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Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings APK is a classy mobile MMO game with great graphics, a diverse character system and rich game modes, bringing a unique and dramatic experience to mobile gamers.


Name Legacy of Discord
Pagekage name com.gtarcade.lod
Version 2.8.24022218
Size 93.65 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Yoozoo (Hongkong)

Introduce to Legacy of Discord APK

Legacy of Discord codes APK is not just a regular MMO game, but also a masterpiece in the mobile gaming world, bringing breathtaking battles and endless adventures.

Legacy of Discord characters is not simply an Asian MMO game, but also a work of art that combines many unique features, especially in terms of images. With great graphics, this game quickly captured the hearts of lovers of this genre. Open the door to a colorful world where you will experience mystical adventures and participate in climactic battles.

More Overview of Legacy of Discord Latest Version

The characters and settings in Legacy of Discord Furious Wings APK are far beyond what you've seen in other games. With diversity and detail, each character in the game brings a unique and attractive feeling. In particular, the combination of fantasy animation and Asian design creates a special atmosphere, making players feel like they are entering a magical world.

In addition to single-player mode, Legacy of Discord APK private server also opens up many different opportunities. You can participate in daily events, form a guild, participate in PvP, raids, or even large group boss battles. From earning character upgrades, participating in pet races, to fighting flying creatures, it all makes the game varied and exciting.

All features in Legacy of Discord For Android

  • Amazing Graphics: Legacy of Discord best class APK beats most of the competition with its amazing 3D graphics. Characters and environments are designed with high detail, creating a vivid and engaging world.
  • Diverse Characters and Settings: Each character in the game brings you a charming and unique experience. Powerful customization features allow you to create powerful and stylish warriors as you like.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Enjoy not only single player mode, but also participate in daily events, PvP battles, big boss battles, or even race against other players to earn rewards precious reward.
  • Pet Squad: Get adorable and powerful pets to assist in fierce battles. Each pet has unique skills, helping to enhance the main character's strength.
  • Daily Events and Quests: There's always something new to discover with daily events and diverse quests. This not only helps you earn valuable rewards but also creates variety in the gaming experience.
  • Regular Updates: Legacy of Discord vip cost is constantly evolving and improving with regular updates. You will always have the opportunity to experience new features, from wings for characters to new areas on the map.
  • Auto-Route Mode: With a platform license that includes auto-route mode, you can choose to automatically control your hero, helping to optimize your gaming experience and focus on combat.

Interface, graphics on Legacy of Discord For iOS

Amazing 3D Quality: Legacy of Discord warisan truly takes mobile graphics to the next level with amazing 3D quality. Every detail, from the characters to the environment, is designed meticulously and vividly.

Unique Effects: Unique effects in the game add excitement and appeal. Skills, attacks and moves are all illustrated with lighting effects and animations, creating dramatic battles.

Detailed Characters and Style: The characters in Legacy of Discord APK and obb are not just beautiful visuals, but detailed works of art. From costumes to jewelry, each part is taken care of to create warriors with unique styles.

Flexible Graphics on Any Device: Another advantage of Legacy of Discord chinese version APK is its ability to be flexible on many different devices while still maintaining high graphics quality. Whether you play on a smartphone or tablet, the graphical experience is guaranteed.

How to play, gameplay for Legacy of Discord Mobile Game

Diverse Character System: First and foremost, you will start by choosing a character from the diverse system. Each character has unique skills and abilities, from martial arts to magic, helping you create the warrior in the style you love.

Diverse Game Modes: Legacy of Discord APK doesn't just stop at single player mode. You can participate in daily events, engage in dramatic PvP combat, and even participate in raid races or group boss battles to earn valuable rewards.

Auto-Route Feature: To help ease the burden of playing, Legacy of Discord has an auto-route mode, helping characters automatically move to their destination. This helps optimize your time and keep you focused on combat.

Support Pets: An interesting element is that pets will assist you in matches. These small companions not only beautify the picture but also bring special skills that help strengthen the team.

Upgrade and Customize: This feature allows you to upgrade and customize your character the way you want. From weapons to costumes to skills, you have complete control over the strength and appearance of your warrior.

Continuous Events and Diverse Quests: To maintain excitement, Legacy of Discord regularly organizes diverse events and quests. You will always have new things to discover and receive valuable rewards.

Active Community: In addition to individual gameplay, you also have the opportunity to connect with a large community of players. Join guilds, discuss and even fight with teammates to create impressive feats.

Pros and Cons of Legacy of Discord APK


  • Character Diversity: Diversity in the character system is a big plus. Powerful customization features help players create warriors with unique styles and strengths.
  • Diverse Game Modes: There are many game modes such as PvP, daily events and raid battles, bringing variety and challenges to players.
  • Unique Effects: Unique effects in the game create eye-catching and dramatic battles, increasing excitement when participating in adventures.
  • Continuous Upgrades: Legacy of Discord is constantly updated with new upgrades. This keeps the game fresh and engaging with new features and missions.


  • The Automated System Is Overpowering: While the automated routing system is a benefit, it can sometimes take away the challenge and interaction of the ride.
  • Heavy Reliance on Auto Mode: In some cases, over-reliance on auto mode can reduce player interaction and participation in events.
  • Internet Connection Required: For a smooth playing experience, Legacy of Discord requires a stable internet connection. This can be a challenge for players in areas with poor signal.


Legacy of Discord APK is not just a regular mobile MMO game, but also a unique and attractive experience. With great graphics, a diverse character system, and rich game modes, this game has created a tropical and dynamic community of gamers.

The special thing is that Legacy of Discord is constantly updated, bringing new features such as wings for characters and opening aerial areas. You will be challenged in new battles, face exciting challenges and accompany other players around the world.

Download Legacy of Discord APK now to explore an ultimate gaming world, where adventure never ends. Get ready for dramatic battles and experience the pinnacle of the MMO genre on your Android device!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Legacy of Discord APK

How to customize and upgrade your character in Legacy of Discord? +

In the game, you can access the "Characters" section to customize your outfit, weapons, and other accessories. At the same time, use skill points to upgrade and open powerful skills for your character.

How to participate in daily events? +

To participate in daily events, check the "Events" tab in the game. That will be where you can see and participate in activities such as boss hunting, team racing, and many other exciting events.

Is there a way to interact with the community in Legacy of Discord? +

You can join guilds to interact with other players. Use clan chat and participate in group activities such as clan battles to create connections and support from teammates.

How to earn more gold and materials in the game? +

Use the auto-pilot function to automatically fight and earn more gold. Participating in events, activities, and daily quests is also a good way to earn valuable materials and rewards.

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