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Download Murder APK is a fascinating simulation game about a murder case, in which the player must find the killer and solve puzzles to complete the mission.


Name Murder
Pagekage name com.studioseufz.murder
Version 1.1.1
Size 19.37 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Studio Seufz
Mod Feature Remove Ads

Murder APK: Explore the World of Power and Intrigue

Welcome to Murder APK, where you'll discover a world full of mysteries, intrigue, and danger. Prepare for a thrilling adventure where you'll take on the role of a cunning politician, a daring explorer, or a skilled assassin. Anything can happen in the world of Murder APK.

Introduction to the Game

Murder APK is not just a game, but also a deep spiritual adventure, a journey through mysteries and conspiracies. You'll immerse yourself in a world where power is the only language and anything can happen.

In Murder APK, you'll need to find ways to win, not only through the power of the universe but also through intelligence and deception. Can you become the next King in the race for power? Or will you be buried in the shadows of conspiracy?

Experience Vivid and Detailed Graphics in Murder APK

The graphics of Murder game are a standout feature, providing an engaging and lifelike experience for players. With high-quality graphics, each area in the kingdom is intricately and meticulously reproduced, from lavish palaces to dark alleyways. The diverse landscapes, from castles to palaces, are all uniquely designed and visually stunning.

Characters and weapons are rendered with high flexibility, giving players the feeling that they are truly part of a real adventure. Special effects such as lighting and shadows are executed with finesse, creating a dramatic and tense atmosphere in every battle. The vibrant graphics combined with impressive sound create a unique and unforgettable experience in the world of Murder APK.

Attractions of the Game

  1. Beautiful 3D Graphics: Experience the world of Murder APK with beautiful 3D graphics, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a vibrant and engaging world.
  2. Complex Storyline: Immerse yourself in a complex storyline with endless twists and turns, where every decision you make affects the final outcome.
  3. Diverse Gameplay Modes: Engage in various gameplay modes such as Single Player, Multiplayer, and Co-op to challenge yourself and experience the excitement of the game.
  4. Diverse Strategic System: Use your personal strategy to create accurate and effective assassination plans.

Community Discussion:

Murder APK has a strong community on social media platforms such as Discord and Reddit, where players can share experiences, discuss strategies, and find companions.

Strategy, Intrigue, and Power - Enter the World of the Next King

Murder APK is a strategic and stealth game where players control their characters through levels to carry out assassination missions. You'll need to seek information and opportunities to carry out assassinations cleverly and without leaving any traces. Use your intelligence and cunning to eliminate the ruling figure and achieve your goals.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Android 5.1 and above
  • RAM: Minimum 2GB
  • Storage: Minimum 1GB of free space
  • Size: Approximately 20 MB
  • Internet Connection: Necessary for downloading and updating the game.

Challenges and Strategies

In Murder APK, every move you make is crucial. You'll need to plan and execute stealthy moves to progress further in the game. Use your intelligence, sharpness, and determination to succeed in this race.

But be careful, everyone around you could be an enemy. Who can you trust? Who is the real enemy? This game will pose challenging questions about trust and the cruelty of humanity.

Plan Assassinations Stealthily

Assassination is never simple in Murder APK. You'll need to plan carefully, assess risks, and find ways to eliminate enemies without leaving any traces. Stealth and intelligence are the keys to success in keeping secrets and becoming the King.

Psychological and Trust Testing

Murder is not just about gaining power but also a test of trust and human psychology. You'll have to face difficult decisions, balancing between trust and suspicion, while touching the dark boundaries of ethics and morality.

Diversity and Uniqueness

With a variety of strategies and assassination plans, no two matches in Murder APK are the same. Each match brings players a new and exciting experience, creating diversity and uniqueness for the game.

Important Note:

  • To avoid violating privacy regulations and play the game healthily, players need to comply with the rules and terms of use of Murder APK.
  • Discouraged for players under 18 or those lacking intelligence.

Official and High-Quality Version

Murder APK is the official and only version of the game, ensuring the best experience with the highest quality. With approval from the developers, you can trust the accuracy and reliability of the game.

What's New in the Latest Version:

The latest version of Murder APK brings exciting updates and improvements, including:

  • Adding new challenging areas and missions.
  • Improving game performance and stability.
  • Bug fixes and gameplay balancing adjustments.

Download Murder APK Now and Start Your Adventure!

With regular updates and new features, Murder APK continues to evolve, bringing players new and exciting experiences. Get ready for an engaging and thrilling adventure, and explore the world of intrigue and power with Murder APK today. Download now and become the next King of the Murder world!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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