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My Singing Monsters composer APK is a vibrant music game where you create and manage an island with unique, chirping creatures to create your own music.


Name My Singing Monsters
Version 4.3.0
Size 895.97 Mb
Category Music
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce About to My Singing Monsters APK

My Singing Monsters playground APK is a mobile game developed by the developer Big Blue Bubble. The game offers a lively and lovable world where the player can nurture and manage an island of adorable and musical creatures called "My Singing Monsters".

In the game, you will start with an empty island and gradually build a musical kingdom by cultivating unique creatures. Each creature has a distinct voice, and when you combine them, you create funny and unique tracks.

More Overview of My Singing Monsters Mobile Game

To progress in the game, you need to take care of your creature by meeting basic needs like eating, sleeping, and playing. You can also build different structures and dekors on your island to create a good habitat for the creature. In addition, you can also interact with creatures by clicking on them to hear their voices.

The My Singing Monsters guide game APK also features social networking, allowing you to connect with friends and other players around the world. You can visit each other's islands, listen to unique music, and exchange gifts. Especially the game also has events and daily quests for you to join to earn rewards and upgrade your island.

My Singing Monsters the lost landscape download APK brings a fun and creative entertainment experience to players, with beautiful graphics, vivid sound and many interesting features to explore.

All features in My Singing Monsters For Android

  • Collect Creatures: You can collect more than 150 adorable and unique creatures in the game. Each creature has a distinct shape and voice, creating variety and creativity in the construction of the track.
  • Nurturing the creature: You need to provide food and meet the various needs of the organism, including sleep, play, and bathing. Creatures will grow and continue to perform their own music when properly cared for.
  • Make music: When you stack creatures together, they create unique sounds and melodies. By combining and arranging creatures, you can create unique and exquisite tracks. You can also change the arrangement of creatures to create different music.
  • Build islands and environments: You can build structures and decors on your island to create a suitable habitat for the creature. From trees, grasslands, forest ponds to houses and palaces, you can customize and decorate the island to your liking.
  • Island Expansion: You can expand your island to get more space to feed creatures and build new structures. With each expansion, you will discover new areas and unique creatures.
  • Events and quests: The game often has special events and daily quests for you to participate in. Participating in events will bring special rewards and enhance the gaming experience.
  • Social connection: You can connect with friends and other players through the social networking feature in the game. You can visit your friends' islands, listen to their unique music and send gifts to create exchanges and interactions.
  • Offline play: The game offers an offline mode, allowing you to continue taking care of creatures and listening to music without an internet connection.

Interface, graphics on My Singing Monsters iOS

The graphics in the game My Singing Monsters APK are beautifully designed and create a lively and lovely world.

Creatures: Each creature in My Singing Monsters is designed with meticulous detail and bright colors. They have unique shapes, expressions and characteristics, making for a variety of adorable and delightful creatures on your island.

Island and Environment: The island landscape and environment are designed with creativity and detail in mind. You will see trees, fields, mountains, tunnels and other unique areas. Each area has a subtle color combination and harmonious perspective, creating a lively world.

Structures and decors: You can build structures and decors on your island. From small houses, cultural houses to splendid palaces, each structure is designed with detail and uniqueness. In addition, the decors such as trees, decorative lights, and lakes are also beautifully designed and compatible with the creature's musical style.

Sound and light effects: The game provides vivid light and sound effects. As the creatures sing and perform, the sounds will follow each type of creature and combine to create great music. Lighting is also used to create a unique space and create an interesting atmosphere for the game.

How to play, gameplay for My Singing Monsters Latest version

Download and install: Download and install the My Singing Monsters APK app from your mobile app store. Once the installation is complete, launch the application.

Create an account: When you start the application, you will be asked to create an account or log in with an existing account.

Navigate and Explore: After successfully creating an account and logging in, you will be redirected to your original island. Navigate around the island and discover features and creatures first.

Creature Collecting: Start collecting creatures by open and buying creature eggs. You'll have several initial creature choices to start with.

Creature Care: Take care of your creatures by providing food, lodging, and bathing them. Creatures will develop and perform their unique melodies and music.

Build and Decorate: Use in-game resources and coins to build structures and dekors on your island. Create different areas such as trees, forest ponds, grasslands and other structures to create rich habitats for creatures.

Make Music: Combine creatures together to create unique soundtracks. Experiment and arrange creatures in different positions to create new sounds and melodies.

Island Expansion: As you progress in the game, you can expand your island to make more space for new creatures and structures.

Join Events and Quests: Participate in special events and complete daily quests for special rewards and exciting experiences.

Pros and Cons of My Singing Monsters APK


  • Creativity and interactivity: You can create unique tracks by combining creatures and arranging them. Besides, you can connect with friends and other players to visit and send gifts.
  • Special Events and Daily Quests: The game often offers special events and daily quests, adding challenge and special rewards to the player.
  • Offline play mode: The game allows offline play, which helps you continue to care for creatures and make music without an internet connection.


  • Slow Progress: In the game, building and expanding the island can take time and requires patience. This can make players have to wait a long time to reach the desired goal.
  • Limited interaction: Although there is a social connection feature, however, the game has limitations in face-to-face interaction and playing together with friends. All activities mainly focus on sending gifts and visiting each other's islands.
  • Requires real money or time investment: To progress quickly in the game, players may have to invest a lot of time or use real money to buy resources and upgrade in-game elements.


My Singing Monsters APK game is a fun and lovely game where you can take care of adorable creatures, make unique music and build a lively island. Beautiful graphics, high creativity and interactivity in the game create an interesting experience for players.

If you like music, lovable creatures and building games, then My Singing Monsters APK is a game that brings joy and satisfaction worth exploring.


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FAQs? My Singing Monsters APK

How to uniquely enhance monsters in the game? +

For a unique boost, you can make combinations between different monster species in one habitat. When they interact with each other, this creates unique sounds and enhances their happiness.

How to earn more coins in the game? +

You can earn more coins by harvesting income sources such as trading goods or selling precious items. Additionally, participating in events and quests is also a good way to get more coins.

How to join the My Singing Monsters community? +

You can join the community by connecting the game to a social network, like Facebook. Additionally, joining online forums or sharing groups on social platforms is a great way to connect with the community of other players.

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