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Otsukira Game APK is an action-adventure game in which the player assumes the role of a young ninja and undergoes challenges, defeating enemies and exploring a world full of mysteries.


Name Otsukira Game Download
Version 0.21.2
Size 288 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Otsukira

About of Otsukira Game APK

Otsukira Game is an action adventure game designed with the traditional ninja spirit in mind. In this game, players will take the role of a young ninja and go through challenges, defeat enemies and explore a world full of mysteries.

Otsukira Game is developed with beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay. Players will be able to explore environments as diverse as jungle, craggy mountains and mysterious villages. Along the way, players will have to overcome different levels, facing challenges such as jumping over cliffs, surfing on ropes and avoiding dangerous traps.

The game offers the player a variety of signature ninja skills to use in the adventure. Players can use agile attacks and high jumps to overcome enemies, and can also use abilities to hide, jump on walls, and wield traditional weapons such as katana knives.

Overview of Otsukira Game APK

Otsukira Game also features a multiplayer fighting mode that allows players to challenge each other in exciting ninja battles. Players can show off their skills and tactics to become the strongest ninja.

Otsukira Game offers players a unique ninja experience, from stunning graphics to nimble action and engaging adventure elements. If you are passionate about the ninja world and like action adventure games, Otsukira Game can be a great choice.

Features of Otsukira Game APK

Otsukira Game has many attractive features for players to explore and enjoy. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Deep Story: Otsukira Game has a fascinating storyline that takes players into a mysterious ninja world. Players will follow their protagonist and uncover events, solve mysteries and battle dangerous enemies on the journey.
  • Diverse Environments: The game offers players a variety of environments to explore, including forests, rocky mountains, villages, and even cities. Each environment has its own characteristics and requires the player to use his ninja skills to overcome challenges.
  • Diverse combat system: Otsukira Game provides players with a flexible and diverse combat system. Players can use ninja skills such as quick attacks, knocks, wall jumps, and the use of traditional weapons such as katana and shuriken. They can develop their characters and open new attacks.
  • Exploration and Puzzles: The game contains many puzzles and exploration elements, creating a diverse and challenging experience for the player. Players need to learn and find ways to overcome obstacles, explore secret areas and solve puzzles to advance in the game.
  • Character Development: Players can enhance their character's skills by collecting experience points and open new skills. They can customize and create their own stamp on the ninja character.
  • Multiplayer Fighting Mode: Otsukira Game offers a multiplayer fighting mode, allowing players to challenge their friends or other online players. This is your chance to show your fighting skills and compete to become the strongest ninja.
  • High-quality graphics and music: Otsukira Game is designed with beautiful graphics, creating a vivid and detailed ninja world. The vibrant and appropriate music adds to the emotion and conveys the spirit of the game.

Otsukira Game offers players a diverse and exciting ninja experience that combines action, adventure and RPG elements. With unique features and attractive gameplay, this game promises to bring players memorable moments of entertainment.

Graphics of Otsukira Game APK

The graphics in Otsukira Game are designed with high quality and create a beautiful ninja world. Graphics details may vary depending on the gaming platform and graphics processing capabilities of each device, however, the overall graphics quality of the game is remarkable.

The graphics of Otsukira Game often feature manga and anime art styles, creating a space inspired by ninja culture and the world of Japanese manga. This gives the game a unique look and appeals to players who love Japanese graphic arts.

How to play, gameplay of Otsukira Game APK

Otsukira Game's gameplay and gameplay focuses on ninja action and adventure. Here is an overview description of the gameplay and gameplay of this game:

  • Agility Action: Otsukira Game requires players to demonstrate their ninja skills through agile attacks. Players can use attacks, kicks, push and jumps to deal with enemies. Flexibility and quick response are key to overcoming challenges and defeating enemies.
  • Explore the environment: During the game, players will explore environments as diverse as the jungle, the mountain, and the village. They will have to find their way, solve puzzles and learn about mysterious locations in the game.
  • Overcoming obstacles: Otsukira Game poses various obstacles and pitfalls to challenge the player. Players will have to jump over distances, climb walls, crawl through canyons and avoid dangerous traps. Dexterity and patience will help players go far in the game.
  • Skill and upgrade system: Players can develop their character by collecting experience points and upgrading skills. They can open new attacks, improve power and speed, and customize the character to their own playstyle.
  • Fight the Enemy: In the Otsukira Game, the player will face dangerous enemies ranging from mercenaries to more powerful enemies. Players will use their combat skills to defeat them, from fighting solo to fighting groups of enemies.
  • Plot and Quests: Otsukira Game comes with a deep main storyline and side quests for players to explore. Players will participate in various quests, progress in the story, and meet important characters in the game.

The gameplay of Otsukira Game focuses on action, exploration and character development. Players will go through an adventure full of adventure and enjoy becoming a powerful ninja in this game world.

Pros and cons Otsukira Game APK


  • Beautiful graphics: The game has high-quality graphics, creating a vivid and attractive ninja world.
  • Action and Adventure Gameplay: Otsukira Game successfully combines action and adventure elements, providing players with diverse and exciting experiences.
  • Diverse combat system: The game offers a wide range of skills and attacks to the players, allowing them to freely customize their fighting style.
  • Compelling Storyline: Otsukira Game has a deep and engaging story that gives players a connection with the character and the world in the game.
  • Environmental exploration and puzzles: The game contains a variety of environments to explore and puzzles to solve, creating an experience filled with challenge and discovery.


  • Lack of Mission Diversity: Although the game has a deep main storyline, there can be a lack of variety in side quests and side objectives.
  • Simple gameplay structure: Some players may feel that Otsukira Game's gameplay structure is too simple and lacks complexity.
  • Lack of multiplayer mode: If Otsukira Game lacks multiplayer mode or has no online features, this may limit interaction and community gaming experience.


Otsukira Game is an exciting action and adventure ninja game, with beautiful graphics and agile gameplay. Players will be embarked on a challenging adventure, exploring diverse environments and battling dangerous enemies. Skill system and attractive storyline are also strong points of this game.


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