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myAADEapp APK is a convenient and flexible mobile application that helps users easily manage and pay taxes as well as monitor personal financial status from anywhere and anytime.


Name myAADEapp
Version 1.0
Size 23.5 MB
Category Finance
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer ΑΑΔΕ

About to myAADEapp APK

If you are looking for a simple and convenient tool to manage your tax affairs, then myAADEapp APK is just what you need. Developed by the Independent Public Revenue Administration in Greece, this app not only makes it easy to keep track of your tax accounts, but also offers a series of unique and useful features.

With myAADEapp, you can view your tax account anytime, anywhere and even make instant payments via payment card or IRIS. This saves you time and reduces the risk of forgetting or delaying important tax payments.

More Overview of myAADEapp For Android

myAADEapp allows you to update your bank account IBAN information to receive your tax refund conveniently. It doesn't stop there, the app also gives you access to the appointments and requests you've sent to the Revenue Administration, making it easy to track the progress and results of your work mine.

With the myWallet section, you can store important documents such as certificates and tax returns, helping you organize and manage your financial information effectively. With myAADEapp APK, you not only simplify the tax management process but also give you a convenient and flexible experience.

All features in myAADEapp Latest Version

  • View tax accounts: myAADEapp allows users to easily access and view detailed information about their tax accounts, including taxes due, payment history, and related personal information.
  • Tax payments: Users have the ability to pay taxes quickly and conveniently through the app, using a payment card or IRIS, with instant processing times.
  • Update bank account information: To conveniently receive tax refunds, users can update their bank account IBAN information directly via myAADEapp.
  • Manage Appointments and Requests: The app allows users to view and manage the appointments and requests they have submitted to the Independent Public Revenue Authority, helping them track the progress and results of their work easily.
  • Personalized notifications: myAADEapp provides real-time personalized notifications on issues tailored to users' specific needs, helping them stay up to date with important information and relevant events tax.
  • Store important documents: In the myWallet section, users can download and store important documents such as certificates and tax returns, helping them organize and manage personal financial information effectively.

Instructions, how to use myAADEapp For iOS

Sign in or create a new account: Open the app and sign in with an existing account or create a new account if you don't have one. This will give you access to myAADEapp features.

View tax account: After successfully logging in, you will see the main screen displaying your tax account information. You can click this section to see details about the taxes you need to pay and your payment history.

Pay taxes: To pay a tax, simply click the "Pay" button and follow the on-screen instructions. Choose a payment method and complete the transaction.

Update bank account information: In settings or personal information, you can update your bank account IBAN information to receive your tax refund.

Manage appointments and requests: To view and manage your appointments and requests, go to the corresponding section in the app.

Personalized notifications: Make sure you've turned on notifications in the app's settings to receive personalized notifications about important tax issues.

Store important documents: Finally, in the myWallet section, you can download and store important documents such as certificates and tax returns.

Tips and advice when using for myAADEapp APK

Update correct identification information: Ensure that you update and maintain your personal and tax account information accurately and completely. This will help avoid confusion and ensure that you receive important notifications and information properly.

Pay with caution: When making tax payments, make sure you choose the correct payment method and double check before completing the transaction. This will help avoid unwanted errors and confusion.

Set reminders: Use the personalized notifications feature to set up reminders for tax payments or other important events related to your finances. This helps you not miss any payments and stay organized in your personal financial management.

Store important documents: Use the myWallet section to store and manage important documents such as certificates and tax returns. This makes it easy for you to access this information when needed and avoid document loss or confusion.

Keep the app up to date: Always make sure you update to the latest version of myAADEapp for the best experience and access to all the latest features and improvements the app has to offer.

Advantages and disadvantages myAADEapp APK


  • Convenience and flexibility: MyAADEapp brings convenience and flexibility to users in managing tax and personal financial issues. The ability to view tax account information, make payments, update banking information, and manage appointments easily from your mobile device is a strong point of this app.
  • Personalized notifications: The personalized notification feature helps users receive the latest information and updates on tax and personal finance issues conveniently and periodically.
  • Store important documents: The myWallet section allows users to store and manage important documents such as certificates and tax returns, giving them easy access to this information when needed.


  • Unfriendly interface: Although myAADEapp's interface is not too complicated, some improvements could be needed to make the user experience easier and friendlier.
  • Internet connection required: MyAADEapp requires an Internet connection to operate, which may make accessing and using the app difficult in some cases, especially when an Internet connection is unknown stable.


myAADEapp APK is a useful and convenient personal finance and tax management tool, bringing many advantages and conveniences to users. Flexibility, personalized notifications and the ability to store important documents are the strengths of this application, helping users easily manage tax matters effectively from their mobile devices.


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Is myAADEapp APK free? +

No, myAADEapp APK is free to download and use. However, there may be some features or services within the app that require specific usage fees.

How do I update my bank account information in myAADEapp? +

To update your bank account information, you can go to settings or personal information in the app and then select the "Update Bank Information" option to enter the new information.

How do I make an appointment or request through myAADEapp? +

To create an appointment or request, you can go to the corresponding section in the app and follow the on-screen instructions to fill in the necessary information and select the appropriate time.

How to manage documents in myAADEapp? +

Documents such as certificates and tax returns can be stored and managed in the myWallet section of the app. You can upload, view and manage these documents from there.

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