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Ni Shui Han Game Mobile APK is a Chinese-style martial arts with exquisite graphics, dramatic storyline and diverse open world, giving players a fascinating experience in the mysterious world of martial arts.


Name Nishuihan Mobile Game
Version 1.2.10599024
Size 1.88 GB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce About to Nishuihan Game APK

Nishuihan Mobile Game APK is a unique and exciting mobile game based on the world of Chinese martial arts, and this will definitely be an engaging experience for followers of this game series. With exquisite graphics and outstanding image quality, it brings a realistic and lively gangster atmosphere. This game overthrew the old habits of traditional role-playing games and introduced intelligent AI technology, helping to create an expansive, challenging and colorful martial arts world.

Nishuihan Game Mobile APK is adapted from the classic martial arts literary work "Four Chasers: Nghe Thuy Han" by author Wen Ruian, one of the "Four Great Chinese Martial Masters." In the game, you will be placed in the setting of the late Northern Song Dynasty, where you will face complex and strange plots, foreign opponents and a threatening Demonic Cult. And you are an outsider, an innocent player, ready to join the journey to overcome all difficulties.

More Overview of Nishuihan Mobile Game APK

In Nishuihan, you will experience many dramatic adventures, participate in top martial arts matches and get to know colorful characters. Chance encounters in the game's world are fateful, and you'll discover that each one marks an important turning point in your journey.

The game not only immerses you in a breathing world, but also provides an opportunity for you to participate in a significant revolution in the MMO genre. In the recent updated version, Nishuihan added many interesting activities such as 6V6 martial arts competition, dungeon challenge, Mid-Autumn Festival festival and National Day. Get ready to experience a series of black tech updates, better visuals and a smoother experience.

All features in Nishuihan Mobile For Android

Here are some key features of Nishuihan Mobile Game APK:

  • Exquisite Graphics: Nishuihan Mobile Game APK stands out with exquisite graphics and premium image quality, helping to create a vivid and impressive martial arts world.
  • Open World: The game offers an open martial arts world where you can freely explore and participate in various activities.
  • Rich Storyline: Based on the martial arts literary work "Four Chasers: Nghe Thuy Han," Nishuihan has a rich story line, full of drama and challenges. You will face intrigue and strangeness in the world of martial arts.
  • Fateful Encounters: In the game, each chance encounter marks an important turning point in your journey. The meeting is fateful and has importance in the plot.
  • Chinese Martial Arts: Nishuihan Mobile Game APK combines Chinese martial arts with an open world, bringing uniqueness and diversity to players.
  • 6V6 Martial Arts Competition: The game organizes a national 6V6 martial arts competition, where you have the opportunity to participate in top martial arts matches.
  • Dungeon Challenge: Nishuihan offers dramatic dungeon challenges, along with excellent rewards for you to achieve.
  • Festivals and Events: The game hosts many in-game events and festivals, including Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, with special rewards and activities.
  • Black Tech Update: Nishuihan is constantly improving and upgrading the player experience, with black tech updates to optimize visuals and playing experience.
  • Seasonal System: The game features a seasonal system with many different paths to achieving goals, making it easy for new players to keep up with experienced players.

Interface, graphics on Nishuihan Game Mobile

Premium Image Quality: Nishuihan is known for using premium image quality, including detailed and sharp graphics. The images are created with high sophistication, helping players feel the beauty and details of the game world.

Character Models: The characters in Nishuihan are designed with special care, with detailed and diverse models, creating vivid characters in the game.

Diverse World: The game offers an open world with diverse environments such as green valleys, jungles, classic castles, and many other locations. Each environment is designed with its own characteristics, helping to create diversity and excitement for players.

Martial Arts Effects: Nishuihan has special effects to recreate martial arts skills and dramatic battles. These effects help create excitement during martial arts matches and activities.

How to play, gameplay for Nishuihan Mobile Game iOS

  • Character Selection: The game allows you to choose a character according to your preferences. Each character has unique abilities and skills, creating variety in gameplay.
  • World Exploration: Nishuihan has an open world, allowing you to freely explore different lands. You can explore green valleys, jungles, classic castles, and many other locations. During exploration, you can find quests, mysteries, and many other activities.
  • Dramatic Plot: Nishuihan has a rich and dramatic plot. You will follow your character to explore and solve quests, engage in combat with opponents, and participate in chance encounters. The plot is often the heart of the game and will lead you through a dramatic journey.
  • Martial Arts Combat: Nishuihan is special in its complex martial arts combat system. You can use special martial arts skills and fight opponents in dramatic matches. The combat system requires concentration and skill to win.
  • 6V6 Martial Arts Competition: The game organizes a national level 6V6 martial arts competition where you get a chance to participate in amazing team matches and fight with other players.
  • Dungeon Challenge: Nishuihan offers dramatic dungeon challenges in which you will have to face monsters and solve puzzles to complete quests.
  • Support System: The game has a support system with special characters and mounts. These elements can help you in battle and in missions.
  • Quests and Activities: You can participate in various activities and quests in the game, including festivals, events, and daily challenges.
  • Guild Creation and Social Interaction: You can join guilds, create your own guild and interact with other players in the game.

Pros and Cons of Nishuihan Mobile Latest Version


  • Diverse World of Martial Arts: Nishuihan combines the world of Chinese martial arts and diverse environments, allowing you to explore many different lands.
  • Martial Arts Combat System: The martial arts combat system in the game is complex and requires skill, creating dramatic matches.
  • 6V6 Martial Arts Competition: National 6V6 Martial Arts Competition offers great team matches and the opportunity to compete against other players.
  • Many Activities and Challenges: The game offers many activities, events and daily challenges to keep players immersed in the world of Nishuihan.


  • High System Resource Requirements: To fully experience the game's high-end graphics, you need a device with relatively high configuration. This may make the game unsuitable for some older or weaker devices.
  • Stable Internet Connection Required: Nishuihan is an online game, so you need a stable internet connection to play smoothly and participate in multiplayer activities.
  • Shopping Software: The game has shopping software where you can purchase jewelry and in-game items with real money or game currency. This can cause you to spend money if you're not careful.


Nishuihan Game Mobile APK is a remarkable mobile game based on the world of Chinese-style martial arts. With high-quality graphics, dramatic storyline and diverse open world, this game promises to bring an exciting experience to players who love this genre. You will be taken on a dramatic journey, face many challenges, participate in fateful encounters and participate in daily activities and events.


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FAQs? Nishuihan Mobile Game APK

Does the game require an internet connection? +

Yes, Nishuihan is an online game and requires a stable internet connection to play smoothly and participate in multiplayer activities.

Does the game support multiple languages? +

Information about specific multilingual game support may vary by specific version of the game. Please check in game settings to review language options.

How do I participate in the 6V6 martial arts competition? +

To participate in a 6V6 martial arts competition, you need to create or join a fighting team and then register for the competition in the game. Competitions are usually held at fixed times and you need to participate in matches to accumulate points.

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