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Molla Brawl Stars APK is a unique action game, featuring great graphics, adorable characters and dramatic PvP matches, promising to bring a creative entertainment experience to players.


Name Molla Brawl
Version 36.257
Size 159 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Supercell

Introduce to Molla Brawl APK

Molla Brawl offline APK is a fast and dramatic action game, where you will participate in top PvP matches. With beautiful graphics and unique character designs, this game is not only a challenge of skill but also a journey to explore a mystical world.

One of the unique features of Molla Brawl APK 2024 is the diverse lineup of "Mollas" - cute but powerful little creatures, each with unique skills and tactics. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy building their unique squad and challenge opponents from around the world.

More Overview of Molla Brawl For Android

Molla Brawl also offers a variety of game modes, from quick matches to special weekly events. Along with a large community and integrated chat feature, players can connect and compete with other fans around the world.

To experience Molla Brawl v3 APK, you just need to download and install the APK version from a reliable source. With cross-platform support, you can enjoy this game on your mobile phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

All features in Molla Brawl Latest Version

  • Diverse Molla Lineup: One of the highlights of Molla Brawl is the diverse lineup of "Molla" characters. Each Molla has unique skills and tactics, helping players build flexible squads according to personal preferences and personal tactics.
  • Beautiful Graphics and Creative Character Design: The game pays attention to every detail with great graphics and unique character designs. Each Molla is not only adorable but also has its own style, increasing the appeal of the game.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Molla Brawl APK is not limited to just one game mode. Players can participate in quick matches, high-level challenges, or even participate in special weekly events. This helps keep the gaming experience fresh and interesting.
  • Large Community and Chat Integration: This feature helps connect players from all over the world. You can discuss, share strategies, and even connect with other fans through the integrated chat feature.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Molla Brawl is not only supported on mobile phones but also on tablets, ensuring players can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.
  • Regular Events and Updates: The development team of Molla Brawl APK is constantly working to bring players new experiences. Regular updates and special events help keep the gaming community excited and challenged.

Interface, graphics on Molla Brawl For iOS

High Quality Graphics: Molla Brawl takes players into a mystical world with high quality graphics. From the smallest details on the characters to the unique effects in battle, everything is designed with meticulousness and creativity.

Unique Effects: The match in Molla Brawl APK comes alive with unique effects. From flashes of light and interactive explosions to smooth moving paths, it all creates a unique and engaging visual experience.

Diverse Environment: The development team has invested a lot of effort into designing the playing environment. From vast areas to mysterious locations, each level is a vivid and attractive picture.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Molla Brawl's graphics are not limited to mobile phones but also extend to tablets, taking full advantage of the display capabilities of each device.

How to play, gameplay for Molla Brawl Mobile Game

Building a Tactical Team: Molla Brawl is not just about choosing strong characters, but also about the ability to build a tactical team. Each Molla has unique skills and characteristics, and combining them skillfully is the key to victory.

Fast and Dramatic PvP Battles: The gameplay of Molla Brawl APK focuses mainly on fast and dramatic PvP matches. Players will participate in 1v1 or 2v2 matches, facing off against real opponents from around the world.

Tactics and Combat Skills: Understanding each Molla's tactics and skills is important to victory. Players need to know how to use it at the right time and master the strategies to overcome their opponents.

High-Level Challenges and Variation in Game Modes: Molla Brawl APK offers endless challenge with difficulty levels and diverse game modes. From simple matches to special events, players will always find something new to challenge their skills.

Character and Team Development: Leveling up and character development is an important part of the gameplay. Players can enhance Molla's abilities, open new skills, and create a stronger squad according to their individual strategies.

Pros and Cons of Molla Brawl APK


  • Beautiful Graphics and Innovative Character Design: Molla Brawl features high-quality graphics and unique character designs, creating a vibrant and colorful world.
  • Diverse and Creative Molla Squad: Having a diverse squad of Mollas brings creativity and tactics to players, making each match unique.
  • Fast and Exciting PvP Experience: Fast and stimulating PvP gameplay is a strong point, giving players the opportunity to show off their skills and strategies in real matches.
  • Regular Events and Constant Updates: Molla Brawl maintains player excitement through regular events and constant updates, ensuring that the game stays fresh and stimulating.


  • Configuration Requirements: Sometimes, due to high graphics and performance requirements, Molla Brawl may require a relatively high hardware configuration on some devices, reducing the experience for some players.
  • Internet Connection Required: The game requires a constant internet connection, which can create obstacles for players who want to play in places with poor signal or no network.
  • Potential for Repetitive Content: As with many PvP games, there can be repetitive content, especially if new content is not added regularly.


Molla Brawl APK is a unique game with many outstanding advantages. The most notable point is the high quality graphics and unique character designs, creating a vivid and colorful world. The gameplay focuses on dramatic PvP matches, requiring players to have tactics and creativity in team building.


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FAQs? Molla Brawl APK

How many different characters are there in Molla Brawl? +

The game features a diverse roster with many unique "Molla" characters, each with unique skills and tactics.

How to build a strong squad in Molla Brawl? +

To build a strong squad, you need to clearly understand the skills and characteristics of each Molla, thereby combining them tactically and flexibly.

Are there regular events or updates? +

That's right, the development team regularly updates the game with special events, upgrades, and new features to maintain the excitement of the player community.

Does Molla Brawl have a built-in chat feature? +

Of course, the chat feature is integrated between players, helping them communicate, share strategies, and connect with each other.

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