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Lost Life APK similar games is a simulation game that you must try. There are many interesting stories in this puzzle game. Scenes in the game may contain scary scenes.


Name Lost Life
Version 1.55
Size 165 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Shikstoo Games Dev

About Lost Life APK Reddit

The official version of the game uses the Russian language, which makes it difficult to understand. In this latest version of Lost Life APK for android, you can change the language from Russian to English and Indonesian. Instead of language being used by a third party, it can now be clearer and easier for players.

Lost Life APK mobile is an exciting story full of fear, horror and adventure. In short, the game is full of emotions. This mysterious journey begins with a terrifying character from the APK game in the Lost Life walkthrough who predicts each stage of survival or death in future events and other disasters. You will feel totally fearless while playing it. A good presence for the user is essential when playing Lost Life guide because the choices made will affect their future.

Lost Life club APK everything is now a popular game because of its rare story. The latest Lost Life game starts with a sad expression of a girl to make the users confused and scared. This app is highly recommended for those who are new to the game or those who have played before. Download is also convenient. This is because the Lost Life buy guide in this game contains many useful tips and tricks that can help you become a winner. Users should be careful in their decisions to avoid future events.

The original version of the game in Russian, more intense and scary. Lost Life book is the latest Lost Life english APK iOS. We never recommend our users to play the new version of the original Lost Life as it increases the risk of affecting your mental health.

Features of Lost Life APK

HD Graphics: The graphics of this game are in 3d and high resolution to make the game realistic. You can change the resolution of Lost Life APK from settings for better picture.

Plot: In the beginning, you can see that she is a schoolgirl going to school and living with a man. The man that talked to was interested in all her needs, such as food, clothes, etc. But as the game progresses, you get a sense of dread with haunting graphics and realistic background sound effects.

Easy to play: You won't see any buttons in the game to get a better picture. To perform any function in the house, click anywhere and it will bring up a large list of options for you to choose from.

Realistic Sound: Background sound effects and background music change according to the game's scenario. The sound effects perfectly simulate real human voices and the background of suburban environments.

Buy gifts: To impress the girl, you can buy gifts like clothes and food. You can also buy dolls and other accessories in this game.

Game Recording: You can record your gameplay in Lost Life APK pc. Go to settings and on record to record your game screen. When you record the game, it doesn't show the keys, icons and health bar.

Resize & Screen Game: You can change the game from landscape view to portrait view, whichever suits your gaming style. The screen size can also be changed from full screen to different aspect ratios.

Game of Lost Life For Android

Game The Lost Life Mobile is an entertaining game with a unique Lost Life gameplay. In this game you need to attract your young girl by making him feel lonely. This woman's depression kept her from thinking about many people. It is your duty as a man.

You need to communicate something great to quiet him down so he doesn't feel lonely and alone. Try not to upset him. Otherwise he will irritate you and you should end the game Lostlife APK. The young girl looks extremely beautiful and the entertaining game allows you to do different things to the young girl and make her experience passionate feelings for you.

Lost Life Walkthrough

There is a lot of tension, scary and experience in the story of Lost Life Song APK. More or less, this game is an excessively tactile burden. A game that will make you fall into a state of extreme fear. When playing Lost Life android game, the customer's choices will directly affect his future.


Lost Life is a complete package for everyone who is bored with the usual games. The story of a lonely and scary girl with limitless chapters and control options makes it perfect for everyone. Limitless chapters with new stories, sound effects and scary backgrounds make it the new and best game available on the store. Download and experience Lost Life when you're ready.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Lost Life APK

How to download and install Lost Life APK? +

To download and install Lost Life APK, you can visit the APKRABI website. Then just download the APK file and follow the instructions to install the game on your phone.

I'm stuck on a specific level, how do I pass it? +

Each level in Lost Life has a different solution. Try learning how to play through instructional videos on YouTube or reading how-to articles on game forums. If you're still having trouble, try researching tips and tricks to help you pass the level.

How to backup my game progress? +

To back up your progress in Lost Life, you can sign in with your Google Play Games (for Android) or Game Center (for iOS) account. This helps you store your playing data and restore it when needed.

I get errors in the game, how do I fix them? +

If you encounter errors in Lost Life, try basic solutions like restarting the game or updating to the latest version. If the error persists, you can contact the game developer's support for specific help.

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