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Metal Slug Awakening APK is an packed scrolling action game that promises to bring exciting and diverse moments, awaken childhood memories and create unforgettable experiences.


Name Metal Slug Awakening
Pagekage name com.vng.sea.metalslug
Version 1.8.2
Size 1.92 Gb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About of Metal Slug Awakening APK

Metal Slug Awakening redeem code APK is a side-scrolling mobile shooter action game, developed by SNK. The game is based on the essence of the legendary arcade game series "Metal Slug", with the same feeling and experience on the mobile platform.

Metal Slug Awakening kapan rilis retains the retro nature of the Metal Slug series but has been significantly upgraded in terms of visuals. The game offers a variety of missions and maps, including iconic locations from the series such as the nostalgic pyramids, deserts, and mines. The plot and world of Metal Slug continue to be explored and developed.

The game combines side-scrolling shooter action elements with new features. There is a 3-player cooperative mode, providing the experience of playing with friends. The "Roguelike" gameplay allows the player to challenge Bosses and random environments, creating variety and constant challenge.

Overview of Metal Slug Awakening APK Mobile

Metal Slug Awakening offers a fascinating combination of retro spirit and modern innovation. For lovers of the Metal Slug series or looking for a refreshing side-scrolling mobile shooter game, this game promises to bring exciting and diverse experiences.

Metal Slug Awakening APK is the Metal Slug Awakening game version for Android operating system. This is an application that can be downloaded and installed directly on Android devices through the APK installation file.

To experience the game Metal Slug Awakening offline or online APK, you can download it from the Google Play Store page or other reputable Android game download sources online.

Features of Metal Slug Awakening APK For Android

  • Action Side Scrolling: Metal Slug Awakening maintains the signature action side scrolling gameplay of the Metal Slug series. Players will control the character to move through the levels and confront enemy forces.
  • Upgraded Graphics: The game's graphics are improved to combine a blend of retro spirit and new art style. This provides a fun and unique visual experience.
  • Diverse Maps and Storyline: The game offers a variety of maps ranging from nostalgic pyramids to hot deserts and other environments. The compelling storyline helps players explore the world of Metal Slug.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Cooperative game mode allows up to 3 players to participate in a battle. Players can cooperate and share skills to overcome challenges.
  • Roguelike: Metal Slug Awakening gameplay incorporates "Roguelike" gameplay, meaning that each time you play, the environment and appearance of enemies will be different.
  • Various Weapons and Supercars: The game offers a variety of weapons and supercars for players to use. From flying through the air to using powerful tanks, players have many options in dealing with enemies.
  • Iconic Characters and Bosses: Metal Slug Awakening reimagines iconic characters from the Metal Slug series. Besides, challenging Bosses will challenge players in their journey.
  • Easter Eggs and Surprises: Rescuing iconic in-game characters can yield unique and unexpected rewards. These Easter eggs provide variety and fun in the game.
  • Play Offline: The game has the ability to play offline, allowing you to experience the action anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.
  • Metal Slug Awakening APK offers a wide range of interesting and diverse features, combining retro elements and novelties, creating a unique playing experience on your mobile device.

Game mode, graphics of Metal Slug Awakening Game APK

The graphics of the game Metal Slug Awakening APK free download have been enhanced to pay homage to its retro roots, while at the same time introducing a fresh and captivating art style.

  • Tone and Accent: Metal Slug Awakening maintains the signature tone of the Metal Slug series with bright, high-contrast colors. Bold colors and clear strokes create a world that stands out and is special.
  • Props and Characters: The characters and props in the game are designed with detail and individuality. The character has outstanding features, expressive faces and diverse styles, while maintaining the nostalgia and characteristic of Metal Slug.
  • Environments and Maps: The maps and environments in Metal Slug Awakening are also exceptionally detailed and motivating. From tropical forests to desert regions, each environment has variety and sophistication.
  • Effects and Animations: The game uses lighting, shadows, and special effects to make matches and action come alive and engaging. The animations are smooth and noticeable, giving flexibility to characters and enemies.
  • Bosses and Monsters: The Bosses and monsters in Metal Slug Awakening are uniquely designed and impressive. Their terrible form, large size and unique features exalt the importance and challenge of facing them.
  • Motion and Action: The motion graphics in the game help create fluidity and vibrancy in struggles. The agile actions, shooting, movement and interaction are rendered smoothly and interestingly.

How to play of Metal Slug Awakening APK Latest version

  • Movement: Use the on-screen navigation buttons to move your character through the levels. Players can move left, right, jump and crouch (sit).
  • Shooting: Use the shooting button to attack the enemy. Players can adjust the firing direction and shoot continuously to destroy monsters and sea monsters.
  • Weapons: The game offers a variety of weapons ranging from pistols and machine guns to rocket launchers. Players can collect weapons from the boxes that appear in the game to improve their attack ability.
  • Supercars: Players have the ability to use super cars like tanks or planes to attack enemies more powerfully. Supercars are often called by collecting special symbols.
  • Roguelike gameplay: The game uses "Roguelike" gameplay, in which environments and monsters randomly appear during each playthrough.
  • Easter Eggs: During the game, you can rescue iconic characters from Easter eggs.
  • Play Offline: The game has the ability to play offline, allowing you to experience the action anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

Pros and Cons of Metal Slug Awakening APK iOS


  • Inheriting the Essence: Metal Slug Awakening retains the essence of the Metal Slug series with classic side-scrolling action and iconic elements like characters, monsters, and weapons.
  • Improved graphics: The game uses improved graphics, combining retro quintessence and new art styles, creating an engaging and unique visual experience.
  • Agile Action: Metal Slug's famous side-scrolling action is well reproduced, creating quick and dramatic matches.
  • Familiar style: For fans of the Metal Slug series, the game offers a sense of familiarity and celebration with legendary moments.


  • Internet connection required for some features: Although there is an offline game mode, some features such as multiplayer cooperation may require an internet connection, causing inconvenience for players who want to experience it on the spot. have network.
  • Paid Elements: Games may have paid elements or in-app purchases to upgrade characters, weapons, or collect perks. This can affect the player's experience if they don't want to spend money.
  • Potential to become repetitive: With side-scrolling gameplay and repetitive patterns, players can get bored after a long time playing.
  • Hardware compatibility: The game may require a relatively strong hardware configuration for a smooth experience, so it may not be suitable for all devices.


Metal Slug Awakening APK is a mobile version of the iconic Metal Slug side-scrolling action series. With the quintessential inheritance of the original and improved graphics to combine the retro spirit with a new art style, the game offers a unique and captivating visual experience.

Metal Slug Awakening APK is still an attractive choice for those who love the action side-scrolling gameplay and want to experience the combination of classic and innovation. However, players need to carefully consider the weaknesses related to paying fees and depending on the internet before deciding to join the game.


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