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Marvel Contest of Champions APK is a game in the Marvel universe, where players can fight alongside famous Marvel characters in a 3D combat environment.


Name Marvel Contest of Champions
Pagekage name com.kabam.marvelbattle
Version 45.1.0
Size 50.13 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Kabam Games, Inc.

About of Marvel Contest of Champions APK

Marvel Contest of Champions APK is a free mobile game based on the Marvel universe. Developed and published by Kabam, this game allows players to battle popular Marvel characters in a 3D fighting environment.

In the Marvel Contest of Champions, you will have the opportunity to create your favorite lineup of superheroes and supervillains from hundreds of characters from the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain America and many other characters. Each character has their own unique skills and characteristics, providing you with flexibility in creating tactics and combat.

Overview of Marvel Contest of Champions Mobile APK

The game features a variety of game modes, including story mode, daily quest mode, PvP (player against player) mode, and base Boss challenge. You can also join alliances with other players for joint battles and challenge powerful alliance duels.

The game has impressive graphics and unique effects, creating attractive and eye-catching matches. You can participate in weekly events and gain valuable rewards, upgrade your character and collect items to open new abilities.

Marvel Contest of Champions APK for android is available as an APK (Android Application Package) application, which allows you to download and install the game on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Features of Marvel Contest of Champions APK iOS

  • Superhero Arena: Enter an Super Heroes war with hundreds of Marvel characters from across the universe. Fight in PvP matches to test your skills and climb the leaderboards.
  • Diverse lineup: Collect and upgrade popular and legendary Marvel characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor and many more. Each character has its own characteristics and unique skills.
  • Captivating Story: Experience a unique story written specifically for the Marvel Contest of Champions. Fight through levels and overcome battles with enemies to progress in the story.
  • Daily Mission Mode: Complete daily quests to earn precious rewards, including coins, upgrade resources, and special items.
  • Powerful Alliances: Join alliances with other players to fight together and defeat tough Base Bosses. Cooperate and arrange tactics with teammates to win.
  • Weekly Events: Participate in weekly events to gain special rewards. Events can include special missions, fighting matches, or special character-collecting opportunities.
  • Vivid graphics and sound: The game has high-quality 3D graphics and unique effects, faithfully reproducing the Marvel universe. Vivid sounds and unique background music create a unique combat experience.
  • Regular Updates: Marvel Contest of Champions is updated regularly with new content, characters and features to ensure players always have a fresh and exciting experience.

Game mode, graphics of Marvel Contest of Champions APK

The graphics in the game Marvel Contest of Champions APK are considered very impressive and vivid. The game uses high-quality 3D graphics to recreate the Marvel universe and the characters in it.

The characters are meticulously designed with outstanding details, from costumes, appearance to fighting movements. Each character has a unique and wonderful feel, which contributes to the diversity and uniqueness of the game.

The special effects in the match are also very impressive. As you work out your character's special skills, you'll see signature effects, lighting, and screen shake, creating breathtaking and breathtaking action battles.

In addition, the landscape and environment in the game are also shown in detail and vividly. You'll fight in a variety of locations, from urban cities to mystical lands, adding richness and excitement to the gameplay experience.

How to play the game Marvel Contest of Champions APK

Create a squad: Start by creating your squad. Collect your favorite Marvel characters and build a powerful squad. Each character has unique skills and powers, consider tactics and choose the right character.

Combat: Use combat moves to face your opponents. You can use basic attacks like punches and kicks, as well as your character's special skills to create powerful attacks. Use the right combo to deal high damage and dodge your opponent's attacks.

Skills and Powers: Upgrade your character's skills and powers to enhance their strength and fighting ability. Collect resources and in-game items to upgrade your character, open new skills, and enhance attributes.

Diverse game modes: Marvel Contest of Champions has many different game modes. You can enter the story mode to go through a fascinating story and confront the enemies. Participate in daily quest mode to earn precious rewards. Face off against other players in PvP mode or team up with other players in an alliance to defeat the Base Boss.

Events and Challenges: Participate in special events and challenge in-game to earn rewards and special items. Events are regularly updated and bring new challenges.

Social Interaction: Connect and interact with friends in the game. Join alliances, send and receive gifts, and challenge each other to prove your skills.

Pros and cons of Marvel Contest of Champions APK


  • Diverse lineup: The game offers more than 200 Marvel characters, each with unique skills and powers, giving players variety and choices.
  • Diverse Events and Content: Marvel Contest of Champions has its own story, weekly events, and special quests that add richness and excitement to the game.
  • Social interaction: Players can connect and interact with friends, join alliances and challenge each other.


  • Requires internet connection: To play the game, you need a constant internet connection, which may limit gameplay when there is no network connection.
  • In-game payments: The game has an in-game purchase system and requires some payments to purchase characters and special items, which may generate an extra cost.
  • Balance and challenge: Some players argue that the game has imperfect balance mechanics, causing asymmetry in head-to-head matches.


Marvel Contest of Champions APK is an action and fighting game with outstanding advantages such as vivid graphics, diverse lineups and attractive combat mechanics. Players will be able to participate in the Super Heroes war and experience the story, weekly events and diverse game modes.

Marvel Contest of Champions APK latest version is a fascinating and exciting game for those who love the Marvel universe and Super Heroes match. Players will have the opportunity to participate in breathtaking action matches and explore the world of legendary characters.


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