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iOS 14 Launcher APK is a unique application that allows Android users to experience the interface and features of the iOS 14 operating system in a flexible and convenient way.


Name Ios 14 Launcher
Version 1.2.8
Size 27 MB
Category Tool
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Ultra Store

About to Ios 14 Launcher APK

In today's technological world, customizing smartphone interfaces has become an undeniable trend. With the introduction of iOS 14 Launcher APK, Android users have the opportunity to experience the interface of the iOS operating system right on their devices easily and flexibly.

iOS 14 Launcher APK is not simply an application, but also a door to the world of Apple for those who want to explore the unique interface of iPhone without switching devices. With a smooth, beautiful interface and sophisticated features, this application gives users an experience almost identical to using a real iPhone.

More Overview of Ios 14 Launcher Mobile App

With iOS 14 Launcher APK, you can experience iOS 14 signature features such as app launcher, customized home screen, "App Library" corner, and more. All are optimized to fully reflect the identity of iOS without having to make significant changes to your Android device.

Developed by "Ultra Store", iOS 14 Launcher APK is not only an interface customization tool, but also a symbol of creativity and flexibility in technology. In particular, providing this application for free to users further highlights its value and significance in the Android user community.

All features in Ios 14 Launcher Latest Version

  • Full iOS 14 interface: iOS 14 Launcher APK provides the full interface of the iOS 14 operating system, with icons, application windows and navigation bars designed like those on the iPhone.
  • Application Controller: Users can easily manage their applications through the application controller, which helps them search, organize and manage applications conveniently.
  • Appearance Customization: iOS 14 Launcher APK offers flexible interface customization options, allowing users to adjust icon size, font style, color and more to suit personal preferences .
  • App Library: iOS 14's App Library feature is recreated on iOS 14 Launcher APK, helping users automatically organize and group applications into different categories for easy searching.
  • Multitasking feature: Users can enjoy multitasking feature on iOS 14 Launcher APK, allowing them to conveniently open and manage multiple apps at the same time.
  • Siri and Widget integration: iOS 14 Launcher APK supports Siri and Widget integration, helping users quickly access necessary information and perform tasks intelligently.
  • Multi-language and multi-region support: The application is supported in many different languages and regions, helping users around the world easily experience the iOS 14 interface.
  • Regular updates: The developer is committed to providing regular updates to improve and add new features to iOS 14 Launcher APK, ensuring users always have the best experience.

Instructions, how to use Ios 14 Launcher For Android

Installation: Start by downloading iOS 14 Launcher APK to your mobile device. Then, install the app like any other Android app.

Select iOS 14 Launcher: After successful installation, open the iOS 14 Launcher application from the home screen or search in the application list.

Customize the interface: First, you can customize the interface of iOS 14 Launcher according to your wishes. This includes changing icon size, choosing a color theme, and adjusting various settings to suit personal preferences.

Add apps to the home screen: Similar to the iPhone, you can add your favorite apps to the iOS 14 Launcher home screen by dragging and dropping them from the app list to the screen.

Using App Library: To access App Library, simply swipe up from the home screen and apps will automatically be grouped into different categories. From there, you can conveniently search and open apps.

Interaction with Siri and Widgets: iOS 14 Launcher APK supports Siri and Widget integration. You can interact with Siri by pressing and holding the home button, and add Widgets to the home screen by pressing and holding on an empty space on the screen.

Tips and advice when using for Ios 14 Launcher APK

Get to know the features: Before you start using it, take some time to learn the features and settings of iOS 14 Launcher. This will help you take advantage of all the benefits that the application brings.

Personalized customization: Get creative and customize the look and feel of iOS 14 Launcher to your liking. You can change the icon size, choose a color theme, and even change the font to reflect your personal style.

Take advantage of App Library: App Library is a useful feature that helps you automatically organize and group apps into different categories. Use this feature to easily search and access applications conveniently.

Control access rights: When installing iOS 14 Launcher APK, check and confirm the access permissions the app requests. Make sure you only grant access necessary to protect your personal information.

Extended interfaces: Explore additional features and extended interfaces that can be integrated through add-ons or custom settings. This can enrich your experience with iOS 14 Launcher.

Advantages and disadvantages Ios 14 Launcher APK


  • Experience similar to iOS: iOS 14 Launcher APK brings an interface experience similar to the iOS operating system, helping Android users easily switch without changing devices.
  • Flexible customization: The application allows users to customize the interface as desired, from icon size to color theme, helping to personalize the usage experience.
  • Smart App Library: The App Library feature helps automatically organize and group applications, making it easy for users to find and access them.
  • Siri and Widget integration: Siri and Widget integration helps users quickly access information and perform tasks intelligently.


  • Performance may decrease: Although iOS 14 Launcher APK offers a nearly identical experience to iOS, this may reduce the performance of Android devices, especially on low-end devices.
  • Update dependency: The development and periodic updates of iOS 14 Launcher APK may make users dependent on new updates to maintain the best experience.


iOS 14 Launcher APK is a useful tool for those who want to experience the interface of the iOS operating system on their Android devices. With interface customization flexibility, smart App Library features, and Siri and Widget integration, users can enjoy a slice of the iOS world without having to switch devices.


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FAQs? Ios 14 Launcher APK

What is iOS 14 Launcher APK? +

iOS 14 Launcher APK is an application that allows Android device users to experience the interface and features of the iOS 14 operating system.

What features does iOS 14 Launcher APK have? +

iOS 14 Launcher APK provides an experience similar to iOS 14, including an app controller, App Library, Siri and Widget integration, and interface customization.

Is it necessary to root an Android device to use iOS 14 Launcher APK? +

No, iOS 14 Launcher APK does not require rooting an Android device to use. You can install and use the app without making special changes on your device.

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