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Mount and Blade APK is a unique strategy and action game, bringing players into the chaotic world of the Middle Ages, where players can freely choose their role, goals, and participate in the war.


Name Mount and Blade
Version 1.072
Size 763 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9.0+

About to Mount and Blade APK

When talking about the strategy and action game genre, it is impossible not to mention a monument in the gaming industry - Mount and Blade Bannerlord Game of Thrones. The APK version of this game has given players the ultimate experience of warfare and kingdom management on their mobile devices.

Mount and Blade Warband Mobile Download APK is not simply a game, but a deep adventure into the chaotic world of the Middle Ages. The game allows you to freely choose your role and goals, be it becoming a famous knight, a wise politician, or even a famous pirate. This freedom is truly interesting and unique in the gaming world, giving you complete control over your destiny.

In the game, you will participate in big battles without ever knowing the outcome in advance. You can assemble a powerful army of heroes and common soldiers to participate in the war between opposing kingdoms. The APK version of Mount and Blade Bannerlord Game of Thrones APK has been optimized for mobile devices, helping you truly immerse yourself in the game anytime, anywhere.

Overview of Mount and Blade Mobile Game

Another strong point of Mount & Blade WarBand APK is its gameplay diversity. You can participate in horse races, conquer strongholds, participate in large-scale battles, and even create your own empire. This freedom creates constant stimulation and excitement throughout play.

In addition, the game's impressive graphics and vivid sound help you completely immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Middle Ages. The feeling of battle and life during this period is vividly and exquisitely recreated.

Mount and Blade Android is an experience not to be missed for those who love the strategy and action game genre. The freedom of gameplay, the epic warfare, and the ability to build your own empire all create a top-notch and engaging game on your mobile device. Get ready to enter the world of Mount and Blade and become one of the greatest heroes in Medieval history!

Features in Mount and Blade For Android

  • Open World: The game takes you into an expansive, vibrant and diverse world, designed in a Medieval style. You have the freedom to move around in this world, explore cities and villages, and participate in different activities.
  • Choose Your Role: Mount and Blade APK allows you to freely choose your role. You can become a famous knight, a wise political player, or a powerful king. Your choices will affect your adventure and goals in the game.
  • War and Tactics: In the war between kingdoms, you will participate in large battles with a large number of participants. Mount and Blade APK creates a high-quality combat environment, with challenging tactical elements.
  • Kingdom Management: You must manage your kingdom, from collecting taxes, building strongholds, training troops, to building relationships with other factions. Your decisions will affect the development and fate of the kingdom.
  • Character Development: Your character can develop through training, collecting equipment, and participating in other activities. You can customize your character's appearance and skills to adapt to your unique play style.
  • Big Wars: The game allows you to participate in big battles, like horse races or head-to-head team fights. These battles are exciting and require strategy.
  • Multi-Language: Mount and Blade Game APK supports multiple languages, making it easy for players from all over the world to participate.

Game mode, graphics Mount and Blade Game

Medieval Style: Mount and Blade APK's graphics create a colorful and detailed Medieval world. Cities, villages, and characters are all designed to reflect the style of the Middle Ages with appropriate architecture and costumes.

Character Model: Characters in the game have a relatively simple 3D model but are very proportional and suitable for the game's context. Although not as detailed as modern games, they express the unique characteristics and personalities of each character.

Battles and War: Battles in Mount and Blade APK are designed with performance and graphics capabilities in mind. In major battles, you can see many soldiers and tactical skills demonstrated through simple but effective movements.

Vivid Open World: The open world in the game is created with a lively feel by displaying cities, villages, fields, forests and other scenes. The overall atmosphere of the Medieval world is recreated relatively well.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Game of Thrones APK offers a variety of equipment and weapons, illustrated through simple but remarkable diagrams. You can see transformations in your character's outfits and weapons as they progress through the game.

How to play for Mount and Blade APK Latest version

  • Choose Role: The game begins with you choosing your role: be it a knight, a stronghold manager, or a political player. Each role will bring a different experience and goal in the game.
  • Character Creation: You can create your character, customize their appearance and skills. This will affect your abilities and playing style throughout the game.
  • Kingdom Management: An important part of the game is managing your kingdom. You must collect taxes, build strongholds, train troops, and maintain relationships with other factions. Your mission is to develop the kingdom and bring it to the peak of glory.
  • Participate in War: The game mainly revolves around war. You will participate in battles with a large number of participants. There are many types of battles, from infantry battles to horse races and team-to-team combat. Tactics and fighting skills are very important.
  • Direct Combat: In battle, you can fight directly or command your army. Fighting in this game is quite realistic and requires skill in using weapons and attacking.
  • Creating Your Own Empire: You can build your own empire by occupying strongholds, gathering resources and expanding territories. Your ultimate goal could be to become a powerful king or lead a dominant faction.
  • Gameplay Freedom: One strong point of Mount and Blade Mobile APK is the freedom in gameplay. You can do a variety of activities, like participating in horse races, exploring the bay full of discoveries, and even hunting pirates.

Pros and Cons of Mount and Blade APK iOS


  • Gameplay Freedom: One of the game's biggest strengths is the freedom in gameplay. You are free to choose your roles, activities, and goals, creating a personalized experience.
  • Simple Graphics: Having an interesting Medieval style, the game's graphics may be suitable for those who like classics.
  • Variety of Missions: The game offers a variety of missions and activities, from participating in a major war to participating in a horse race or hunting a pirate.


  • Initial Difficulty: The game has a fairly difficult initial module, especially for new players. Players may need time to get used to the gameplay and system.
  • Lack of Main Story: The game lacks a coherent main story, and gameplay mainly revolves around managing the kingdom and participating in wars.
  • Limited Mobile Version: The APK version of the game has some limitations compared to the original PC version, including limited graphics and features.


Mount and Blade Bannerlord Game of Thrones APK is an excellent strategy and action game, giving players a top experience in the mysterious Medieval world.

Mount and Blade APK is a game worth trying for those who love the strategy and action genre. Step into the world of classic entertainment and become a great hero in the game.


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FAQs? Mount and Blade APK

Can I play Mount and Blade APK on iOS? +

Currently, Mount and Blade APK is mainly reserved for Android devices and there is no official version on iOS. However, you can check Apple's app store to see if there's a similar version available for iOS.

How to customize characters in the game? +

To customize your character in Mount and Blade APK, you can visit the character creation section in the game. Here, you can adjust your character's appearance and skills as you like. This choice will affect how you play throughout the game.

How to manage the kingdom and related activities? +

Managing a kingdom in Mount and Blade APK requires you to collect taxes, build fortresses, train soldiers, and establish relationships with other factions. This is usually done through in-game management options and menus.

How to participate in major battles in the game? +

To participate in major wars in Mount and Blade APK, you need to continue playing and participate in combat events and battles. At times, you may have to create your own conflict by attacking other factions or participating in major combat events.

Does the game support multiple languages? +

That's right, Mount and Blade APK supports many languages, helping players around the world participate in the game experience smoothly.

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