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Heroes of Dragon Age APK is an attractive strategy game where players have the opportunity to collect, build and fight with mysterious characters and monsters in the vast world of Dragon Age.


Name Heroes of Dragon Age
Version 5.4.4
Size 37.5 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+

Introduce to Heroes of Dragon Age APK

In the vast universe of mobile games, Heroes of Dragon Age APK stands out like a colorful picture with heroic characters and an attractive combat system. Developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS, this game has attracted a large number of players worldwide from strategy lovers to loyal fans of the Dragon Age series.

Heroes of Dragon Age offline APK is not only a regular strategy game, but also a journey to explore the mysterious world of Thedas. Players will participate in tough battles, create powerful squads from legendary characters and challenge powerful opponents on the racetrack to glory.

With amazing graphics and vibrant sounds, Heroes of Dragon Age forum offers an immersive experience in a rich world where story and strategy meet. Player interaction with favorite characters, along with the development of diverse squads, creates diversity and endless appeal in each match.

With a combination of tactics, squad building features, and a deep story, Heroes of Dragon Age APK reddit is a great choice for anyone who is passionate about gaming culture and wants to explore the mystical world of Dragon Age.

All features in Heroes of Dragon Age Latest Version

  • Build a diverse squad: Players can collect and customize their squad from hundreds of characters and monsters appearing in the Dragon Age series. Each character has unique skills, providing players with many approaches to combat.
  • Diverse Battle Modes: Heroes of Dragon Age characters APK offers a variety of battle modes, from single matches to weekly tournaments or head-to-head challenges with other players around the world.
  • Rich Story: The game is not just about combat, but also about exploring the vast world of Dragon Age. Players will experience fascinating side stories, explore new lands and interact with familiar characters in the series.
  • Development System: Heroes of Dragon Age APK allows players to upgrade and develop their characters through collecting new resources, equipment, and skills. This helps strengthen the squad and create individual battle strategies.
  • Immersive Graphics and Sound: This feature provides an engaging visual and musical experience, helping players immerse themselves in the vast and fantasy world of Dragon Age.

Interface, graphics on Heroes of Dragon Age iOS

Diverse Characters and Monsters: From heroic characters to magical monsters, each image in Heroes of Dragon Age APK is meticulously designed and cared for down to the smallest detail. The variety in shapes and styles of characters and monsters creates a rich and lively world.

Special Effects and Unique Skills: When characters deploy their skills in battle, players will witness impressive special effects. From bright lighting to mystical magical effects, each skill is presented in a unique and engaging way.

Diverse Environments: From bustling towns to mysterious forests and dangerous caves, the environments in Heroes of Dragon Age APK are designed in a diverse and beautiful way. Players will discover unique and interesting locations on their journey.

Intuitive Interface: Heroes of Dragon Age APK's user interface is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. High interactivity between players and game features helps create a smooth and easy-to-control experience.

How to play, gameplay for Heroes of Dragon Age Game Mobile

Building a tactical squad: Players will start by selecting and arranging characters in their squad. Each character has its own skills and abilities, so team building depends on the player's personal strategy and fighting preferences.

Combat and Strategy: In matches, players will face diverse opponents, from wild monsters to enemy armies. Arranging the squad and using skills and tactics intelligently is the key to victory.

Collect and Grow: Players will collect new characters through exploration and completing quests. Characters can be upgraded and developed through collecting resources and equipment, helping to increase the strength and fighting ability of the squad.

Explore the World: Besides battles, players will also explore the vast world of Dragon Age. From bustling towns to mysterious forests, exploring the world will help players better understand the game's story and characters.

Challenge and Competition: Heroes of Dragon Age APK also features challenge and competition modes, allowing players to challenge their skills through PvP (player against player) matches or participate in Weekly events to win rewards.

Pros and Cons of Heroes of Dragon Age APK


  • Character diversity: Heroes of Dragon Age APK has a diverse collection of characters from the Dragon Age world, from famous heroes to fearsome monsters. This creates a rich and engaging squad-building and gathering experience.
  • Deep strategy: The game's gameplay focuses on strategy, especially in PvP matches. Players need to have planning and tactical skills to win, creating a challenging and deep experience.
  • Vivid graphics and sound: Beautiful graphics and engaging music create a vivid and mysterious world. The feeling of combat and exploration is enhanced by the game's visual and audio quality.
  • Strong community: Heroes of Dragon Age APK has a strong community with millions of players worldwide. This creates a diverse and vibrant game environment where players can participate in events, challenges, and interact with each other.


  • Resource requirements: To progress in the game, players often have to spend a lot of time and resources to collect and develop characters. This can increase the difficulty threshold for new players or players who do not want to invest a lot of time into the game.
  • Internet connection required: Heroes of Dragon Age APK requires a persistent Internet connection to play, which can be inconvenient for players who want to play in places with no network connection or limited mobile data.
  • Unbalance in PvP: Some players may complain about unbalance in PvP, where some characters may be considered too strong compared to others, causing unfairness in fight.


Heroes of Dragon Age APK is a diverse and attractive strategy game, attracting players with beautiful graphics, deep tactical gameplay and a strong community. However, like every game, it also has certain disadvantages such as requiring resources and constant Internet connection. However, with the diversity of characters and the challenge in gameplay, Heroes of Dragon Age APK is still a great choice for lovers of the strategy game genre and fans of the Dragon Age series.


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FAQs? Heroes of Dragon Age APK

How to collect new characters in Heroes of Dragon Age APK? +

You can collect new characters through participating in in-game events, purchasing from the game store with gold coins, or through gift packages and secret chests.

How to upgrade and develop characters in the game? +

To upgrade your character, you need to use resources like gold and copper coins, along with necessary items like equipment and mounts. Visit the in-game store to buy necessary items or participate in events to receive rewards.

How to win in PvP (player against player) matches? +

To win in PvP, you need to build a strong squad and coordinate smart tactics. Use your character's skills effectively and consider your reaction strategy depending on your opponent.

How to progress quickly in the game? +

To progress quickly, participate in daily events, quests and challenges to get more rewards. Additionally, make smart use of your gold and bronze resources to upgrade characters and equipment.

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