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La Cuerda Net Pro APK offers a rich music experience with over 100,000 tabs and chords from Spanish and Latin American artists, and enjoy the app's versatility and utility on any device.


Name La Cuerda Pro
Pagekage name com.narroi.acordes
Version 6.0
Size 11.4 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer LaCuerda

About to La Cuerda Pro APK

La Cuerda Pro APK Tabs & Chords in Spanish is a great application for music lovers, especially those who are passionate about guitar and Latin music. La Cuerda Pro APK 9.3 is not only a great resource of tabs and chords, but also offers a great user experience with many unique features.

This app not only provides free access, but also helps you access the most complete and diverse guitar tab archive in Spanish. With over 100,000 tabs and chords from thousands of artists, from Spain to Latin America, La Cuerda APK full is truly a valuable resource for the music-loving community.

More Overview of La Cuerda Pro For Android

The application is designed to be flexible to be compatible with all types of screens, from smartphones to tablets, providing a convenient experience for users. Additionally, with cool features like online chord diagrams, auto-scrolling, chord dictionary, and conversion between note styles, descargar LaCuerda Pro APK not only helps you play music but also improve your technical abilities.

Another notable point is the feature to share information directly to email, Facebook and Twitter, helping you connect and share your passion for music with the community. Don't hesitate any longer, install La Cuerda Pro APK gratis now to experience the convenience and uniqueness of discovering and playing great music. Hope you will enjoy interesting moments with this application!

All features in La Cuerda Pro Latest Version

  • Rich Tab and Chord Archive: La Cuerda Pro APK provides full access to an incredibly diverse guitar tab and chord archive with over 100,000 tabs from thousands of artists, including emerging artists languages from Spain and Latin America.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: The application is designed to be compatible with all screen types, from smartphones to tablets, providing a convenient and flexible usage experience.
  • Online Chord Diagrams: La Cuerda Pro APK comes with an online chord diagram feature, helping users better understand how to play chords and tabs.
  • Auto Scroll and Quick Search: Auto scroll feature makes it easy to keep track while playing music. The quick search function also makes it easy to find the music you want.
  • Chord Dictionary and Note Conversion: La Cuerda Pro APK has a rich chord dictionary and is capable of converting from Do, Re, Mi to C, D, E, helping you play music conveniently.
  • Easy Sharing: With built-in "share" buttons, you can share your tabs, chords or experiences directly to email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Regular Updates: La Cuerda Pro APK continuously updates its song library and new features to give users the best experience.

Instructions, how to use La Cuerda Pro Mobile App

Open the app and Log in: Open the app after installation is complete. If there's an option to sign in, sign in with your account or create a new account.

Search for tracks: Use the search bar to search for songs, artists, or any keywords you're interested in. The results will display guitar tabs and related chords.

Select and play guitar tabs: Once you've found the track you want, click to see detailed tabs and chords. You can play directly from the app or use your guitar.

Enjoy extra features: Explore cool features like online chord diagrams, auto-scrolling, chord dictionary, and note transposition. All of these features will help you get acquainted and improve your guitar playing skills.

Share and Connect: Use the "share" buttons to share your favorite music directly to email, Facebook and Twitter. Connect with a community of music lovers and share your passion.

Tips and advice when using for La Cuerda Pro iOS

Take Advantage of the Share Feature: When you find a great tab or chord, don't hesitate to use the share feature to send it to your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. Not only will this help you connect with the musician community, but it will also create opportunities to learn and socialize.

Update the App Regularly: Make sure you always use the latest version of La Cuerda Pro APK to experience the latest improvements and features. Regular updates provide stability and additions to the song library.

Use the Search Feature Effectively: The app's search feature is a powerful tool. Use precise keywords to quickly find the song or artist you're interested in.

Combine Chord Diagrams and Tabs: When learning a new piece of music, combine the use of online chord diagrams with tabs to get a comprehensive look at how to play. This will help you better understand musical structure.

Advantages and disadvantages La Cuerda Pro APK


  • Large and Diverse Library: La Cuerda Pro APK has a large library with more than 100,000 tabs and chords, ensuring that you will always find music that suits your preferences.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: The application is compatible across multiple devices and screens, providing a flexible user experience.
  • Regular Updates: Regular updates provide stability and add to the app's content.


  • Internet Connection Required: To access full features and tracks, you need to maintain an internet connection, which can be a drawback if you don't have internet available.
  • Advertisements: Like many other free applications, La Cuerda Pro APK may display advertisements. However, you can upgrade to the Pro version to remove ads.


La Cuerda Pro APK is not only a useful tool for guitar players and music lovers, but also a constant source of inspiration. With a massive library of tabs and chords, a powerful search feature, and flexibility and cross-device compatibility, this app is a great help for those who want to explore and play new songs.

If you are a music enthusiast, especially guitar and Latin music, don't hesitate to experience La Cuerda Pro APK today. Hopefully this application will bring you many moments of creativity and joy in your musical journey.


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FAQs? La Cuerda Pro APK

Why choose La Cuerda Pro APK instead of other applications? +

La Cuerda Pro APK not only offers a large library of over 100,000 tabs and chords, but also offers flexibility, cross-device compatibility, and powerful search features. This makes it easy for users to find and play their favorite music.

How to share tabs or chords with friends? +

You can use the built-in sharing feature in La Cuerda Pro APK. After opening a tab or chord, simply tap the "share" button and choose your sharing medium, including email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is an internet connection required to use La Cuerda Pro APK? +

Yes, to access full features and song library, you need to maintain an internet connection. However, some basic features are still available without a connection.

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