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Luckier App APK is your trusted partner in everyday life, combining science and feng shui to deliver accurate predictions and advice to help you optimize your luck and face every challenge.


Name Luckier App
Pagekage name tipdata.luckier
Version 2.0.7
Size 73.43 Mb
Category Lifestyle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Tipdata

About to Luckier App APK

Luckier- ดูดวง พร้อมคำแนะนำ โ APK is not only a regular "horoscope" application, but it is also a companion in daily life, helping you find lucky moments and minimize negative impacts from the surrounding environment. is not simply a prediction of lucky or unlucky events that happen every day. Instead, this app asks an important question: "How can we optimize our lives and avoid difficult times?" This is demonstrated by the problem-solving efforts of users, who not only want to know whether the day is good or bad, but also want every day to be the luckiest day possible.

More Overview of Luckier App Latest Version

Luckier App APK not only relies on the knowledge of ancient Chinese horoscope and feng shui but also combines it with modern scientific and theoretical principles. This makes Luckier ดู ดวง พร้อม คํา แนะ นํา โดย อ มา ศ a powerful assistant, helping you control your destiny.

In particular, teacher Ajarn Kesattham, an experienced and profound scholar of yin and yang elements and ancient scientific applications, has contributed to the development of Luckier. Thanks to this combination, the application not only makes predictions based on faith or mysteries but also provides a solid theoretical basis.

With Luckier App APK, you not only become someone who knows your lucky day in advance but can also control your destiny. This app promises to optimize your life experience by finding the best moments and minimizing life's difficulties.

All features in Luckier App For Android

  • Learn About Lucky Days: Luckier not only gives information about lucky days but also provides predictions about specific times of the day that you should pay attention to.
  • Combining Ancient Knowledge and Modern Science: The application integrates knowledge from feng shui and Chinese horoscope, providing advice based on science and reason.
  • Personal Life Scoring: Luckier App APK helps you track changes in your personal life and provide an assessment of your luck level and overall situation.
  • Master Ajarn Kesattham - Experienced Scholar: Master Ajarn Kesattham brings a harmonious combination of ancient knowledge and modern applied research.
  • Scheduling and Reminders: The app helps you schedule important events at times that are highly considered lucky.

Instructions, how to use Luckier App iOS

Registration and Account:

  • Register an account with the necessary information.
  • Option to log in with traditional or social network accounts.

Confirming Personal Information:

  • Enter personal information so the application can customize personalized predictions.

Explore Features:

  • Explore the "Lucky Day" section to see details about today and future discoveries.
  • Learn about additional features like "Life Scoring" and "Event Scheduling".

Receive Update Notifications:

  • Turn on notifications to get updates on forecast changes and important events.

Tips and advice when using for Luckier App APK

Daily Interaction: Regularly check information about "Lucky Day" to get an overview of the positive things and opportunities of the day.

Update Personal Information: Make sure your personal information is updated accurately so that Luckier can make appropriate predictions and recommendations.

Progress Tracking: This helps you track your personal progress and better understand your strengths and weaknesses in daily life.

Incorporate Event Calendar: Use the calendar feature to track and receive notifications about important events throughout the day.

Advantages and disadvantages Luckier App APK


  • Combining Science and Feng Shui: The great advantage of Luckier App APK is the ability to combine scientific knowledge with feng shui elements and Chinese horoscopes, creating unique and effective results.
  • High Accuracy: Luckier's predictions and advice are often highly accurate, helping users make smart decisions.
  • Friendly Interface: Simple and friendly user interface, helping users easily interact and understand information.


  • Dependence on Personal Data: Apps may ask for a lot of personal information, which may make some users feel uncomfortable about the level of privacy.
  • Effectiveness Is Highly Dependent on Personal Confidence: The effectiveness of the application depends largely on the level of personal trust in applying the advice and predictions.


Luckier App APK is not just a regular "horoscope" application but also a great source of inspiration and support for daily life. By combining scientific knowledge and classical feng shui, this app provides highly accurate advice and predictions, helping users optimize their lives and face all challenges. Wishing you a positive experience and good luck when using this application!


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FAQs? Luckier App APK

How to get the most out of the "Lucky Day" feature? +

Regularly check the "Lucky Days" section to read detailed information about today and receive advice on opportunities and challenges in daily life.

How to personalize the application experience? +

You can personalize your experience by updating your personal information in the app settings. Accurate information about date of birth, gender and address can help Luckier give you accurate predictions and tailored advice.

How to use the "Life Scoring" feature? +

This feature allows you to track personal progress over time. Rate and enter scores for different aspects of your life to gain an overview and better understand yourself.

Is it necessary to completely trust the application's predictions? +

Although Luckier provides highly accurate predictions and advice, whether to trust it completely is a personal decision. The app offers support and inspiration, but the final decision is still yours.

How to take advantage of the app's events calendar? +

You can take advantage of the event calendar feature by adding important events to the app's calendar. Receive notifications so you don't miss events related to your lucky day.

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