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Learn The Heart game APK is a that allows players to travel after quitting your stressful job. Your neighbor players come to visit and hang out with you, overcome the challenge to be able to travel together.


Name Learn The Heart
Version 2.0
Size 53.4 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer FDPStudio

About Learn The Heart Game APK

He returned home alone after a stressful job. These friendly neighbors will come and become your favorite kids. They want to travel with you or visit locations in the game. Get travel tickets by playing quizzes and mini-games.

Dating games, where players regularly meet different girls, have become one of the most popular genres, especially on mobile devices. Knowing the potential of this genre, Learn The Heart has named a new interactive graphic game for all Android phones and tablets. Dating sim game with pixel graphics attracts hundreds of users.

Learn The Heart APK is a mobile dating simulator focused on game player content. In this story, the player sees the main character returning to his hometown after a long vacation. There you will love all your friends from all walks of life like a child. Each dialogue and animation is different and unique, so play it carefully.

In addition, the latest version of LearnTheHeart APK not only open exclusive content, but also includes tons of features, mini-games, and challenges that will keep you entertained for hours.

Games like Drift Girls and The Arcana have similar stories and strategies to learn Learn The Heart ThaiAPK. However, this game is one of the most popular due to its unique features and many features.

After successfully completing the latest Learn the Heart Download APK version, players will face many mini-games and challenges, so don't just choose the right story and meet the girl to make the main character fall in love. Friendships develop rapidly.

Current available features:

  • Date your partner
  • Play a little game
  • Give a gift to your partner.
  • 6 stations
  • 59 copies were produced.
  • H mode includes:
  • Speed, Max, X-Ray, Camera settings, Slide transparency, intimacy level,...

Update and fix


  • Fixed a bug where players could be invisible when touching grass. He doesn't see the character.
  • If the maximum button is not fully engaged in position H, the power bar will be reduced to a low level.
  • Clicking the link button in intimate mode requires 25% more energy.

Add new update

  • Dialogue giving gifts at the beach
  • 11 new positions
  • Skip button on storie
  • Added instructions
  • Rework the way the map works
  • Change aspect ratio
  • Redesigning areas
  • Improved Main Menu background
  • Refresh Mary, Eul pos of the rooms
  • Change the character's Chibi eyes
  • Thief hit reduced from 5 to 3

Learn how to play Learn The Heart APK Mobile.

During learning to memorize, the game focuses on building relationships with your chosen neighbors. Players participate in mini-games and activities to strengthen their relationships with couples and open new opportunities.

The game Learn The Heart juego also has locations you can visit, such as the garden and the house. In addition, the game's H mode allows the player to adjust the shutter speed, maximum value, angle, and change the character's transparency.

Take the ruby from the tank in the park and find the sad pink cat next to the big rock with the little button used to hide and open the fence at night. Hope this helps you get the job done.

Learn The Heart APK For Android is a free game, but players can choose to support the developer. Supporters can enjoy the game's exclusive features. You can also select and access the latest version of the game.

Descargar Learn The Heart APK iOS developers are active on Discord and welcome questions and suggestions about the game. The developer also provides disclosures for future Discord updates.

Learn The Heart F95 APK is a light game that doesn't take up much space. It works with most Android devices for smooth operation. Even better, there's a web option for those who don't want to install the game. However, you need a stable internet connection to fully enjoy this game.

The game is 100% free but you can support the developer by donating on the forum. In this case you will get specific content like survey and all jobs.

The game is optimized and updated regularly for more features and smoother gaming experience. That way, you can always discover and enjoy new things in the game.

Learn The Hertz Game APK is easy to use for anyone with basic game play skills. It is interactive and includes activities and mini games. Your ultimate mission is to build meaningful relationships with your characters and make decisions that affect the story.

To play the game you have to read the dialogue and take it into account. You can also choose activities and quizzes to speed up your exploration. Each event open new characters and rewards.

It also shapes your story by making decisions that determine the outcome of interactions with the characters in the game. As the game progresses, you will encounter interesting dialogues and better understand the different rules of conduct.

In the end, you decide the fate of your character and your relationship. Interesting and entertaining conversation.


Welcome to the game world of encounters with your secret desires. Get this from other file hosts now, unzip, install easily in minutes and play this fascinating game.

Try to be a good man and get what you really want. And it won't be just robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will absolutely love. Will you be a good neighbor and partner? Try it now!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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