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Jump Assemble APK (MOBA) is a diverse action and strategy game that combines famous anime characters and stunning graphics to bring a unique and intense experience to players who love the world of anime.


Name Jump Assemble
Version 1.1.0
Size 610 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer MOBAge INC

About to Jump Assemble APK

Jump Assemble MOBA Game APK is a unique and creative game, giving players a completely new and exciting experience. The game combines famous manga characters such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto into a colorful and promising multi-dimensional world. With a mixture of characters' talents and diverse environments, download the Jump Assemble Beta APK english version promises to take players on an exciting adventure.

The environment in Jump Assemble APK release date also plays an important role in the player's experience. From the beautiful landscapes of Greenland to the challenges of mountainous and desert terrain along with the highlands, players will face a variety of situations that pose challenges to their lives and properties.

Overview of Jump Assemble Mobile Game Moba

Game Jump Assemble APK Moba Download offers rare multi-dimensionality, allowing players to explore many different dimensions with distinct rules and physics. This creates diversity in how players approach and solve challenges in the game.

With the ability to change the character's image, Jump Assembly APK free download allows players to create unique strategies and adapt to their fighting style. Time manipulation and dynamic music add to the appeal of the game, allowing players to rewind and fast-forward time at will and maintain interest in the game.

In addition, Jump Assemble (Beta Test) APK online also has special features such as summoning from different dimensions, relationships between characters, and the ability to break the fourth wall, creating a unique game world and creativity.

All Features in Jump Assemble APK For Android

Diverse and intense gameplay:

  • Jump Assemble play store is the perfect combination of strategy and real-time action.
  • The game promotes cooperation with a 5 vs 5 format, requiring players to constantly adapt and coordinate with teammates.
  • Each match brings a new and stressful experience to players.

Stunning graphics:

  • The game takes care of every detail, bringing anime characters and arenas to life.
  • Beautiful and sharp visuals make every movement and interaction feel realistic and true to the original anime source.

Live sound:

  • Jump Assembly APK features immersive sound design, from the echoes of weapons in clashes to the characters' iconic catchphrases.
  • The exceptional sounds and background score incorporated into the game create a dramatic and engaging audio experience.

Top image quality:

  • The game excels in providing high-definition image quality, making every detail delicate and clear.
  • The characters, environments, and animations are bright and beautiful, creating a top-notch visual experience.

Jump Assemble Game APK is not only an entertaining game, but also a lively and attractive work of art. The fusion of strategy and action, along with excellent graphics and sound, make this game a must-see experience for anime and action lovers.

Interface, Graphics of Jump Assemble Latest Version

  • Sharp and detailed visuals: Jump Assemble's graphics are designed with attention to every little detail, creating incredible clarity and sharpness. The characters, powers, and environments are all presented thoroughly, helping players feel the appeal of the game world.
  • Anime Character Vividness: Jump Assemble Close Beta is where famous anime characters feel alive and beautiful. The expressive nature of the characters, combined with the special care given to their design, makes them familiar and engaging.
  • Special effects and kinetic techniques: The game uses special effects to highlight special fights and skills. Kinetic effects create a sense of tension and excitement in each match.
  • Intuitive interface: Jump Assemble APK Free Download interface is professionally designed and intuitive, helping players easily navigate the game and enjoy the experience smoothly.

How to play and gameplay for Jump Assemble iOS

Diverse ways to play:

  • Jump Assembly APK english version is a game that combines real-time action and strategy. Players will have to demonstrate tactical thinking and quick reflexes to win.
  • The game is mainly based on 5 vs 5 matches, where players will cooperate with teammates to take on opponents. This creates an element of competition and tension in each match.

Diverse characters and skills:

  • Jump Assemble Android features a series of characters from popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. Each character has unique skills and personality, requiring players to adapt to each character to take advantage of their strengths.
  • Players can use their character's special skills to attack opponents or protect teammates, creating unique and exciting action scenes.

Intense battle:

  • Jump Assemble anime moba APK creates tense and exciting battles. The combination of strategy and real-time action requires players to make quick decisions and adapt to match situations.
  • The high level of competition makes each match an exciting challenge.

Group combat:

  • Cooperation with teammates is an important factor in Jump Assemble Close Beta Test. Players need to coordinate with teammates to defeat opponents and ensure success in the match.

Challenges and character development:

  • Players will challenge themselves through difficult matches and develop their character over time.

Advantages and disadvantages Jump Assemble Beta APK


  • Excellent graphics and sound: The game has beautiful graphics and vivid sound, creating an engaging and realistic experience for players. Attention to detail brings the characters and environments to life.
  • Diverse gameplay: Jump Assemble Mobile combines strategy and real-time action, requiring players to use tactical thinking and quick reflexes. 5 vs 5 matches create competition and tension.
  • Fusion of anime characters: The game features a series of characters from popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto. This attracts players who love anime and gives them a chance to fight with their favorite characters.
  • Team Cooperation: Cooperation with teammates is important in Jump Assemble early access beta test. This encourages coordination and communication between players, creating a deep squad play environment.


  • Requires a stable internet connection: Jump Assembly Game APK requires a stable internet connection to play. This can annoy players when they don't have reliable internet access.
  • Deposits may be required: Like many free games, Jump Assemble discord Android may contain in-app transactions or advertising. Players may be required to purchase certain in-game features or amenities with real money.
  • High configuration requirements: The game has beautiful graphics and high image quality, which means it may require a powerful device to play smoothly.


Jump Assemble APK is an engaging and unique game that brings an exciting experience to players who love anime and action games. With beautiful graphics, vivid sound and famous anime characters, this game promises to bring players into a world full of drama and tension.


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FAQs? Jump Assemble APK

Is an internet connection required to play Jump Assemble APK? +

Yes, Jump Assemble APK requires a stable internet connection to play. This is so you can participate in multi-player matches and enjoy the squad playing experience.

Do I have to pay to download and play Jump Assemble APK? +

Jump Assemble APK is free to download and play, but like many free games, it may contain in-app transactions or advertising. Players can purchase certain in-game features or amenities with real money.

How many characters are available in Jump Assemble APK? +

Jump Assemble APK features a series of characters from popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto. The number of characters may vary according to the specific version of the game.

How to participate in a multiplayer match in Jump Assemble APK? +

To participate in a multiplayer match, you need to find an opponent or teammate in the game and follow the instructions to start the match. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and are signed in to your account.

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