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Livetopia: Party APK is a unique open-world MMO game where players have absolute freedom in choosing roles, creating virtual living spaces, and real-time interaction in a modern and vibrant city.


Name Livetopia: Party
Pagekage name
Version 1.4.339
Size 994.77 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

Introduce to Livetopia: Party APK

Welcome to the vibrant and fun-filled world of Livetopia: Party! For those who love variety and creativity, this game is not only an adventure, but also an opportunity to create memorable memories with friends from all over the world.

Livetopia: Party pc APK is an open world MMO party game where you can freely play as anyone and do whatever you want. From becoming a doctor, a firefighter, to playing music on stage or even being a zombie to surprise your friends, every possibility is in your hands.

More Overview of Livetopia: Party Mobile Game

Livetopia APK is not only a place to play, but also a place to explore and create. You can create your own awesome map, share it with the community and get cool rewards. At the same time, the game also offers a unique friend-making experience where you can meet new friends, chat and even participate in mini-games with them.

With over 100 outfits and accessories, you have absolute freedom to express your own style. From playing dress up to designing your home, Livetopia: Party APK is sure to please fashion and decoration lovers.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention raising adorable pets. They will become your most adorable companions on adventures, from going on exciting adventures to making cuddling them an integral part of everyday life.

All features in Livetopia: Party Latest Version

  • Explore the Open World: Modern city by the sea with many interesting places to explore. Freely move around and visit different areas of the city.
  • Diverse Roles: Play as a doctor, firefighter, builder, rock star, go-kart driver, even a scary zombie. Each role offers unique experiences and tasks.
  • Map Creation: Create your own map during the workshop and share it with the community. Get rewards and glory for your creativity.
  • Real-Time Friendship: Make friends with other players and participate in real-time activities. Play built-in mini-games to show off your talent.
  • Makeup and Home Design: More than 100 outfits and accessories to choose from, helping you create your unique style. Makeover and design your home with diverse furniture.
  • Adopt a Pet: Adopt adorable pets and build relationships with them. Join adventures with pets, train them to become powerful teammates.
  • Transform into a Pet: Experience the world from a pet's perspective by turning into one of them.

Interface, graphics on Livetopia: Party APK

Environment Design: The environment in Livetopia: Party APK is designed with high-quality graphics, from vibrant streets to white-sand beaches, all of which reflect the hard work that went into the development process.

Character Details: Characters in the game are designed with great care, with many choices of costumes and accessories, helping players freely express their personal style.

Special Effects: Livetopia: Party APK impresses players with special effects, from shimmering light on the music stage to special effects when characters change roles.

3D Graphics: Livetopia: Party APK uses 3D graphics to create an expansive and realistic world, helping players immerse themselves in virtual space.

Fluid Animation: The animation in the game is very flexible and smooth, from character gestures to activities such as playing music, all of which demonstrate professionalism in development.

How to play, gameplay for Livetopia: Party Android

Freedom and Diversity of Roles: Starting with incredible freedom, you can choose any role you want. From working as a doctor, to a firefighter, to transforming into a famous rock star, the diversity here is unparalleled.

Open World Exploration: The world of Livetopia: Party APK is expansive and colorful. You're free to explore the modern seaside city, from its lively bars to peaceful areas like parks and beaches.

Real-Time Interaction: Real-time interactive gameplay is a unique feature. You can make friends, join chats, and even participate in mini-games with other players in real time. This creates a dynamic and vibrant playing community.

Creativity and Construction: Creativity is demonstrated through the ability to create your own maps during the workshop. You can build your space and share it with the community, and have the opportunity to receive rewards for your creativity.

Makeover and House Design: Gameplay is not limited to changing roles, but also includes makeover and house design. With over 100 outfits and accessories, you have absolute freedom to express your style.

Raise Pets and Transform into Pets: An interesting thing is that you can raise adorable pets and even turn into one of them, experiencing the world from a new and unique perspective.

Pros and Cons of Livetopia: Party For iOS


  • Beautiful Graphics: The biggest advantage of Livetopia: Party APK is its great graphics. Vivid environments, carefully designed characters, and unique effects all contribute to the game's engaging experience.
  • Absolute Freedom: The freedom to choose roles, explore the open world, and interact in real-time gives players a sense of uniqueness and limitlessness in their experiences.
  • High Creativity: The ability to create maps and diversity in decoration, makeup, and home design help players express their creativity and personalize their space.
  • Dynamic Community Play: Real-time interactive gameplay creates an energetic and vibrant community where players can make friends, discuss and even participate in activities together.


  • High System Requirements: The game's complex graphics and features require a highly configured system. This can limit the player base, especially for those using less powerful phones or devices.
  • Internet Connection Required: Livetopia: Party APK requires a persistent internet connection to participate in the community and enjoy real-time interactive features, which may be a limitation for players without Stable connection available.
  • Shopping Experience Potential: Like many other mobile games, Livetopia: Party APK has the potential to have in-game shopping elements, which may affect the experience of players who do not want to participate in the simulation.


Livetopia: Party APK is an open world MMO game that offers a unique and vibrant experience. Real-time interaction and a dynamic community create a vibrant environment where players can connect, discuss, and share experiences together. The variety of roles and creativity through map building, decoration, and even raising pets are all unique strengths of the game.

In short, Livetopia: Party APK is a combination of artistic graphics and diverse experiences, creating an interesting choice for those who want to explore and enjoy a rich virtual living space.


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FAQs? Livetopia: Party APK

How to change the character's role in the game? +

To change your role, you can access the "Appearance" or "Outfit" section in the game. Here, you can choose from a variety of roles and customize your character's outfit.

How to make friends with other players? +

To make friends, you can use the search feature or invite friends from your phone contacts. You can also interact with other players in real-time events.

How to create your own map in the workshop? +

To create a map, visit "Create" or "Build" in the game. Here, you can use the builder to create your own space and then share it with the community.

How to participate in real-time activities with other players? +

To participate in real-time action, you can join organized events or use the real-time interaction feature to connect and play with other players.

How many types of pets can be raised in the game? +

The game offers a variety of adorable pets. You can raise various pets and even turn into pets to experience the world from their perspective.

How to interact with other players in virtual living space? +

You can interact with other players using the icons and communication options available in the game. At the same time, participate in small built-in activities to share fun with the community.

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