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Mihon Tachiyomi APK is a comic reading application that brings diverse experiences and community features, creating an interesting space for those who are passionate about the world of comics.


Name Mihon
Version 0.16.1
Size 50 MB
Category Comics
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Mihon

About to Mihon APK

Mihon APK is a unique and stylish app that offers a great manga reading experience. Mihon repo extension is not simply a comic reading application, but also a community where manga lovers can meet, exchange and share their passion. This application provides a diverse collection of comics from many different genres, from action and adventure to romance and horror.

One of the strengths of Mihon APP APK r6454 is its friendly and easy-to-use user interface. You can easily search and filter stories according to your personal needs. Furthermore, the application also provides special features such as bookmarking favorite pages, tracking reading status, and receiving notifications when new chapters are updated.

More Overview of Mihon App Mobile

Mihon APK r6442 has no age limit and serves all types of readers, from beginners to those with many years of experience in the manga world. The application's development team always updates regularly, ensuring that users will always have the newest and most interesting comic reading experience.

If you are looking for a full-featured and stylish manga reader app, Mihon app download APK is an excellent choice. Try it now to explore the rich and diverse world of manga!

All features in Mihon APK Latest Version

Here are some details about the excellent features of the Mihon APK manga reader app:

  • Diverse Story Store: Mihon Tachiyomi APK provides a diverse comic store with thousands of titles from many different genres such as action, adventure, romance, horror, and many other genres.
  • Friendly User Interface: The user interface is beautifully designed, intuitive and easy to use, helping readers enjoy the manga reading experience smoothly.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced search feature helps users easily search for stories by name, author, genre or specific keywords.
  • Bookmark Favorite Pages: Readers can bookmark favorite pages to easily go back and continue reading from where they left off.
  • Track Reading Status: This feature allows readers to track their reading status, helping them not to get lost between chapters.
  • Update Notifications: Users can sign up to receive notifications when new chapters are updated, helping them not miss any new content.
  • Readers' Community: Mihon APK is not only a place to read stories, but also a community where readers can interact, share opinions and discuss with each other.
  • Dark Mode: Dark mode helps reduce eye strain when reading at night or in low light environments.
  • High Image Quality: Mihon APK supports high image quality, helping readers have the best reading experience.
  • Pre-Download Feature: Users can pre-download story chapters for offline reading without an internet connection.
  • Rate and Comment: Readers can rate and comment on stories, creating interaction in the community.

Instructions, how to use Mihon APP For Android

  • Login or Register: If you have an account, you can log in now. If you don't have one, sign up for a new account to enjoy full features and a personalized interface.
  • Story Search: Use the search feature to search for stories by name, author or genre. You can also use keywords to filter search results.
  • Choose a Story and Read: Once you find the desired story, select it and start reading. Mihon APK usually provides many reading options such as viewing mode, font size, and dark mode.
  • Bookmark Favorite Pages: Bookmark your favorite pages to easily find and return to them later.
  • Pre-Download and Read Offline: If you want to read offline, you can pre-download story chapters to read without an internet connection.
  • Reading Status Tracker: Use the reading status tracking feature to track your story reading progress.

Tips and advice when using for Mihon iOS

  • Regular Updates: Always check and update the Mihon APK app to ensure you are using the latest version with improved features and bug fixes.
  • Enjoy Community: Join the reader community on Mihon APK to share opinions, discuss and discover new stories based on community reviews.
  • Take advantage of the Bookmark Feature: Use the bookmark feature to save stories you are interested in and want to read again later.
  • Set Personal Preferences: Adjust settings according to your personal preferences, such as reading mode, font size, color, for the best reading experience.
  • Notification Control: Customize notification settings to only receive notifications about stories you care about, avoiding distractions in case there are too many notifications.
  • Use Dark Mode at Night: When reading at night, use dark mode to reduce screen light and protect your eyes.
  • Note About Mobile Data: If you use mobile data, check your settings to ensure that downloading stories does not affect your data allowance and limit.

Advantages and disadvantages Mihon APK


  • Diverse Stories: Mihon APK has a diverse warehouse of comics from many genres, meeting the reading needs of diverse readers.
  • Reader Community: The community feature allows readers to interact, discuss and share opinions with each other, creating an interactive space.
  • Bookmark Favorites and Track Reading Status Features: These features help readers track and manage reading status conveniently.
  • Dark Mode: Dark mode reduces eye strain and creates a comfortable reading experience at night.


  • Depends on Comic Source: The quality and variety of comics depends on the supply source, if the source is unstable, it can affect the reading experience.
  • Internet Connection Required: Some features such as chapter preloading require an internet connection, which can cause difficulties when users want to read offline.
  • Not All Stories Are Copyrighted: Some stories may not be copyrighted, which can create problems with maintaining fairness in the manga industry.


Mihon APK is a diverse and convenient manga reading application, giving readers an enjoyable experience in the manga world. Its user-friendly interface, community features, and personal customization help it stand out among other comic reading apps. For manga lovers, Mihon APK can be an attractive option to explore and read new works. Using features such as bookmarking your favorites, tracking your reading status, and joining the community will add to the fun of experiencing the world of manga.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Mihon APK

How to search for a specific comic on Mihon APK? +

You can use the search bar and enter the story name, author name or genre to quickly find the story you want.

How to bookmark a favorite page and track your reading status? +

In the story, there are icons or functions that help you bookmark your favorite pages and track your reading status, helping you continue where you left off.

Does the app have a notification feature when there are new chapters? +

That's right, Mihon APK has a notification feature so you don't miss new updates and story chapters you're interested in.

Is there dark mode on Mihon APK? +

Yes, the app supports dark mode which reduces screen light, creating a comfortable reading experience, especially in the evening.

Does the application support multiple languages? +

Currently, Mihon APK supports many languages to meet the needs of global readers.

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