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Midnight Resistance Game Mobile APK is a nostalgic classic shooting game that offers a dramatic action and adventure experience on mobile devices, as you fight to save your family from evil enemies.


Name Midnight Resistance Game
Version 4
Size 9.83 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About to Midnight Resistance Game APK

Midnight Resistance APK is an exciting classic shooting game in which you will face off against an army of deadly armed forces and embark on a dramatic adventure. This game was developed by Data East and became one of the classic games of the 1980s.

Your mission in Midnight Resistance Arcade APK is to save your family from the hands of a cruel enemy. You will face many difficult challenges on your journey and must use your fighting skills to overcome hordes of enemies and defeat powerful bosses.

Overview of Midnight Resistance Game Mobile APK

In Midnight Resistance Game free download for mobile APK you can buy special guns in the store to replace the player's rifle and enhance your fighting ability. You can use your own fighter to fly across platforms and destroy enemies. The reward for shooting will be a supercharge, which increases the damage of the current weapon for a limited time.

The important key in Midnight Resistance Game only APK is the number of keys you collect. They open cruel cells where you can rescue your family members and decide the ending of the game.

Midnight Resistance for iphone offers a classic shooting experience full of drama and challenge. If you are a fan of the genre or you want to relive memories from the 1980s, download Midnight Resistance and join this unforgettable adventure now! The game is available on multiple mobile platforms and takes you into the dramatic and exciting world of classic shooting games.

Features in Midnight Resistance Game Latest Version

Here are the features of Midnight Resistance Game download for android  mobile version:

  • Game Genre: Midnight Resistance 2020 APK belongs to the classic shooting genre with action and adventure elements, where players will participate in a dramatic journey to save their family from enemies.
  • Mission to Save the Family: The player's main mission is to save the family from the hands of evil enemies. This requires players to confront many dangerous situations and destroy powerful bosses.
  • Weapon Selection: The game allows players to select and upgrade their weapons through purchasing special guns in the store. Weapons have unique features and strengths, helping players customize their tactics.
  • Panzer Weapon: Players can use the Panzer weapon, a fighter of their own, to fly across platforms and destroy enemies. This is a special feature in the game.
  • Supercharge and Barrier: Supercharge is an in-game bonus that increases the damage of the current weapon for a limited time. Barriers are part of the defense system, helping to protect against crowds of strong enemies.
  • Important Keys: The end of the game depends on the number of keys the player collects. This key opens the sinister cells where the player can rescue family members and determine the game's ending.
  • Graphics and Sound: Midnight Resistance Game APK inherits the graphics and sound from the original version, giving players a fun and exciting experience. Graphics and sound effects have been optimized for mobile devices.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: This APK version is optimized to run on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, making it easy for players to experience the game anytime, anywhere.
  • Free Download: Midnight Resistance Game Android can be downloaded and played for free, helping players easily access and satisfy their passion for classic shooting games.
  • Regular Updates: To ensure the best experience for players, the APK version may be updated regularly to fix bugs and add new features.

Graphics of Midnight Resistance Game APK Android

Midnight Resistance Game APK uses graphics taken from the original version of the game to create a realistic and exciting visual experience on mobile devices. Midnight Resistance uses a pixel art graphic style, a style often seen in classic games from the 8X and 9X decades. This creates a fun feeling of nostalgia and brings back memories of classic arcade games.

The game offers diverse environments, from urban environments to wild places and enemy bases. Diverse scenarios help create appeal and variety in the playing experience. Midnight Resistance Game Android uses special effects to make the game more vivid. This includes lighting effects, explosions, and other effects in special situations such as when using a supercharger or when defeating a boss.

The graphics of Midnight Resistance Mobile Game APK retain the classic art style of the original game, helping players feel like they are playing on classic arcade machines.

How to play and gameplay of Midnight Resistance Game iOS

  • Controls: Use the navigation keys or virtual joystick on the screen to move your character in different directions. Use buttons or touch to shoot, change weapons and use superchargers when needed.
  • Main Goal: Your main mission is to save your family from enemies. To do this, you must overcome a series of challenging levels, facing powerful enemies and bosses.
  • Weapon Selection: Throughout your journey, you can find and purchase different weapons at the in-game store. Choose the right weapon for the situation to increase your fighting power.
  • Supercharge and Barrier: Collect supercharge to increase the damage of the current weapon for a short period of time. Use barriers to protect from crowds of strong enemies in difficult situations.
  • Key Collection: Keys are an important part of Midnight Resistance. Collect keys to open evil cells and rescue your family members.
  • Get High Score: During the game, try to kill as many enemies as possible to achieve a high score. Try to complete the level quickly and efficiently to collect extra time.
  • Diverse Adventures: The game features a variety of levels and environments, from urban cities to wilderness areas and enemy bases. Each level has its own unique situation and challenges, requiring players to use their tactics and fighting skills.
  • Life Management: You have a limited number of turns. Be careful and try not to lose them all before reaching the goal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Midnight Resistance APK


  • Classic Experience: Midnight Resistance Game APK brings the experience of a classic shooting game, helping players enjoy the nostalgia and memories of the arcade era.
  • Pixel Art Graphics: Unique pixel art graphics create a nostalgic and fun feeling, preserving the art style of the original game.
  • Diverse Gameplay: The game offers many different levels and environments, creating diversity in the gameplay experience and requiring players to adapt to many situations.
  • Weapon Management: Players can select and upgrade their weapons, customize their tactics and create their own play style.


  • Ability to Easily Run Out of Lives: The game has a limited number of turns, and they can run out quickly if the player is not careful. This can make the game difficult and challenging for some players.
  • Requires Skill: Midnight Resistance Game APK may require skill and quick reflexes, which can make it a challenge for newcomers to the genre.
  • Limited Time Shopping System: Weapons and supercharges purchased in the store have a limited time, which can make players feel limited in customizing their characters.


Midnight Resistance Game APK brings a classic and nostalgic shooting gaming experience to mobile players. With unique pixel art graphics, varied gameplay, and an interesting plot about saving the family from evil enemies, this game has attracted the interest of lovers of the genre. Get ready to face dangerous encounters and go on an adventure to save your family.


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FAQs? Midnight Resistance Game APK

How to control characters in the game? +

Controlling the character in the game Midnight Resistance APK is usually done using the navigation keys or virtual joystick on the touch screen of your mobile device. You can shoot and change weapons using buttons or on-screen gestures.

How to save the family in the game? +

To save your family from enemies in Midnight Resistance APK, you need to collect keys by destroying enemies. This key will open the cruel cells where your family is held.

Is there a way to upgrade weapons in the game? +

In the game, you can find and buy different types of weapons at the store. This will help you upgrade your character's strength and fighting ability.

How to get high score in Midnight Resistance APK? +

To achieve a high score, try to kill as many enemies as possible, complete the levels quickly and efficiently, and collect extra time when needed.

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