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Motion Ninja Pro APK is a professional and innovative video editor that allows you to create and edit high-quality videos with many innovative and easy-to-use features.


Name Motion Ninja
Version 4.1.6
Size 148.68 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer changpeng

About of Motion Ninja APK

Motion Ninja APK update is a professional and innovative video editor, for mobile devices running Android operating system. This application allows users to easily create and edit high-quality videos with beautiful animations, attractive transitions and many other unique features.

Motion Ninja Pro APP has a friendly and easy to use interface, suitable for both beginner and experienced users. It brings some powerful tools and innovative features to help you create beautiful and impressive videos from your mobile phone.

Overview of Motion Ninja Mobile APK

Motion Ninja APK is an app version of Motion Ninja provided as an APK (Android Package) installation file, allowing you to install apps on Android devices without going through the Google Play store.

Motion Ninja APP APK is a powerful and flexible application that allows you to create and edit high-quality videos directly on your Android mobile phone, with many innovative and easy-to-use features.

Features of Motion Ninja APK for Android

Basic edits:

  • Trim and merge videos: Cut and join multiple videos together to form a complete video.
  • Reverse video: Reverse the direction of the video to create interesting effects.
  • Adjust video speed: Accelerate or slow down the video to create slow motion or time-lapse effects.

Animation and motion effects:

  • Motion Effects: Add unique and beautiful motion effects to your videos.
  • Lighting effects: Create unique light and shadow effects for videos.
  • Transitions: Use smooth transitions between scenes in your video.

Color correction and video filtering:

  • Color correction: Adjust the video's brightness, contrast, color and sharpness.
  • Video Filters: Apply special filters to create color space and style your videos.

Sound and background music:

  • Add background music: Choose background music from your library or use the music available in the app to add vibrancy to the video.
  • Adjust audio: Adjust the volume and sound balance in the video.

Text and stickers:

  • Add Text: Add custom text with a variety of text styles and effects to the video.
  • Insert stickers: Add stickers and lovely images to your videos to make your content more interesting.

Share and store:

  • Easy Sharing: Share your edited video on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more.
  • Save video: Save your edited video to your device's gallery for later viewing or sharing.

Easy to use interface:

  • The interface is friendly and easy to use, suitable for both beginner and experienced users.

How to use Motion Ninja APK Latest version

Step 1: Install the app

Download the APK file of the Motion Ninja Premium app from a trusted source.

Before installing, make sure you have enabled the "Install from Unknown Sources" option in your Android device's security settings. This allows you to install apps from APK files not from the Google Play Store.

Once the APK file has been downloaded and installed, you can open the Motion Ninja app.

Step 2: Select video

After opening the app, select "Create New Project" or "Create New Project" to start creating a new video.

You can choose a video from your library or record a new video to start editing.

Step 3: Edit video

After selecting the video, you will be taken to the editing interface.

Here, you can use Motion Ninja's tools and features to edit your videos. This includes cropping, merging, adding effects, adjusting colors, adding music and text, and many more.

Step 4: Add effects and transitions

You can add animations, lighting effects and transitions to make your videos more vivid and interesting.

Step 5: Add sound and text

Add background music or sound to the video to create a lively and interesting effect. You can also add custom text and stickers to increase your video creativity.

Step 6: Review and edit

Review the video to check the changes and edits you've made.

If necessary, you can return to the previous steps to further edit or adjust the video.

Step 7: Save and share

When you are done editing the video, press the Save or Export button at the top to save the video to your phone.

Once the video has been saved, you can share it on social networks or save it back to your gallery.

Tips and advice when using Motion Ninja APP APK

  • Start small projects: If you are just starting out with this app, start with small and simple projects before progressing to more complex edits. Learn slowly and get familiar with the app's features.
  • Save frequently: Save projects frequently during editing to avoid loss of work when crashes or the application closes unexpectedly.
  • Smoothly animate: Use effects and movements sensibly and gently to avoid making the video look too overwhelming and dazzling.
  • Make sure the audio is balanced: If you add audio or background music to your video, make sure that the audio isn't overwhelming or too loud for the video content.
  • Test on multiple devices: If possible, review the video on a variety of devices and screens to make sure it looks right and appealing on all types of devices.
  • Optimize for sharing: When exporting a video, choose the right export format and options to ensure that the video is easily shareable on social networks or other platforms.
  • Learn how to use the tools: Take advantage of the app's documentation, video tutorials, or support website to better understand how to use its tools and features.
  • Discover new features: Check your app's updates regularly for new features and improvements. Exploring these new features can enhance your creativity.
  • Creative and original: Experiment and get creative with your videos. Try out new effects, create your own style, and don't be afraid to try out unique ideas to create interesting and personalized video content.
  • Watch tutorials and learn from others: If you're having trouble using the app, search for tutorials or ask others on video editing communities.

Remember that creating and editing videos is a process of learning and experimentation. The more videos you make, the more you will improve your skills and become more proficient in using the Motion Ninja APK application.

Pros and cons of Motion Ninja APK iOS


  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface: The application has a simple and friendly user interface, making it easy for users to learn and use the video editing features effectively.
  • Wide range of editing features: Motion Ninja offers a wide range of professional video editing tools and features, allowing users to trim, merge, add effects, color correct, and add audio with ease.
  • Unique effects and transitions: The application provides many beautiful animations and transitions that make videos more vivid and attractive.
  • Add text and stickers: Motion Ninja allows users to add custom text and stickers to videos, helping to create unique and creative content.
  • Easy sharing: After editing the video, users can easily share it on social networks or save it to their library.


  • Ads and In-App Purchases: The app may contain ads or some features available in the paid version or require an in-app purchase to access.
  • High device configuration requirements: For low-profile devices, video editing can be difficult and cause jerky or slowness during work.
  • Output video format restrictions: Some applications only allow exporting videos in certain formats and may restrict the choice of custom formats.
  • Can't edit 4K video: Some apps only support maximum high-resolution video editing, which can be limited if you're working with 4K video.


Motion Ninja APK application is a powerful and innovative video editing application for mobile devices running Android operating system. With a friendly and easy to use interface, users can easily create high quality and unique videos.

Motion Ninja APK is a good choice for those who want to edit videos professionally on their Android mobile device, with diverse features and easy-to-use interface.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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