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Jenny mod Minecraft APK is an application for Minecraft PE mobile game that provides additional features and utilities for Minecraft PE players, enhancing the gaming experience.


Name Jenny mod Minecraft
Version 8.0
Size 59.90 Mb
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

About to Jenny mod Minecraft APK

Jenny mod Minecraft APK is an application for the game Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) on mobile platforms. This app provides extra features and add-ons for Minecraft PE players, which enhances the gaming experience.

The application allows players to create and edit skins (character shapes) in Minecraft PE. Users can create unique and personalized skins for their characters.

The application provides a large number of mods packs for Minecraft PE. These mods packs include in-game changes like adding items, new mobs, special abilities, and more. Users can download and install these mods packs through the app.

Overview of Jenny mod Minecraft For Android

Jenny mod Minecraft allows users to download and install texture packs, change the way graphics are displayed in Minecraft PE. Texture packs can change in-game colors, images, and effects, creating a whole new experience.

Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE provides a simple and easy to use interface that allows users to easily search and download additional features for Minecraft PE.

Features in Jenny mod Minecraft APK Latest Version

Skin Editor: 

  • Create and edit skins for Minecraft PE characters.
  • Provides a set of tools to draw and edit skin parts such as face, hair, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
  • Allows users to share and download skins from the community.

Mods Packs:

  • Provides a large number of mods packs for Minecraft PE.
  • Contains additional mods and changes in the game, including new items, blocks, mobs and many unique features.
  • Users can download and install mods packs into Minecraft PE to enjoy new features.

Map Packs:

  • Offers a variety of map packs for Minecraft PE.
  • Includes new worlds, unique lands and challenges for players to explore.
  • Users can download and install map packs into Minecraft PE to explore new environments.

Texture Packs:

  • Allows users to download and install texture packs to change the graphical appearance in Minecraft PE.
  • Provides texture packs with color variations, images, effects and landscapes.
  • Create a fresh and unique visual experience.


  • Provides addons to add new elements to Minecraft PE.
  • Includes mobs, blocks, items and special features to customize the game.
  • Users can download and install addons to Minecraft PE to expand the gameplay content.


  • Allows users to share, download and interact with skins, mods packs, map packs and addons from the Minecraft PE community.
  • Communicate with other players and discover new resources.

Instructions, how to use Jenny mod Minecraft Game

Download and install the application:

  • Visit the Google Play Store or APKRabi website on your mobile device.
  • Search for "Jenny mod Minecraft" in the search bar.
  • Select the appropriate app and tap the "Install" button to download and install the app on your phone.

Open Jenny mod Minecraft application:

  • After successful installation, open Jenny Mods app on your phone.

Create and edit skins (Skin Editor):

  • In the app, select the "Skin Editor" feature to create and edit Minecraft PE skins.
  • Use the drawing toolkit to design skin parts like face, hair, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
  • Save and apply the created skin to Minecraft PE.

Tips and advice when using Jenny mod Minecraft PE

Check for safety and origin: Before downloading and installing any features, mods packs, map packs, texture packs or addons from Jenny mod Minecraft APK, be sure to check for safety and origin. of them. Learn about resources shared by the community and make sure they don't contain malicious code or harm your device.

Use a compatible version: Make sure that the Jenny mods Minecraft version and the resources you download are compatible with the current version of Minecraft PE on your phone. The use of incompatible resources can lead to instability and conflicts in the game.

Read reviews and feedback from other users: Before using any feature or resource from Jenny mod Minecraft APK, read reviews and feedback from other users on Google Play Store or trusted sources other trust. This will give you an overview of the app's usage experience and reliability.

Back up important data: Before making any changes to Minecraft PE, like installing mods packs or changing skins, back up your important data. This ensures that you can restore your data in case something goes wrong or you are not satisfied with the changes you have made.

Regular Updates: Follow Jenny mods Minecraft updates to make sure you have the latest version with patches and new features. Updates can improve the stability and performance of the application.

Beware of Ads and External Links: When using the Jenny mod Minecraft app, beware of advertisements and external links. Sometimes, the ads can lead to unsafe or unwanted websites. Always make sure that you only interact with trusted links and advertisements.

Pros and cons Jenny mod Minecraft APK iOS


  • Expanding Experience: Jenny mod Minecraft provides additional features like skin editor, mods packs, map packs, texture packs and addons, helping players expand and customize their Minecraft PE mobile experience. .
  • Rich selection: The app offers a wide range of features, mods packs and map packs that allow players to add a lot of new content to Minecraft PE. This creates variety and creativity in the game.
  • Simple Interface: Jenny mod Minecraft has an easy to use and intuitive user interface. Users can easily find, download and install extended features without too much technical knowledge.


  • Confidentiality: Since Jenny mod Minecraft APK is a third party application not developed by Mojang, there is no guarantee as to the security and safety of the features and resources provided in the application. It is the user's responsibility to check the safety before use.
  • Compatibility and Updates: Jenny mod Minecraft may not be compatible or up to date with the new version of Minecraft PE. This may cause instability, conflicts or performance problems during use.
  • Limited Features: Although Jenny mod Minecraft APK offers many extra features, it cannot be compared with the power and variety of mods and resources developed by the official Minecraft community. The features and resources available in the app may be limited and may not meet the needs of some players.


Jenny mod Minecraft APK 1.19 is a third party application that allows Minecraft PE players to expand their experience through customizing skins, using mods packs, map packs, texture packs and addons.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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