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Nova TV APK is an application to watch movies, TV shows online, users can watch the latest movies, TV shows and TV shows from many different sources.


Name Nova TV
Pagekage name
Version 5.0.7
Size 66.22 Mb
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Nova hf.

About of Nova TV APK

Nova TV is an application to watch movies and TV shows online on Android devices. With Nova TV, users can watch the latest movies, TV shows and TV shows from various sources.

Nova TV provides users with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with customizable features, allowing users to search and select the content they want to watch. Movies and TV shows are organized by different categories, including Trending, Shows, Genres, Country, and more. Users can also bookmark their favorite movies and TV shows for later viewing.

Overview of Nova TV Mobile APK

Nova TV offers movie quality options from SD to HD and Full HD, depending on the user's Internet connection speed. In addition, Nova TV also provides other convenient features such as downloading movies for offline viewing and multilingual support for users around the world.

However, we would like to note that Nova TV is an unofficial application and is not available on the Google Play Store. Users need to download and install apps from other sources like developer websites or Android app download sites. Downloading and using this application may violate the law in some countries and users should be responsible for their own actions.

Features of Nova TV Latest version

  • Content Search: Nova TV provides a search feature so that users can easily find the content they want to watch, including movies, TV shows, anime, and many other types of content.
  • Mark Favorites: Nova TV allows users to favorite movies, TV shows or episodes that they want to watch again later. This makes it easy for users to find their favorite content in the favorites list.
  • Playback feature: Nova TV allows users to replay episodes and TV shows that they have watched previously. This makes it easy for users to review their favorite TV shows and episodes.
  • Movie quality: Nova TV offers a variety of movie quality options for users, including SD, HD and Full HD. Users can choose the movie quality suitable for their Internet connection speed to watch movies in the smoothest way.
  • Download: Nova TV allows users to download their favorite TV shows and episodes for offline viewing on their devices.
  • Multi-language: Nova TV supports many different languages so users can choose the language they want to use in the app.
  • Content Filters: Nova TV provides content filters so users can search for movies by genre, country, release year, and more.
  • Notifications: Nova TV provides a notification feature so that users can receive notifications about the latest movies, updates and events related to the content they are interested in.

How to use the app Nova TV for Android and iOS

Get the Nova TV app from the Google Play Store or other app download sources.

Open the Nova TV app.

On the home screen, you'll see a list of movies, TV shows, and anime.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for specific content.

Click on the content you want to see.

On the content details screen, you'll see information about the movie, TV show, or anime, including director, cast, duration, release date, and rating.

Click the "Play" button to start watching the content.

When you are viewing content, you can use features such as pause, fast forward, slow forward, or screen zoom in/out to tailor the view to you.

Click the "Favorites" icon to bookmark something you want to revisit later.

If you want to download content for offline viewing, click the "Download" icon.

You can use content filters to search for content by genre, country, release year, and more.

Click the "Settings" icon to change the settings in the app, including movie quality, language, and notifications.

Those are some basic instructions for using the Nova TV app. However, note that using the Nova TV app may vary on different devices.

Tips and advice when using the App Nova TV APK

Make sure you're using the latest version of the app to avoid bugs or feature issues.

Use a stable and fast network connection to avoid issues with lag or stutter when viewing content.

Search and view official or licensed content to avoid copyright infringement.

Set the right volume level to avoid disturbing others or harming your hearing.

Do not use the Nova TV app to access illegal content or expose you to potential violations of the law.

Use the search and filter features to find content that matches your interests.

Perform regular data backups or sync data with your social media accounts so you don't lose data when your device crashes.

Turn off the Nova TV app when not in use to save battery power and secure your personal information.

To secure your account, use a strong password and do not share your login information with anyone.

If you experience any problems or difficulties using the Nova TV app, contact the app's support team for assistance.

Pros and cons of the Nova TV APP APK


  • Nova TV offers many options to search and watch popular content like movies, TV shows, anime, animations, and more.
  • Nova TV application interface is simple, easy to use and beautiful.
  • Nova TV application updates the latest episodes and many popular movies.
  • Nova TV does not require login or account registration to use.
  • Nova TV offers many different movie qualities for users to choose from.


  • Nova TV application is not an official application and is not provided on official app stores such as Google Play Store or App Store, so you must download and install it from an unofficial source which may potentially security risks and computer viruses.
  • There is some content on Nova TV that is unlicensed or illegal, which can cause legal trouble if you access and view this content.
  • Some users have encountered errors and problems while using the Nova TV app, including lag, stutter, and difficulty finding content.
  • You need a stable Internet connection and sufficient bandwidth to use Nova TV smoothly, therefore higher data usage charges may apply.


Nova TV is one of the notable applications with many useful features and user-friendly interface. However, as mentioned above, Nova TV also has some disadvantages such as not being provided on official app stores, illegal content and potential security risks and computer viruses.

Therefore, when using Nova TV, users need to carefully consider and comply with relevant legal regulations to avoid legal trouble. If using this application properly, users can enjoy the benefits that Nova TV brings, making the online movie watching experience more enjoyable and convenient.


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Is Nova TV APK available for iOS? +

Currently, Nova TV APK is mainly designed and developed for devices running the Android operating system. This means you cannot download Nova TV APK directly on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. However, there are some similar apps for iOS that may interest you.

Is Nova TV APK safe to use? +

Nova TV APK and similar apps may provide a lot of entertainment, but it is not an official app and may involve copyright infringement. Please consider that using unofficial applications may pose security and legal risks. Make sure you download apps from a trusted source and comply with local laws regarding online content usage.

Why should I use Nova TV APK? +

Nova TV APK has several advantages that make it a popular choice for watching movies online:

  • Free: Nova TV APK is a free application, you do not need to pay a registration or login fee to use it.
  • Lots of content: This app offers a rich library with thousands of movies and TV shows from many different genres.
  • Picture quality: Nova TV APK supports many video formats and premium picture quality, allowing you to watch your favorite content in good resolution.
  • Easy to use: Simple and easy-to-use user interface helps you search and watch movies conveniently.
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