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HotSchedules APK is an effective work schedule management application for businesses. The app will help you organize your time, schedule appointments, and keep track of your schedule.


Name HotSchedules
Pagekage name
Version 4.241.0-1679
Size 39.48 Mb
Category Productivity
Price $2.99
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer HotSchedules

Describe to Hotschedules APK

This is a schedule and task management application for restaurants, hotels, bars and other foodservice establishments. This application is designed to help businesses in the food industry manage their employees' schedules, assign tasks and send notifications to employees.

Hotschedules APK allows users to create flexible online schedules, manage employee contact information, and even integrate online payment features. It also allows users to create a mobile schedule and track their work on the go.

Overview of Hotschedules Mobile APK

The Hotschedules APK also has a feature that automatically calculates the working hours and salary of employees. The app also allows users to manage sessions and events in their business.

Hotschedules APP Android is an important tool to help businesses in the food industry better manage their employees' schedules and work, optimize operations, and improve work efficiency.

Hotschedules is a schedule and task management application for businesses in the food industry such as restaurants, hotels, bars and other foodservice establishments. This application is designed to help users manage employee attendance, assign work and send notifications to employees.

Features in Hotschedules For Android

Flexible schedule: Hotschedules allows users to create flexible schedules by day, week or month. Users can easily change the shift schedule by dragging and dropping shifts and adding or deleting shifts.

  • Mobile feature: Hotschedules has a mobile app feature that helps users manage their schedule and work anytime, anywhere.
  • Work assignment feature: Hotschedules allows users to assign work to employees based on the on-call schedule, helping to optimize work and improve work efficiency.
  • Payroll feature: Hotschedules has a feature that automatically calculates employee hours and wages based on each employee's salary and working time.
  • Quantitative feature: Hotschedules allows users to quantify the amount of food remaining to ensure that there is no shortage during work.
  • Event management: Hotschedules allows users to manage meetings and events in their business, helping to enhance collaboration and improve work efficiency.
  • Notification feature: Hotschedules has a notification feature that helps to send information to employees easily and quickly.
  • Reports and statistics: Hotschedules provides reports and statistics on employee activities, making it easy for users to evaluate employee performance.
  • Training feature: Hotschedules provides an online training course for employees, helping to improve the capacity and expertise of employees in the culinary industry.
  • Employee management features: HotSchedules provides tools to manage employees effectively. Employees can be assigned work schedules, check their work schedules and register absences through the app. Managers can track employee attendance, create payroll, and check employee activity reports.
  • Inventory management features: You can enter new goods, check inventory quantities and create purchase orders. You can also manage items, prices, and track returns.
  • Quick Notifications and Notifications: The HotSchedules app provides features for sending quick notifications and information to employees. Employees can receive notifications about new work schedules, information about new orders, academic schedules, events, and other information. Managers can also send notifications to employees, share information, and remind them of tasks to do.
  • Integration with other applications: HotSchedules can integrate with other applications such as Square, QuickBooks, and other cash payment applications to manage payments and finances. You can also integrate with applications related to inventory management and ordering to reduce time and effort.

These are some of the salient features of the HotSchedules application. They bring many benefits to businesses and employees in managing work schedules, timekeeping, inventory management and ordering.

How to use the HotSchedules iOS Application

Download the HotSchedules APK app to your phone from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Open the app and sign in with your account.

If you're an employee of a business, you'll see your schedule and job information on the home page.

To create a new work schedule, select "Create Schedule" and add your shifts to the calendar.

If you want to change the current work schedule, select "Edit Schedule" and change the shifts as you like.

You can also apply for leave, view information about customer orders, and send messages to your colleagues through the app.

Note: The specific functions and features of the HotSchedules application may vary depending on the business using the application.

Here are some helpful tips when using the HotSchedules

Please ensure that you are logged into your correct account to avoid confusing information with others.

Keep your schedule up to date on the app so you can manage your time more effectively.

Use reminders so you don't forget shifts or important events.

To ensure effective communication with your colleagues, register for accurate contact information and regularly update your contact information.

Periodically check the information related to your work on the application to avoid missing important information.

If you have any problems using the app, contact your provider or your business's support staff for assistance.

Pros and Cons of the HotSchedules Latest version


  • Hotschedules allows users to manage their schedule and work-related information easily.
  • This application has a reminder feature to help users not forget their work shifts or important events.
  • HotSchedules allows users to create to-do lists, adjust shifts, and view important information related to their work.
  • This application helps to improve communication and coordination among work team members.


  • HotSchedules may encounter some technical errors during use, and may require support from the vendor or support staff.
  • Not all businesses use this app, so some users may not be able to take advantage of all of its features.
  • Some features of this application may not be fully customized to the needs and requirements of specific businesses.


The HotSchedules APK app is a useful tool to help manage work time and work schedules for employees in the restaurant industry. With features such as logging in, viewing schedules, changing shifts, internal communication, creating to-do lists, and employee time monitoring, this app helps improve productivity work and increase management ability for managers.

However, the application has some limitations such as high cost for small businesses and no detailed reporting or statistics features. To sum up, if you are a manager in the restaurant industry, HotSchedules can be a good choice for managing your employees' time and schedules.


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FAQs? HotSchedules APK

I forgot my password for HotSchedules APK. How to recover password? +

To recover password for HotSchedules APK, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the app and select "Forgot password".
  • Enter the email address associated with your account.
  • You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. Follow those instructions to complete the password reset process.
I'm having trouble using HotSchedules APK. How to contact technical support? +

To contact HotSchedules APK technical support, you can:

  • Open the app and look for "Support" or "Contact us".
  • Use the contact feature to submit your issue and your contact information to them.
  • They will contact you back to help as soon as possible.
How to use HotSchedules APK? +

Once installed and logged in to your account, you can access your work calendar, set work schedules, check work tasks, and perform other management tasks as required. This application usually comes with a specific user guide to help you get started.

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