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Nox Player APK is a powerful Android emulator for PC, providing a rich and convenient experience with high customization, stable performance and unique Android 9 emulation.


Name NoxPlayer
Size 758 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9.0+
Developer Bignox

About to NoxPlayer APK

NoxPlayer Android 9 is not simply a gateway between Android applications and PCs, but also a powerful tool that allows you to flexibly customize the hardware of your virtual device. You can adjust CPU, RAM, system resolution, and many other factors, creating a virtual environment exactly how you want.

With the ability to install apps via APK files or download directly from the built-in browser, NoxPlayer makes switching between Android and PC apps simpler than ever. A particularly attractive feature of NoxPlayer games APK is the ability to customize controls for every application and game. You can map the buttons to your keyboard and mouse as you like, and even connect an Xbox controller for an authentic console-like gaming experience.

More Overview of NoxPlayer Mobile App

With the ability to emulate Android 9-specific apps, NoxPlayer windows 10 stands out with its extensive list of available apps, making it a more advanced and flexible choice than its competitors.

NoxPlayer APK not only provides stable performance but also has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. With just a few minutes of configuration, you can freely experience Android applications on the big screen of your computer.

All features in NoxPlayer Latest Version

  • Extensive Customization: Customize CPU, RAM, system resolution and other hardware parameters to create flexible virtual environments. Set up the configuration to suit the requirements of the specific application or game.
  • Easy App Installation: Supports app installation via APK file or direct download from the built-in browser.
  • Custom Controls and Gamepad: Flexibly map buttons to keyboard and mouse. Support gamepad mapping, connect Xbox controller for best gaming experience.
  • Android 9 Emulation: Ability to emulate Android 9-specific apps, providing an expanded catalog compared to other emulators.
  • Superior Performance: Powerful performance allows even resource-intensive games and applications to run smoothly.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Friendly user interface, helping new users easily get used to NoxPlayer's features.

Instructions, how to use use NoxPlayer For Android

Installation and Launch: Download Nox Player to your device and install according to the instructions. Launch the application after installation is complete.

Customize Configuration: Go to settings to tweak hardware and application configuration as desired.

Install Apps: Use drag and drop or download apps directly from the built-in browser.

Customize Controls: Map keyboard and mouse buttons to your personal preferences. Connect the gamepad and set up according to the instructions.

Game and App Experience: Open an app or game by selecting from the home screen. Enjoy a smooth Android experience on your PC's big screen.

Use Android 9 Emulation: Explore the Android 9-specific app catalog to experience new features.

Tips and advice when using for NoxPlayer iOS

Take Advantage of Customization Features: Explore and take advantage of NoxPlayer's customization features, especially virtual hardware configuration. This helps optimize performance for different apps and games.

Use Gamepads and Custom Controls: Connect an Xbox controller or use mapped controls for the best gaming experience. Implement control customization to reflect your personal play style.

Backup and Restore: Back up your settings and important data to avoid loss when you need to restore NoxPlayer.

Check System Configuration: Before running NoxPlayer, ensure that your computer meets the system requirements to ensure smooth performance.

Check for Updates: Always check and update the latest version of NoxPlayer to ensure stability and compatibility with new apps and games.

Share Data Between Real and Virtual Devices: Use the data sharing feature to easily transfer data between your real computer and NoxPlayer.

Advantages and disadvantages NoxPlayer


  • Highly Customizable Features: NoxPlayer's strength is its high customization capabilities, from hardware configuration to control, helping users have a personalized experience.
  • Superior Performance: NoxPlayer provides stable and powerful performance, especially when running resource-intensive applications and games.
  • Android 9 Emulation: The ability to emulate Android applications specifically for Android 9 version creates convenience and expands the application list.


  • High System Requirements: NoxPlayer requires quite high system configuration, which can be a limitation for computers with low configuration.
  • May Experience Compatibility Errors: Some users may experience compatibility issues with certain apps or games.
  • Sometimes System Resources Are High: In some cases, NoxPlayer may use a significant amount of system resources, which may reduce your computer's performance during use.


NoxPlayer APK is truly a powerful multitasking Android emulator, bringing Android experience to your computer with convenience and diverse features. With high customization, solid performance, and the ability to emulate Android 9 apps, NoxPlayer sets a new standard for emulator usage on PC.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? NoxPlayer APK

How to optimize NoxPlayer performance on my computer? +
  • Make sure your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Fine-tune virtual hardware configuration to the requirements of a specific application or game.
  • Close unnecessary background applications and programs.
How to map control buttons to keyboard and mouse? +
  • Go to settings, select "Keyboard Control" and perform button mapping according to personal preferences.
  • This helps optimize the gaming experience on NoxPlayer.
How can I share data between NoxPlayer and my real computer? +
  • Use the data sharing feature to easily transfer information between your computer and NoxPlayer.
Why might NoxPlayer have compatibility issues with some apps or games? +
  • Update NoxPlayer to the latest version to ensure the best compatibility with the latest apps and games.
  • Check if your computer meets the system requirements.
How to backup and restore data on NoxPlayer? +
  • In the settings, select "Backup & Restore" to backup and restore important settings and data.
Can I use NoxPlayer to play games with high resource requirements? +
  • Yes, NoxPlayer is designed to support graphic and resource-intensive gaming without sacrificing performance.
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