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Head Ball 2 APK all characters is an attractive online soccer game with beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, where you can challenge other players in one-on-one matches.


Name Head Ball 2
Pagekage name com.masomo.headball2
Version 1.589
Size 148.79 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Masomo Gaming

Introduce to Head Ball 2 APK

Head Ball 2 APK all skins is a popular online soccer game developed by Masomo Gaming. This game combines sports elements with unique graphics and engaging gameplay to give players challenging and fun matches.

In Head Ball 2 easy win, players will participate in one-on-one matches against other players from around the world. The goal is to score more goals than the opponent within the time limit. Players will control their character, called "Head Baller", and use the head to hit the ball into the opponent's net.

The game offers players a wide range of characters with unique skills, from famous football players to funny and quirky characters. Each character has its own characteristics, such as speed, strength and special skills, which help create variety in gameplay.

More Overview of Head Ball 2 Mobile Game

Head Ball 2 codes also has a multiplayer mode via a network connection. Players can participate in tournaments, challenge friends or random players, and show off their skills in intense and dramatic matches.

The graphics in the game are beautifully designed and outstanding, giving players a vivid visual experience. Vivid sounds and special effects also create a realistic and exciting playing space.

Head Ball 2 APK diamonds is available on the Android mobile platform via the Google Play Store and iOS via the App Store. The game is aimed at those who love football and want to show off their skills and tactics in an exciting online environment.

All features in Head Ball 2 APK for Android

  • Diverse game modes: The game offers many game modes, including:
  • Singles mode: One-on-one match with other players from around the world.
  • Tournament Mode: Participate in tournaments and face off against various opponents to climb the leaderboard.
  • Challenge Mode: Challenge your friends or random players and see who wins.
  • Quick play mode: Short matches with limited time, suitable for quick and thrilling matches.
  • Diverse characters: Head Ball 2 has more than 100 different characters for you to choose from. Each character has their own unique skills and effects, including speed, strength, special skills, and special effects when scoring. You can open new characters and upgrade their skills to increase their strength and combat ability.
  • Character customization: You can customize your character with unique equipment and accessories. From hats, t-shirts, gloves to soccer cleats, you can personalize your characters and make them more unique and personal.
  • Levels and Progressions: The game allows players to level up their characters through playing and winning matches. Each new level open new features and equipment, helping you to improve your character's fighting ability and strength.
  • Online Community: You can connect and communicate with a global community of players. Join the club, challenge your friends and other players, show your skills and compete with the best players.
  • Regular Events and Tournaments: Head Ball 2 hosts regular events and tournaments that provide the opportunity for players to compete and win exciting rewards, including new characters, gear, and other special items.
  • Impressive graphics and sounds: The game is designed with beautiful graphics, detailed characters and turf, creating a vivid visual experience. Vivid sounds and special effects help create a realistic playing space and add to the thrill and excitement of the game.

Interface, graphics on Head Ball 2 For iOS

Characters: The characters in the game are designed with a funny and lovely style. Each character has its own appearance, from famous football players to funny and quirky characters. The character's image is clear and has flexible movements, giving players an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Lawn and environment: The pitches and playing environments in Head Ball 2 are designed with high detail and bright colors. Details such as grass, stands, trees and light bulbs will make you feel like you are participating in a real match. Light and shadow effects are also meticulously applied to create a lively play space.

Special effects and skills: During the game, you will experience many special effects and skills when scoring goals or using character skills. These effects are designed in a rich and brilliant way, creating strong and attractive feelings for players.

User Interface: The user interface of the game is designed to be simple and easy to use. The controls and menus are clearly laid out and easily seen, making it easy for players to navigate and interact during gameplay.

How to play, gameplay for Head Ball 2 Latest version

Download and install: Go to Google Play Store (for Android operating system) or App Store (for iOS operating system) on your mobile phone. Search for "Head Ball 2 - Online Soccer" and download the game app.

Open the game: After successful installation, open Head Ball 2 - Online Soccer application on your phone screen.

Sign in or create an account: If you already have an account, log in by entering your credentials. If you don't have one, you can create a new account using your email address or connecting to a social media account (e.g. Facebook, Google).

Choose a character: After successfully logging in, you will be asked to choose your character. Browse through the character list and select the character you want to use. If you haven't open any other characters, you will be started with the default character.

Take the tutorial: The game will provide an initial tutorial to help you get used to the gameplay. Follow the instructions to master the rules and control your character.

Join the Match: After completing the tutorial, you will be able to participate in matches with other players. Choose the game mode you want, including solo, tournament, challenge, or quick play.

Character controls: Use the controls shown on the screen to move the character and hit the ball. You can jump, kick, use special skills and perform offensive moves to score goals and prevent your opponents from scoring.

Upgrading and Customization: As you advance in the game and earn experience points, you can upgrade your character and open new gear. You can also customize your character with unique outfits and accessories.

Join events and tournaments: The game regularly hosts special events and tournaments. Join them to test your skills and win exciting rewards.

Pros and Cons of Head Ball 2 APK


  • Diverse game modes: Head Ball 2 offers a variety of game modes, including singles, tournaments, challengers and quick play, providing variety and challenges to players.
  • Diverse characters: With over 100 characters with unique skills, players have many options to create their own tactics and play style.
  • Character customization: You can customize your character with unique costumes and accessories, helping to personalize your character.
  • Online Community: The game allows you to connect and socialize with a community of players around the world, join clubs and compete with friends and opponents online.


  • Internet connection required: Head Ball 2 requires a stable internet connection to play, this means you need a network connection to play the game.
  • In-app purchase required: The game has some items and features that you can purchase with real money or in-game currency.
  • Timeout: Some in-game features have a timeout, such as a recovery time after each match or to open gift boxes.


Head Ball 2 APK is an exciting online football game with beautiful graphics, diverse game modes and a vibrant online community. The game provides players with a vivid visual experience and exciting feeling when participating in intense and challenging matches.

If you love football and want to show off your skills in an online environment, Head Ball 2 APK is a great choice. With many outstanding features, this game will bring you hours of exciting entertainment and full of competition.


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FAQs? Head Ball 2 APK

How to participate in tournaments and events in Head Ball 2? +

To participate in tournaments and events, simply visit the "Events" or "Tournaments" section in the game. Here, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting events and win unique rewards.

How many different game modes are there in Head Ball 2? +

The game offers multiple game modes, including singles, tournaments, challenges, and quick play modes. Each mode offers a unique experience, from intense one-on-one matches to major tournaments.

How to customize characters in Head Ball 2? +

You can customize your character by visiting the "Customize" section in the game. Here, you can change outfits, hats, t-shirts, gloves, and football boots to create a unique style for your character.

How to connect with the community and challenge friends in Head Ball 2? +

You can connect with the community by joining a club or using the challenge feature. To challenge your friends, simply select a specific player from your friends list and send a challenge.

Which mobile devices is Head Ball 2 supported on? +

The game is available on both Android platforms via Google Play Store and iOS via App Store. You can enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet.

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