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LiteApks APK is a great place for Android to get games and apps. The game store is diverse with many genres such as action, racing, sports, strategy, simulation, role-playing,... for you to choose freely.


Name LiteApks
Pagekage name
Version 3.1.0
Size 11.6 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer LiteApks

About LiteAPKS App

LiteAPKS.Com app is a very useful app for android users to download and install apps quickly and easily. With this platform, users don't need to search the Google Play Store or other platforms to find their favorite apps.

LiteAPK application is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. It offers a collection of attractive apps categorized under various topics such as entertainment apps, tools, social networking, sports and education apps. Users can easily search and download applications quickly and easily.

LiteAPKS Com application's advanced search feature helps users to search for applications quickly and easily. Users can search for apps by name, category, topic or keyword. This saves time and is convenient for users.

LiteAPKS.Com APK provides the latest apps to the users. New apps are constantly updated, keeping users up to date with the latest apps.

One of the benefits of LiteAPKS APK is safety and security. This application is built with safety and security features to protect users from security threats. The application does not contain viruses, malware, or malicious code, ensuring the safety of users.

LiteAPKS app is a useful app for Android users to download and install apps quickly and easily. With advanced search and the latest app updates, users can search and download apps quickly and conveniently. With a diverse collection of applications, users can freely choose the applications that suit their needs and preferences.

In addition, the LiteAPK APK application also supports downloading APK files directly from websites other than Google Play Store. This is useful for apps that are not available on the Google Play Store or that are released in different countries.

However, the downside of this application is that some downloaded applications may not be compatible with the user's device or are not updated as often as on the Google Play Store. So users need to be careful before downloading any apps from LiteAPKS APK app or from other websites.

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to download apps for your Android device, LiteAPKS APK app is a great choice. With advanced search, latest app updates, and safety and security features, this app is one of the great solutions for downloading your favorite apps.

Features Of LiteAPKS For Android

LiteAPKS.Com application provides users with a series of useful features to search, download and manage applications on their Android devices. Here are some key features of this app:

Search and download apps: LiteAPKS APK app allows users to search and download the latest and popular apps on Google Play Store. Users can search by app name or keyword to find apps that suit their needs.

Download apps from other sources: In addition to downloading apps from Google Play Store, LiteAPKS APK app also allows users to download apps from other sources like APK download sites.

Diverse application collection: LiteAPKS APK application provides a diverse and rich collection of applications for users to choose from. These apps are categorized into different categories for easy searching and downloading.

Auto-update: LiteAPKS APK app provides auto-update of installed apps on user's device. This helps users save time and not be disturbed by application update notifications.

Rate and Comment: Users can rate and comment on apps on LiteAPK APK app to help other users get a full view of the app before downloading.

Simple and easy to use: LiteAPKS APK application's simple and easy to use interface helps users to search and download applications quickly and conveniently.

Advanced search feature: LiteAPK app provides advanced search feature for users. This feature helps users to search and download apps faster and more efficiently. Users can search by app name, developer name, keyword, or even by app category.

In addition, the LiteAPKS APK application also provides users with a series of filters to customize search results. Users can filter results by popularity, rating, update date, file size, app version and many other factors.

LiteAPKS APK application's advanced search feature allows users to save time and effort in finding the right application for their usage needs. It also helps users find new and more interesting apps, which they may not have known about before.

How to use the LiteAPKS Latest version

To use LiteAPKS APK application, users can follow these steps:

Download the LiteAPKS APK app to your phone from the Google Play app store or the developer's website.

Open the app and allow the necessary permissions (like access to storage or the internet).

Use the search feature to search for apps by name, keyword, category, or developer.

Use filters to customize search results.

Select the app you want to download and tap the "Download" button to start the download process.

Once the download is complete, tap on the APK file to install the app.

Note that to install apps from APK files, users need to allow installation of apps from unknown sources in their phone's settings. In addition, downloading and installing applications from sources other than Google Play can be unsafe and dangerous to your phone, so users should consider before using LiteAPKS APK application.

Pros and Cons of the LiteAPKS


  • Advanced Search Feature: The app provides an advanced search feature that helps users to search and download apps faster and more efficiently.
  • Wide range of applications: LiteAPKS APK offers a wide range of applications in different fields such as entertainment, tools, products, exercise, etc.
  • Friendly interface: The application has a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to use and search for.
  • No account required: Users do not need to register or sign in to an account to use the app, which saves time and simplifies the process of finding and downloading apps.


  • Not guaranteed: Downloading and installing apps from sources other than Google Play can be unsafe and dangerous to your phone.
  • Does not meet the needs of some users: Some users may need to search and download special applications or latest applications, which are not in LiteAPKS APK's application list.
  • There are ads: The app has ads, which can be annoying for users.


LiteAPKS APK application is a useful tool to help users search and download Android applications. The application provides advanced search features, a variety of applications, a simple interface and does not require an account registration. However, users need to consider before downloading and installing applications from sources other than Google Play to avoid danger to their phones. Also, using apps with ads can be annoying for users.

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