictive multiplayer video game where players will experience the life of chefs in a chaotic restaurant. With simple and lovely graphics, the game creates a fun and dynamic space. The gameplay focuses on time management, cooperation and coordination between players. Overcooked brings a fun and funny gaming experience to everyone.


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