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Mundraub app kostenlos APK is your door to the world of natural foods, helping you discover, enjoy, and share your passion right in your neighborhood.


Name Mundraub Navigator
Pagekage name xjcl.mundraub
Version 34
Size 7.0 MB
Category Food & Drink
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About to Mundraub Navigator APK

Mundraub Navigator APK is a great application that helps you explore the world of fruit trees right in your surrounding area! Mundraub app is not just an ordinary application, but an ideal partner for those who love natural foods and want to enjoy the unique flavors of wild fruits.

Discover a variety of delicious fruit trees and shrubs right in your area. Mundraub app ios APK helps you easily look up information about the fruits you want to enjoy. The small calendar integrates seasonal information, helping you make appropriate plans to immerse yourself in the wonderful flavors of seasonal fruits.

More Overview of Mundraub Navigator Latest Version

Use your Mundraub app APK account to join the community, share experiences, and discover new markers from community contributions. Mundraub app für iphone integrates Google Maps, providing a convenient travel experience without having to worry about finding your way.

Lost internet connection? Do not worry! Mundraub app download still allows you to use it to explore, helping you enjoy the experience without needing a network connection.

All features in Mundraub Navigator For Android

  • Look Up Favorite Trees: Mundraub Navigator APK allows you to look up information about fruit trees and shrubs in your local area. Learn about characteristics, seasons, and flavors so you can choose wisely.
  • Mini Calendar with Seasonal Information: A very unique feature, the mini calendar not only helps you know the season of fruits but also provides detailed information about the season, helping you plan your enjoyment properly.
  • Community Engagement: Use your Mundraub app android download account to join a community passionate about natural foods. You can add, edit, and report markers, while sharing experiences and meeting like-minded people.
  • Google Maps Integration: Integrated with Google Maps, Mundraub Navigator APK helps you easily identify and reach markers conveniently. This creates a smooth user experience and easy navigation.
  • Use Even When Connected: Another unique feature is the ability to use the app even without an internet connection. This makes exploring more flexible and convenient, especially when you are in areas with weak signals.

Instructions, how to use Mundraub Navigator iOS

Step 1: Login or Create an Account:

  • Open the app and you will be greeted with a login or account creation screen. If you already have a Mundraub account, log in; If not, create a new account.

Step 2: Look Up Favorite Trees:

  • Mundraub Navigator's main interface has a search box. Enter the name or type of plant you are interested in to look up detailed information about it.

Step 3: Explore the Mini Calendar:

  • Switch to the "Small Calendar" tab to see seasonal information about fruits. You'll know their seasons and can plan to conquer each flavor.

Step 4: Add Markers and Report:

  • If you spot an important point, use the "Add Marker" feature to mark it. You can also report and share information with the community.

Step 5: Use Google Maps for Directions:

  • Once you've selected a marker, tap it and use Google Maps integration to navigate there. This makes it easy to move and explore.

Tips and advice when using for Mundraub Navigator App Mobile

New Discovery: Don't hesitate to experiment with new plants. Mundraub Navigator not only helps you find familiar plants but also opens the door to new experiences. Take time to enjoy the unique flavors of plants you've never known before.

Plan Your Enjoyments: Use the mini-calendar feature to plan your enjoyment according to the season. This not only saves you time, but also ensures that you are enjoying the fruit when it is at its maximum ripeness and deliciousness.

Share Your Experience: If you discover a great marker, don't hesitate to share the information with the community. Everyone will appreciate it and you'll probably get interesting suggestions from others.

Take Advantage of Google Maps Integration: Once you've selected a marker, use Google Maps integration to get directions there. This helps you avoid odd causes and enjoy the journey without worrying about the route.

Check Marker Updates: Regularly check and update information about markers. The world of natural foods is always changing, and sharing new information will help enrich the community.

Test Offline Mode: Before starting your journey, test offline mode to ensure that Mundraub Navigator APK operates smoothly when you are in areas with poor signal.

Safety Is Important: When you visit new areas, always follow safety rules. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and never enter restricted areas.

Advantages and disadvantages Mundraub Navigator APK


  • Explore Local Fruit Trees: Mundraub Navigator offers a unique experience by allowing you to look up and explore local fruit trees with ease. This helps you enjoy natural and unique flavors from plants you may not know about.
  • Smart Mini Calendar: The mini calendar feature is a highlight, providing detailed seasonal information so you can plan accurately and enjoy seasonal fruits.
  • Community Connection: Mundraub Navigator APK creates connection in the natural food loving community. You can share information, meet people with similar interests, and contribute to a common database.


  • Features Under Development: Since Mundraub Navigator APK is a new application, there may be some features that need to be developed and updated to optimize user experience.
  • Dependence on User Data: The richness of information depends heavily on the contributions of the user community. If few people share information, the data may be incomplete.


Mundraub Navigator APK is not just an app, but a door to the world of natural foods, where you can explore, enjoy, and share your passion. This application offers many unique advantages, such as the ability to look up details about local fruit trees, a smart mini calendar, and the ability to connect with a community of natural food lovers.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Mundraub Navigator APK

How to look up information about a specific plant? +

On the main interface, you can use the search box to enter the name or type of plant you are interested in and Mundraub Navigator will provide detailed information about it.

How to add new markers? +

After logging in to your Mundraub account, you can use the "Add Bookmark" feature to bookmark and share with the community. You can also report new information.

Does Mundraub Navigator integrate Google Maps? +

Sure! Mundraub Navigator integrates Google Maps to help you easily locate and get to markers conveniently.

How to use the application without an internet connection? +

Mundraub Navigator remains active even when your internet connection is lost, allowing you to continue exploring in areas with weak signals.

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