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Download Moy 7 APK is a virtual pet game with many exciting new features that gives players hours of fun and really creates a realistic virtual pet experience.


Name Moy 7
Pagekage name com.frojo.moy7
Version 2.175
Size 60.61 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Frojo Apps

About of the game Moy 7 APK

Moy 7 the virtual pet game APK is a famous and popular mobile game in the virtual pet game genre. This game is the seventh installment of the Moy - Virtual Pet Game series, and it brings many exciting new features for players to experience.

In game Moy 7, you will have the opportunity to care for, nurture and form a close relationship with a virtual animal named Moy. Moy has a cute appearance, with various expressions and adorable interactions. You need to provide Moy with food and water, clean and care for him, and learn about Moy's unique interests and needs.

Overview of Moy 7 APK Mobile Game

During the game, you can create a beautiful house for Moy, decorate it and customize it to your liking. You can also shop for decorations, outfits and accessories to give Moy a personal makeover.

Moy 7 offers a variety of activities and games so you and Moy can enjoy a good time. You can play mini-games, dance, catch mice, collect items and explore many interesting locations.

Moy 7 APK update gives players hours of exciting entertainment and truly creates a realistic virtual pet experience. If you love taking care of and raising virtual pets, the game also features a social networking feature where you can share your achievements and visit Moy's family and friends.

Features of the game Moy 7 APK for Android

  • Raise and take care of Moy: You can raise and take care of Moy, a cute virtual pet. Make sure Moy has enough food, water and daily care to keep it healthy and happy. You can also bathe, clean, and play with Moy.
  • Interacting with Moy: Moy has a variety of expressions and reactions. You can interact with Moy by touching, swiping, and talking to it. Moy will react in its own way, creating a lovely interactive experience.
  • Build and decorate a house: You can build and decorate a house for Moy. Use available tools and materials to design the house to your liking. Create a comfortable and lovely living environment for Moy.
  • Mini-games and activities: The game offers a variety of mini-games and activities for you and Moy to participate in. You can play games like catching mice, dancing and puzzles to win money and discipline points. This enhances interaction and entertainment in the game.
  • Shop and customize: You can shop for decorations, outfits, and accessories to customize Moy's appearance. Create a unique look for Moy and highlight its individuality.
  • Socialize and Connect: Connect with friends via social media, visit their homes and share your achievements. You can also chat with your friends' Moys and learn more about Moy's life in their home.
  • Missions and Objectives: Moy 7 offers quests and goals to complete. Reaching these goals will help you progress in the game and open new features.

Game mode, graphics of the game Moy 7 APK

Moy Design: Moy is designed with a cute and lovely shape. It features rich and detailed expressions, ranging from frowning and smiling to expressions of satisfaction or displeasure. This helps players to interact and clearly recognize Moy's feelings.

House and Decoration: The game allows the player to customize and decorate the house for Moy. There is a wide selection of furniture, building materials and decorations to create a unique and beautiful home for Moy. The graphics of the items and decorations are also lovely and delicately designed.

Different Environments and Areas: Moy 7 game has many different areas and environments for players to explore. These areas are designed with detail, bright colors and character. You can explore parks, beaches, forests and many other locations in the game.

Effects and animations: Moy 7 games provide smooth and vivid animations and effects. Moy's movements, such as dancing, running, or performing other activities, are rendered fluently and lovingly.

User Interface: The user interface of the game is designed to be simple, friendly and easy to use. The controls and charts are clearly displayed, making it easy for players to interact with Moy and perform in-game operations.

How to play the game Moy 7 APK Latest version

Download and install: Get Moy 7 APK from your mobile app store. Once downloaded, install the game on your phone.

Start the game: Open the Moy 7 app from your phone's home screen. After the game is started, you will be taken to the main interface of the game.

Create a character: First, you need to create your own Moy character. You can customize Moy's appearance by choosing skin color, fur, eyes, and other details.

Moy Care: Start taking care of Moy by providing food, water and cleaning for it. Use the tools and utensils available in the game to wash Moy and take care of its fur.

Build a house: You can build and decorate a house for Moy. Use building tools and materials to create Moy's dream home. Decorate the house by shopping for decorations and furniture from the in-game store.

Interact and play with Moy: Interact with Moy by touching, swiping, and talking to it. You can play with Moy by participating in mini-games, dancing, and doing other in-game activities.

Mission Accomplish: Participate in in-game quests and objectives. Complete them to progress and open new features in the game.

Pros and cons of the game Moy 7 APK iOS  


  • Lovely graphics: The game has beautiful graphics, cute and delicate images. Moy's expressions are detailed and vivid, creating a lovely interactive experience with the virtual pet.
  • Variety of activities: The game offers a variety of activities and mini-games for players to participate in. From playing mouse chase, dancing, to collecting items and exploring new areas, there are many entertainment activities to enjoy in the game.
  • Connect and exchange: The game features connecting with friends through social networks. You can visit your friends' houses, share achievements and chat with their Moys, creating a network and connection in the gaming community.


  • Depends on network connection: To enjoy the full features and socialize with friends, the game requires an internet connection.
  • Requires Time Invest: Raising and caring for Moys requires an investment of time and constant attention. You need to make sure that you have enough time to take care of Moy and participate in in-game activities.
  • Limited Free Features: The Moy 7 game has some free features, but also some features and items that require in-game purchases for real money.


Moy 7 APK is a lovely and fun virtual pet game. With exquisite graphics, good interaction and variety of activities, this game gives players a fun virtual petting experience.

The game brings appeal to those who love to keep virtual pets and want to enjoy a fun and interactive time with the cute animal Moy.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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