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OTT Navigator IPTV APK is a popular online TV application that allows users to watch IPTV channels on mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices.

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Name OTT Navigator IPTV
Size 70.69 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

About of OTT Navigator IPTV APK

OTT Navigator IPTV APK is a popular online TV (OTT) application that allows users to watch IPTV channels on mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices. This is a cross-platform application specially developed for IPTV users.

OTT Navigator IPTV on windows pc provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Users can add their IPTV playlists to the app by providing the URL or the m3u file. The app supports multiple playlists, allowing you to organize channels by your own groups, genres, or preferences.

Overview of OTT Navigator IPTV Mobile APK

OTT Navigator Premium APK provides quick channel search, automatic data synchronization and channel list update. It supports list view and quick view, making it easy to browse through your favorite channels. The app also allows you to store and review your favorite TV shows.

OTT Navigator IPTV pc supports a wide range of media formats, including support for powerful video formats such as h265 (HEVC), MPEG4 and enhanced audio support using Dolby Digital Plus. The app also integrates features like recording timer, content sharing, and fallback view.


With OTT Navigator IPTV premium apk, you can enjoy IPTV TV easily and conveniently on your mobile devices.

Features of OTT Navigator IPTV for Android

OTT Navigator IPTV provides a series of detailed features to enhance users' online TV viewing experience.

  • Multi-source IPTV: OTT Navigator IPTV APK allows users to import IPTV playlists from various sources, including URLs, M3U files and playlists from zip files.
  • Customize channel list: Users can create and customize their channel list by group, genre and sort by name, number of views, watch time and preference.
  • Smart Search: The app has a smart search feature that allows users to search for channels and shows by keywords. Search results will be displayed by relevance.
  • Custom UI: Users can customize the user interface by changing the color theme and interface layout.
  • List View: OTT Navigator IPTV Pro App provides a traditional list view, allowing users to browse through the channel and program list.
  • Quick view: The application supports quick view, making it easy for users to browse through channels and programs quickly.
  • Record TV shows: OTT Navigator IPTV APK allows users to record TV shows by scheduling timed recording and storing recorded programs for later viewing.
  • Backup view: If a channel is not working, the application will automatically switch to the same backup channel to avoid interruption of TV viewing.
  • Timer to turn on / off the application: Users can set a timer to turn on or off the OTT Navigator IPTV application to save battery and manage usage time.

How to use the OTT Navigator IPTV Latest version

Download and install the app: Find the OTT Navigator app premium on the app store of your mobile phone or tablet (iOS or Android). Download and install the app on your device.

Import IPTV playlists: Open the OTT Navigator IPTV app. You will be greeted by the main interface of the application. Click the settings icon (usually a gear icon) to open the settings.

Add a playlist: In settings, find and select "Playlists". Click the "Add playlist" button and choose your playlist import method, including URL, m3u file or zip file. Enter the information and confirm to add the playlist.

Customize channel list: After adding a playlist, you can customize your channel list. In the settings, select "Channel list" and you can organize channels by group, genre, sort by name, view count and preference.

View channels and programs: Return to the main interface of the application, you will see your channel list. Select a channel to watch live.

Tips and advice when using OTT Navigator Premium APK

  • Use a stable internet connection: To avoid problems during channel viewing, use a stable internet connection with enough bandwidth to watch high-quality videos.
  • Customize your channel list: You can create channel groups to find and watch your favorite channels more easily.
  • Archive feature: If you often watch your favorite shows, use the archive feature to make it easier to download and watch them.
  • Check for updates: Make sure you're using the latest version of the app and sync your playlists regularly to make sure you don't miss the latest channels or shows.
  • Language support: The application supports multiple languages, you can choose the language you want to use in the settings.
  • Use security: To keep your personal information safe, use the app's security feature to set a password or lock a sensitive channel.
  • Read the user manual: To better understand the app's features and functions, carefully read the user manual on the manufacturer's official website.


Pros and cons of OTT Navigator IPTV APK iOS


  • Multifunctional: The application offers many features and customization capabilities, allowing users to enjoy a flexible and diverse online TV viewing experience.
  • User-friendly interface: The interface is bright, intuitive and easy to use, making it easy for users to navigate and search for channels and programs.
  • Supports multiple IPTV sources: The application allows importing IPTV playlists from various sources, creating flexibility and convenience for users.
  • Customize channel list: Users can create and customize channel lists according to personal interests, groups, genres, and sorting.
  • List view and quick view: The app offers both traditional list view and quick view, giving flexibility and convenience for browsing channels and shows.


  • Need to understand and configure: Because of the many complex features and customizations, understanding and configuring the application can require some time and initial knowledge.
  • Stable internet connection required: To watch channels and programs smoothly, a stable internet connection and sufficient bandwidth are required.
  • Possible connection problems: Like other IPTV applications, OTT Navigator IPTV may also experience connection problems or errors when using, depending on the source and your network.
  • There are ads: The free version of the app may have ads appearing, which can annoy users.

Note that the assessment of advantages and disadvantages may vary depending on the experience and usage of each user.


OTT Navigator IPTV APK is a multifunctional and convenient IPTV application for watching TV online. With many customization features, users are free to import playlists from multiple sources, create channel lists as they want, and enjoy a flexible TV viewing experience.

Despite some limitations such as requiring a stable internet connection, complicated initial configuration and possible connection problems, OTT Navigator IPTV iphone still brings many benefits to users. User-friendly interface and rich customization features are the strong points of this application.

However, as with any application, using OTT Navigator IPTV pro also requires understanding and patience to discover and make the most of its features.



Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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