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Download Horizon Call of the Mountain APK is an exciting action adventure game for Android. Conquer huge peaks, overcome fearsome machines.


Name Horizon Call of the Mountain
Version 1.0
Size 142 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Guerrilla

About of Horizon Call of the Mountain APK

This is an online card game developed by a small game company called Horizon Games. This game is inspired by the magical and mythical world of the Nordic peoples, where gods, elves and humans live together.

In the game, players will build a deck of their own by choosing the cards corresponding to the most powerful character and spell. Players will then use their deck to defeat their opponents through the use of legendary moves and spells.

Overview Horizon Call of the Mountain APK

Each card in the game has a number of bonus points (points) and special abilities that, when used properly, can be activated by the player to attack or defend an opponent. Cards can be enhanced and upgraded through the use of materials and in-game items.

This game also provides players with many attractive features, including single player mode, team battle and ranked match. Players can also upgrade and customize their decks through collecting in-game materials and items.

Horizon Call of the Mountain also has beautiful graphics and great sound, along with interesting stories and characters in its world. With a large gaming community and many attractive features, Horizon Call of the Mountain is an online card game worth playing for lovers of the genre.

Features of the game Horizon Call of the Mountain

Build a diverse deck: Players can choose from hundreds of different cards that represent characters, spells, and skills in the game's magical world. Players' decks can be customized and upgraded to increase their strength and effectiveness in matches.

Singles and Teams: Players can participate in singles or team matches to challenge and compete with other players. Team battles allow players to combine the power of their decks with their teammates to defeat their opponents.

Ranked Duel Mode: In this mode, players will compete against other players in a ranking system to climb the leaderboards and gain valuable rewards.

Story and Quests: The game offers the player a fascinating and rich story about its magical world, as well as various quests to complete and collect more materials and items.

Beautiful graphics and sounds: Horizon Call of the Mountain has stunning graphics and high-quality sound, giving players an immersive and immersive experience.

Achievements and rewards: Players can collect achievements and rewards throughout the game to increase the level and strength of their deck.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: This game is playable on different platforms like PC, iOS and Android, allowing players to play the game on all of their favorite devices.

Autoplay: If a player wants to perform other tasks while playing, they can use the Autoplay feature to allow the game to automatically play subsequent turns.

Payment methods: The game supports a variety of payment methods for players to deposit and purchase cards, including online and card payment options.

Multi-language support: Horizon Call of the Mountain supports many different languages so players can choose their favorite language to play.

Regular updates: The game's developer regularly updates the game to improve features, optimize performance, and add new content for players.

Above are some outstanding features of Horizon Call of the Mountain, creating a diverse and attractive online card game.

Graphics of the game Horizon Call of the Mountain Mobile

The graphics of Horizon Call of the Mountain are designed with high quality and impressive. The game uses 3D graphics with light effects and bright colors, creating a colorful and vivid virtual world.

The details and images in the game are designed very finely and vividly. The deck is beautifully designed, with clear images and exquisite detail, from warriors and monsters to items and scenes. The sound and background music in the game is also very quality and interesting.

Horizon Call of the Mountain possesses very impressive and vivid graphics, bringing an interesting experience for players when participating in the game.

How to play the game Horizon Call of the Mountain

To play Horizon Call of the Mountain, players need to visit the game's website or app and create an account. Once logged in, the player can start playing the game by performing the following steps:

  • Build a Deck: Players need to create a deck that is strong enough to be able to fight other opponents in the game. The deck will include warrior cards, monsters, and support items.
  • Find matches: Players can search for matches with other players to be able to compete and win. The game also offers a number of different game modes, including single player mode, play against other players or play by missions.
  • Battle: During the match, the player will take on his opponent using his deck. Each card will have different attributes and skills, players need to use smartly to be able to win.
  • Level up and upgrade: After each match, players will receive experience and money to be able to level up and upgrade their deck. Leveling up and upgrading the deck helps players to defeat more difficult opponents in the next matches.
  • Collect new cards: During the game, players can collect new and rare cards to add to their deck. These cards can be purchased or collected through in-game activities.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a diverse and engaging card game, with many features and modes for players to explore.

The pros and cons of the game Horizon Call of the Mountain


  • Diversity of decks and skills: The game offers players a wide variety of decks and skills, allowing players to customize and create a powerful and formidable deck for themselves.
  • Vivid graphics and sound: Horizon Call of the Mountain is designed with beautiful, vivid and realistic graphics and sound, giving players a great game experience.
  • Flexible playing time: Players can play this game anytime, anywhere through the mobile application or access via the website.
  • Large community: Horizon Call of the Mountain has a large community, allowing players to share, learn and learn about the game together.


  • Requires knowledge and experience: This game requires players to have knowledge and experience of the card game genre, especially in building decks.
  • Resource constraints: Players need to collect and accumulate a lot of resources such as money and cards to be able to upgrade and buy new decks, which can make the game difficult and expensive.
  • Can be Addictive: Like many other online games, Horizon Call of the Mountain can be addictive and lead to imbalance in the player's life if they don't know how to manage their time.


Overall, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a fun and engaging card game, with vibrant graphics and sound, a wide variety of decks and skills, flexible playtime, and a large community.

However, the game also has some disadvantages such as requiring knowledge and experience, limited resources and can be addictive. With attractive features and variety in gameplay, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a great choice for card game lovers.

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FAQs? Horizon Call of the Mountain APK

What are the system requirements to play Horizon Call of the Mountain? +

To play Horizon Call of the Mountain smoothly, you need an Android device running a compatible Android operating system version and with a powerful enough hardware configuration. Typically, minimum requirements include a quad-core processor, 2GB or more RAM, and at least 2GB of free storage space.

How to upgrade characters in the game? +

To upgrade your character in Horizon Call of the Mountain, you need to earn resources and experience through quests and matches. You can then use them to improve your character's skills, equipment, and special abilities.

Is there a way to join Horizon Call of the Mountain's community? +

That's right, you can get involved in the game's community by joining online forums, social media groups, and information sharing websites about Horizon Call of the Mountain. This is where you can exchange experiences, find friends to play, and update news about the game.

Does Horizon Call of the Mountain support multiple languages? +

Games often have multilingual support. You can check the game settings to select the language you want to use.

How to fix errors when playing Horizon Call of the Mountain? +

To fix the error, you can try the following: check your internet connection, make sure you have the latest version of the game installed, clear the game cache, or contact support. developer for specific help.

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