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Injustice 2 APK is an attractive fighting game with beautiful graphics, a diverse combat system, a combination of a deep story and quality gameplay that brings a memorable experience to players.


Name Injustice 2
Version 6.2.0
Size 857.82 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About of Injustice 2 APK

Injustice 2 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. It is the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, and it was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Injustice 2 is a 2.5D fighting game in which players can participate in singles matches or go head-to-head online. The game features a diverse roster of characters from the DC Comics universe, including famous superheroes and supervillains like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Joker and many more. other.

Each character in Injustice 2 has a unique set of skills and combos, allowing players to discover and develop their preferred play style. The combat system in the game is very flexible, including basic attacks, strong attacks, special skills and super powers. Players can use continuous attacks and skill combinations to create powerful and beautiful combos.

Overview of Injustice 2 Mobile APK

The Gear system in Injustice 2 trailer is a key element, allowing players to customize and upgrade their characters. Players can earn new items through completing quests, buying with in-game currency or through lucky chests. These items not only change the character's appearance, but also provide special attributes and effects, such as increasing strength, stamina, and movement speed. This creates variety and customization for each character, and players can build unique versions of superheroes and supervillains.

In Injustice 2's story mode, players will go on an extended journey and follow characters from the DC Comics universe. In addition to the rich story mode, Injustice 2 offers single-player and multiplayer modes, including Tag Team mode, Multiverse mode, and King of the Battle mode. Hill). The game also supports online play, allowing players to challenge each other online.

Injustice 2 has received generally positive reviews from both players and critics, with praise for its story, beautiful graphics, and insightful combat system. It has become one of the critically acclaimed fighting games and has grown into a passionate gaming community.

Features of Injustice 2 for Android

  • Story Mode: Injustice 2 has a deep and engaging story mode. Players will be embarking on an adventure that follows DC Comics characters as they battle against Superman's evil regime and seek justice. The story is told through stunning cinematography and character battles.
  • Gear System: This is a special feature of Injustice 2. Players can earn and customize items, equipment and accessories for their favorite characters. Gear not only creates a change in appearance, but also provides attributes and special effects, such as increased strength, stamina, and movement speed. Players can create unique versions and customize combat for their characters.
  • Tag Team Mode: In this mode, the player can create a squad of multiple characters and switch between them during the match. This opens up rich strategies and opportunities to use the skills and combos of various characters to win.
  • Multiverse: Multiverse is a side game mode that allows players to participate in special matches and challenges. Different Multiverses have different conditions and rules, providing many opportunities to earn Gears and challenge combat skills.
  • King of the Hill: In this mode, players can challenge other players online. The winner will continue to play against the next opponents on the waiting list, while the losing player will go down and wait for their turn.

Game mode, graphics of the game Injustice 2 APK

Injustice 2 has beautiful graphics and high quality. NetherRealm Studios has invested a lot of effort to render the characters and environments in the DC Comics universe clearly and vividly.

The characters in Injustice 2 are designed with a high level of detail, from facial expressions to details of costumes and equipment. Each character has their own style and idiosyncrasies, from Superman's serious and powerful look to the Joker's devilish and comical head. The character's combos and special skills are also shown in an impressive and epic way.

The environment in the game is also very diverse and sharp. From the neon-lit Gotham City, to the ice-filled caves of Krypton or the small town of Themyscira, each environment has its own style and feel, adding variety and appeal to the game.

Movie clips and footage in story mode are made with cinematic quality graphics. The confrontations between the characters are presented in a strong and vivid way, with great special effects and dynamics.

Injustice 2's graphics are a strong point of the game, providing an engaging experience and creating the feeling of being involved in a real superhero fight.

How to play the game Injustice 2 Latest version

Choose a character: Before starting the match, you will be given a character to choose from a list of superheroes and super villains in the game. Each character has their own skills and combos, so learn about the character of your choice and their play style.

Learn the basics: Injustice 2 uses a simple and accessible control system. Get familiar with basic attacks like punches, kicks, strong hits, and special skills. You can create combos by combining attacks together.

Use special skills: Each character in Injustice 2 has their own special skills and superpowers. Learn how to use them to deal powerful damage or create effective defenses.

Learn about the combat system: Injustice 2 has a deep combat system, including tactical skills such as defense, dodge, counterattack and block. Learn about these techniques and apply them to your battle to win.

Using Gear: The Gear system allows you to customize your characters and increase their power. Collect new items and equipment to improve your character's attributes and create your own style of play.

Join Multiplayer: Injustice 2 for pc offers a variety of multiplayer modes, including Tag Team and King of the Hill modes. Challenge your friends or other players online for a thrilling match and test your skills.

Pros and cons of the game Injustice 2 APK iOS


  • Beautiful graphics: Injustice 2 has high-quality graphics, with detailed and vividly designed characters and environments.
  • Diverse combat system: The game offers a deep combat system, allowing players to perform diverse combos and use each character's special skills.
  • Character customization: The Gear system allows players to customize and upgrade their characters to their liking, creating variety and customization in the game.
  • Engaging Story Mode: Injustice 2 features a deep and engaging story mode that combines gameplay and stunning cinematics to deliver a memorable experience.
  • Multiplayer mode: The game offers attractive multiplayer modes, allowing players to challenge friends or online players, creating dramatic and competitive matches.


  • Learn to Play Complex: The combat and combo systems in Injustice 2 can be quite complex and require players to learn and get used to a variety of moves and techniques to get the most out of their character's potential.
  • Character balance: Some characters in the game may be stronger or weaker than others, leading to an imbalance in the duel.
  • Gear Dependency: The Gear system can create disparities in power between characters, and the player must collect the appropriate Gear to gain an advantage, which can throw off the balance in the game. fighting game.


Injustice 2 is an attractive fighting game with beautiful graphics, diverse combat system and attractive multiplayer mode. The combination of deep story and quality gameplay provides a memorable experience for players.

However, the game also has disadvantages such as complex learning to play, uneven balance between characters and dependence on the Gear system. This can be difficult for new players and create an imbalance in the game.


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