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Heavenly Bodies APK is a game that offers a deep and unique zero gravity experience, with elements of accurate physics, puzzles and challenges, along with an engaging story.


Name Heavenly Bodies
Version 1.0
Size 12.3 MB
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer HSN Games

About of Heavenly Bodies APK

Heavenly Bodies APK is a space adventure game where players take the role of space investigators in a space research station. Your mission is to perform science experiments, uncover mysteries and solve puzzles in a zero gravity environment.

The game offers a unique experience with precise physics and flexible controls. Players will need to control each character's finger to operate tools, such as the handle used to move and rotate in space, and the grip and shutter handle to perform tasks. Realistic physics along with zero gravity create unique challenges in moving and interacting with the environment.

Overview of Heavenly Bodies Mobile APK

Heavenly Bodies APK provides a variety of environments within the space station, including laboratories, underground bunkers and also outside the station. Players will encounter challenges and puzzles that need to be solved to progress further in the game. In addition, the game also brings a fascinating story with elements of mystery and exploration.

With a minimalist visual style and matching music, Heavenly Bodies book offers a unique and deeply interactive spatial experience. The game combines elements of science fiction and realistic simulation to create a unique experience for players.

Features of Heavenly Bodies APK for Android

Here are some key features of Heavenly Bodies game APK:

  • Zero Gravity Environment: The game offers a vivid and amazing experience of zero gravity in space. Players will need to adapt to moving and interacting in a zero-gravity environment, and use tools and equipment to complete missions.
  • Precise control system: The game uses a detailed control system, allowing the player to control each character's finger to perform actions. You can move, rotate, and interact with objects in the environment by controlling individual arms, handles, and fingers.
  • Science Experiments: As a space investigator, you will participate in scientific experiments to learn about space and related phenomena. The game offers a variety of tools and equipment for you to use in these tests.
  • Puzzles and Challenges: Heavenly Bodies poses various puzzles and challenges in a zero-gravity environment. You'll need to learn how to use tools, interact with objects, and figure out how to solve puzzles to progress further in the game.
  • Diverse Environments: The game offers a variety of environments within the space research station, including laboratories, underground bunkers, and outer space. Each environment brings its own challenge and requires players to apply skills and knowledge to overcome.
  • Visual and Musical Style: The game has a minimalistic and unique visual style, with exquisitely designed models and environments. Accompanied music and spatial sounds create a special atmosphere in the game.

Heavenly Bodies offers a profound and unique zero-gravity experience, with elements of precise physics, puzzles and challenges, along with an engaging storyline. The game presents an interesting aspect of working in space and uncovering mystical space mysteries.

Graphics of Heavenly Bodies APK Latest Version

Heavenly Bodies has a distinctive and sophisticated graphic style. The game uses a minimalist visual style, with simple but sharp designed models and environments. This creates a unique zero-gravity space and draws the player's attention.

The environments in Heavenly Bodies met gala are also designed with attention to detail. The laboratories, bunkers, and the space outside the research station are faithfully recreated, with environmental objects and structures that match the spatial context.

In addition, the game also uses light and color effectively to create an intuitive and beautiful space. The use of low light and darkness in the zero gravity space creates a rustic space but at the same time gives it speciality and a sense of mystery.

Overall, the graphics in Heavenly Bodies free download have a unique and simple style, creating an intuitive and refined experience for players.

How to play, gameplay of Heavenly Bodies Game APK

  • Character control: The player controls the character in the game, and the controls are very detailed. You'll be able to control each character's arms and fingers to move, rotate, and interact with objects in the environment. This creates a unique and challenging experience as you try to get used to zero-gravity travel.
  • Carry out scientific experiments: As a space investigator, you will participate in scientific experiments in the research station. The game offers a variety of tools and devices, such as grips, grips, and grips, for you to use in these experiments. You will need to skillfully use these tools to perform experiments and collect data.
  • Solve puzzles and challenges: Throughout the game, you will encounter many puzzles and challenges. You need to learn how to interact with the environment, using tools and equipment correctly to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Maybe you have to figure out how to move objects, activate mechanics, or figure out how to use tools to get further in the game.
  • Explore the plot and the environment: The game offers a fascinating story and mysterious backstory. During the game, you will discover and learn about the strange events that happened in the space research station. At the same time, you will explore different environments within the station, from the laboratory to the underground bunker and the outer space of the station.
  • Graphics and Music: The game offers a minimalist graphic style and a matching music, creating a special atmosphere in the game. Zero-gravity sound and light effects along with the characteristic environment create a unique and sci-fi spatial experience.

Pros and cons of Heavenly Bodies APK iOS


  • Unique Zero Gravity Experience: Heavenly Bodies offers a sophisticated and challenging zero gravity experience that allows players to explore space environments in a new and engaging way.
  • Detailed control: The detailed control system in the game allows the player to control each character's finger, creating precise interaction and creating a realistic experience.
  • Diverse Environments: Heavenly Bodies offers a variety of environments for players to explore, from labs to space beyond the station, creating variety and variation in gameplay.


  • Ability to learn and adapt: The gameplay and controls in the game can take time for players to get used to and adapt to zero gravity and detailed control systems.
  • Puzzle Difficulty: Some of the puzzles and challenges in the game can be quite challenging and require imagination and creativity to solve. This may cause some players to have a hard time and feel frustrate.
  • Content Limits: Although the game has diverse environments, there may be limits on the variety of missions and in-game content. This may result in some players feeling limited in exploring and continuing to play after completing the main quests.


Heavenly Bodies APK is a unique and exciting game that gives players the experience of zero gravity and exciting space exploration. With detailed control system, mysterious storyline and diverse environments, this game creates deep interaction and challenges for players.

In a nutshell, Heavenly Bodies APK mobile android is a unique, challenging and engaging game, and it will appeal to lovers of space, science, and puzzles.


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