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HKJC App APK is the ideal companion for racing lovers in Hong Kong. Make reservations, update event information, manage spending, and enjoy special offers anytime, anywhere.


Name HKJC App
Pagekage name com.hkjc.member
Version 1.8.300
Size 40.14 Mb
Category Lifestyle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About to HKJC App APK

HKJC Android APK download is a breakthrough that brings a whole new experience to racing and entertainment lovers in Hong Kong! The HKJC App is not only a simple informational application, but also a powerful companion for those who want to fully enjoy every aspect of racing life. With 24/7 access to race schedules, special promotions and the latest seasonal menus, you'll always be on top of the hottest news and features.

More Overview of HKJC App Android

The What's On & For You feature not only keeps you updated on upcoming events but also customizes to your personal preferences. Reserving a meal, reserving a table on race day, or even booking a gym class is simpler and more convenient than ever.

With special features such as checking electric vehicle charging status and real-time parking availability, HKJC TV App APK is not only an information guide but also a convenient technical support tool. And don't forget the smart spending management feature and smart wristband, which help you track every spend and transaction effectively.

All features in HKJC App Mobile App

Here's an overview of the great things this app has to offer:

  • What's On & For You: Provides details on upcoming events, special promotions and the latest seasonal menus.
    Customize based on personal preferences, helping you not miss any important information.
  • Dining & Facilities Reservations: Allows advance reservations for any restaurant or facility. Make quick race day reservations to ensure a great dining experience.
  • Attend race day: Create convenience by participating in exciting horse racing events. Follow detailed information about races, results and statistics.
  • Book gym classes: Book gym classes in advance to maintain health and increase vitality.
  • Digital Coupons & Stamp Cards: Avail special offers through digital coupons and stamp cards.
  • Programs & Events: View detailed schedules of upcoming programs and events.
  • Real-time parking availability: Check parking status and availability right when you need it.
  • Electric vehicle charging status: Browse information about electric vehicle charging status to choose the right parking lot.
  • Smart card spending management & Smart wristband: Track and manage smart spending effectively via the app. Use smart wristbands for convenience in transactions.
  • Requests, Responses & Form Status: Send requests and responses directly from the app. Monitor form status and perform procedures conveniently.
  • Inbox & Important Notifications: Receive important notifications and check your inbox for the latest updates.
  • Update personal information: Manage and update personal information anytime, anywhere.
  • Push notifications: Make sure you don't miss any important notifications through the push notification feature.
  • My Favorites & My Preferences: Save and manage lists of personal favorites and interests.
  • Member digital identity: Ensure security and ease of information verification with digital identity.

Instructions, how to use HKJC App Latest Version

Step 1: Login or Register an Account

  • Open the app and select the Sign in option if you already have an account or Sign up to create a new account.
  • Enter your login information or follow the steps to register an account.

Step 2: Explore the Home Page

  • The home page is usually where you'll find important announcements, upcoming events, and featured information. Explore the What's On & For You sections to customize information to your personal preferences.

Step 3: Make a Reservation and Make an Order

  • Select Reserve Dining to make reservations at restaurants or Reserve a Table on Race Day to secure a good spot for your dining experience.
  • If a Gym Class Reservation feature is available, use it to sign up for classes at the gym.

Step 4: Use Coupons and Stamp Cards

  • If available, the Digital Coupons & Stamp Cards section often provides the opportunity to take advantage of special offers. Check and apply them as needed.

Step 5: Track Programs and Events

  • In the Programs & Events section, see a detailed schedule of horse racing events and programs.

Step 6: Enjoy My Favorites and My Interests Features

  • Use the My favorites and My interests features to save and manage the content and events that interest you.

Tips and advice when using for HKJC App APK

Customize to Personal Preferences: Use the What's On & For You feature to customize information to your personal preferences. This helps you receive the information that is most important and relevant to you.

Track Important Notifications: Turn on push notifications so you don't miss any important notifications or updates from the HKJC App.

Use the Reservation Feature: Make reservations for dining and other activities in advance to ensure you have the best experience, especially during important events.

Check for Coupons and Deals: Regularly check the Digital Coupons & Stamp Cards section to take advantage of special offers and discounts when the opportunity arises.

Leverage Smart Technology: If features like Smart Card Spend Management or Smart Wristband are available, use them to track and manage spending effectively.

Read Schedules and Events in Advance: Before attending an event or program, read the schedule carefully so you can organize your time effectively.

Enjoy the Favorites and Interests Feature: Use the My Favorites and My Interests features to track and save the content and events that interest you most.

Advantages and disadvantages HKJC App iOS


  • Quick and Detailed Information: Provides quick and detailed information about horse racing events, promotions, and seasonal menus.
  • Flexible Reservations: Allows users to make advance dining reservations, race day reservations, and even gym class reservations, making it easier to manage schedules.
  • Smart Spending Management: Smart card spending management feature helps users track and manage budgets effectively.
  • Smart Push Notifications: Push notifications help users not miss important notifications and latest updates.


  • Internet Connection Required: The app requires a constant internet connection to update information, which can be annoying when users are in an area without a strong network signal.
  • Interoperability Can Be Difficult: At times, complex interfaces and too many features can make interaction difficult for users unfamiliar with the application.
  • Login Required to Use Full Features: Some features, such as making reservations or receiving offers, may require users to log in, which may be an obstacle for some who do not want to share personal information.


HKJC App APK is a diverse application and integrates many useful features, helping users enjoy every aspect of racing life in Hong Kong. With quick information, customization features, and flexible booking capabilities, this app promises a comfortable and convenient experience.


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How to make dining reservations through the app? +

To make a dining reservation, you can open the app and select "Reserve Meal Reservations" in the menu. From there, you can choose a restaurant and make a reservation at your convenience.

How do I track my spending information through the app? +

To track spending information, you can use the Smart card spending management" feature in the app. It will help you check and manage every transaction effectively.

How to avail in-app offers and coupons? +

In the section Digital Coupons & Stamp Cards, you can view and use special offers and coupons. Pay attention to check regularly so you don't miss out on attractive opportunities.

How do I book a table on race day? +

To reserve a table on race day, you can select Reserve a table on race day in the app. From there, you will be able to choose a table and make a reservation quickly.

How to customize my personal information and preferences? +

You can adjust your personal information and preferences in the Update personal information" section. This helps the app personalize content and notifications according to your preferences.

How to receive important notifications from the application? +

To make sure you don't miss important notifications, make sure the "Push notifications" feature is turned on. You can configure it in the app's settings.

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