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Download Murder APK is a fascinating simulation game about a murder case, in which the player must find the killer and solve puzzles to complete the mission.

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Name Murder
Pagekage name com.studioseufz.murder
Version 1.1.0
Size 19.0 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Studio Seufz

About of Murder APK

Murder APK is a simulation game about a murder case in which the player must find the killer and solve the puzzle to complete the mission. This game is usually played in a group of people, where each person is assigned a specific role.

A popular version of the Murder game is the "Murder Mystery Party", where the player takes on the role of characters involved in the case and participates in the investigation. Each player will have a unique role, be it victim, murderer, investigator or witness.

Overview of Murder Mobile APK

During the game, players will gather information, look for clues and discuss with each other to identify the killer. Clues are often cleverly hidden in parcels, in eyewitness statements, or in special episodes of the story. Players need to use their intellect, reasoning and analytical abilities to solve puzzles and find the truth behind the case.

The Murder game creates an atmosphere of tension and suspense during the gameplay, as everyone tries to aim for a common goal - to find the killer. This game is often held in parties, events or gatherings of friends, bringing joy and excitement to all participants.


Murder APK is a great game to demonstrate communication, reasoning, and team collaboration. It also promotes the creativity and imagination of the players.

Features of Murder APK for Android

  • Diverse Roles: Murder games often have many different roles so that players can role-play the character and have their own goals. Roles can be victim, murderer, investigator, witness, policeman, lawyer and many more.
  • Clues and Puzzles: The Murder Game contains clues and puzzles that the player must learn and solve to progress further in solving the case. Clues can be hidden in passages, situations, images, objects, or interactions between characters.
  • Discussion and dialogue: Players often have to discuss and exchange information with each other to build theories and find the killer. Dialogue can take place in large groups or in small groups, and may use tactics such as question and answer, debate or persuasion to gather information.
  • Evidence and Documents: The Murder Game is often accompanied by evidence and documents that are distributed to the players. This evidence can be news clippings, letters, messages, pictures or any documents related to the case. Players need to analyze and deduce from these documents to find important clues.
  • Scenario and gameplay instructions: Murder APK games usually come with a detailed scenario and gameplay instructions. The scenario describes the plot and events taking place in the game, while the playthrough provides guidance on the rules, roles, and gameplay of each player.
  • Customizability: The Murder game can be customized and tailored to the preferences of the playing group. Players can change the plot, roles, clues and other elements to create a game that is unique and suitable for their team.

Game mode, graphics of the game Murder APK

The Murder game has no fixed or standard graphics, as it can be played in a variety of ways, from a live version with real players to an online version via an app or website.

However, if the Murder game APK is made as a live version, the organizer can add accessories and decorations that match the plot and game space. For example, they can create tracks, fake evidence, special items, or costumes that match each player's role. This helps to create a more realistic space and adds more appeal to the game.

If the Murder game is made as an online version, multimedia websites or applications can be used to provide the interface and graphics for the game. This may include images, drawings, charts, spatial simulations, and other visual elements to help players visualize and interact with the story and plot.

The graphics of the Murder game may vary depending on the form and version of the game, from live accessories and costumes to the multimedia interface in the online version. The goal of the graphics is to create an engaging environment and help players immerse themselves in the game's plot and space.

How to play the game Murder APK Latest version


Determine the number of players and the respective roles for each.


Create the plot and clues for the game.

Prepare necessary documents, evidence and information.

Role casting:

Each player receives a role and associated materials.

Each role has its own goals and special information about the character.

Story introduction:

The organizer introduces the plot and creates a setting for the case.

Provide background information about the case and the characters involved.

Discuss and communicate:

Players will begin to discuss and exchange information with each other.

They can question and answer, debate, learn, and share clues.

Look for clues and solve puzzles:

Players will search for clues hidden in documents and interact with elements of the game.

They must solve puzzles, examine evidence, and analyze information to find the truth.

Analyze and identify the killer:

Based on the clues and information gathered, the player tries to determine the identity of the killer.

They will share their theories and opinions with each other.

Closing and revealing:

The organizer publishes the answer to the case and reveals the identity of the killer.

There may be a final debate or action before the end of the game.

Pros and cons of Murder APK iOS


  • Stimulating detective thinking: Murder APK game requires players to use analytical and deductive thinking to find the killer. This encourages the player's creativity and logic.
  • Create integration and communication: Murder games often require players to discuss and communicate with each other to exchange information and build theories. This creates an environment of positive interaction and teamwork.
  • Increased participation and entertainment: Murder APK game offers active participation and entertainment for players. Role-playing the characters and solving puzzles creates excitement and stimulates the imagination.
  • Diversity and flexibility: Murder games can be customized and changed according to various storylines and elements. This creates variety and flexibility, suitable for different playing groups.


  • Requires time and preparation: The Murder game requires thorough preparation on the part of the organizer and considerable time to participate. This can make the game unsuitable for short play sessions or groups with limited time.
  • Depends on the organizer: The Murder  APKgame needs a smart organizer and is able to handle complex situations. The organizer must ensure that the game runs smoothly and reasonably.
  • Possibility of information disclosure: In the process of discussion and communication, there may be situations where players will know information that should not be known. This can affect the attractiveness and difficulty of the game.
  • Not suitable for some players: The Murder game has an element of drama and may not be suitable for players who are sensitive to the themes of crime and murder.


Murder APK game can be played in various forms and creates an interactive and creative environment for the players. With elements of detective thinking, communication and teamwork, this game stimulates active participation and enhances the integration of players.

With excitement and active player interaction, Murder APK game can provide exciting and stimulating experiences. It is important to customize and adapt the game to suit the playing group and ensure a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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