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Hayo AI - FaceSwap & AI Chat APK, Explore the creative world with unique face swap features, diverse AI drawing, and intelligent chat, bringing you a unique experience of artificial intelligence.


Name Hayo AI
Pagekage name com.hayo.client
Version 2.7.8
Size 50.3 MB
Category Productivity
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Nicetalk Limited

About to Hayo AI APK

Hayo AI Premium APK is not only a simple application, but also an AI creative assistant with the ability to swap faces in just one click. Just upload your photo and start creating! With the latest Stable Diffusion XL technology, the application creates high-quality images in a variety of artistic styles. From delicate images to intricate and beautiful compositions, Hayo AI online is truly a constant source of inspiration for artists and creators.

Discover the power of AI drawing capabilities, in which Hayo AI Pro APK is not only a face changing application but also an exciting creative tool. From avatar design to two-dimensional anime, magazine cover production, video creation, and more, this app has all your creative needs covered, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

More Overview of Hayo AI Latest Version

With many smart chat models such as GPT-4/ChatGPT, Claude 2, and many others, Hayo AI referral code turns your phone into a smart interactive machine. Play AI games, have virtual companions, create articles, and even work with a writing assistant. This is not just a simple application but a bridge between you and the world of artificial intelligence.

Hayo AI online APK not only introduces advanced artificial intelligence tools and technology, but also exposes you to the latest trends in the industry. Enjoy real-time AI news, from GPT to AI Chat, and catch the latest on Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Bard, and more global news.

All features in Hayo AI For Android

High Quality Face Swap:

  • One-click face change feature, using Stable Diffusion XL technology to create high quality images.
  • Supports many different art styles, from delicate to complex, helping you create unique works.

Drawing AI - Creativity:

  • Design avatars, create two-dimensional anime, produce magazine covers, create videos, and many more drawing features.
  • Handle light, shadow, and arrange objects in images precisely, helping to create high-resolution and vivid images.

AI Chat - Smart Interaction:

  • Use a variety of intelligent chat models such as GPT-4/ChatGPT, Claude 2, and many more to create AI games, virtual companions, and many other chat applications.
  • Supports convenient translation, article writing, and multimedia content creation tools.

Recommended AI Tools and Real-Time News:

  • Hayo AI introduces advanced artificial intelligence tools and technology, helping you improve work efficiency in many different fields.
  • Providing real-time AI news for you to monitor industry trends and developments.

Community Participation and Interaction:

  • Connect with the Hayo community to share ideas and interact with like-minded people.
  • Supports practical applications and theoretical discussions, creating an interesting creative space.

Instructions, how to use Hayo AI Mobile App

Register and Login:

  • Download the app from the app store and go through the registration process or log in to an existing account.

Face Swap and AI Drawing:

  • Select the "Face Swap" feature to upload photos and enjoy a unique creative experience.
  • Use the "AI Drawing" feature to design avatars, create videos, and many other drawing functions.

AI Chat and Interaction:

  • Open the "AI Chat" feature to experience AI games, virtual companions, and smart chat applications.
  • Use different models to create games and content as you like.

Join the Community and Follow the News:

  • Connect with the community to discuss and share ideas.
  • Follow real-time AI news to stay up to date with trends and new technologies.

Tips and advice when using for Hayo AI iOS

Understand the Features: Before you begin, take time to understand each feature of the app. This helps you use Hayo AI APK more effectively and take advantage of its full potential.

Creativity and Versatility: Try out a variety of features, from face swapping to AI drawing. The creativity and versatility of the application are unparalleled, so don't hesitate to experiment and create your own unique creations.

Leverage the Community: Join the Hayo community to share and learn from others. You can find all the inspiration and support from this community.

Update Regularly: Check and update the app regularly to ensure you're always using the latest version with new features and improvements.

Advantages and disadvantages Hayo AI APK


  • Diverse Features: The app has many unique features such as face changing, AI drawing, smart chat, and AI tool recommendations, providing a rich and multi-dimensional experience.
  • High Image Quality: Stable Diffusion XL technology helps create images with high quality and impressive resolution, making every composition come alive and realistic.
  • Supports Multiple AI Models: Integrating multiple famous AI models enhances the app's interactive and intelligent conversation capabilities.


  • System Resource Requirements: Sometimes, using complex app features may require high system resources, which may affect your phone's performance.
  • Learning How to Use: Due to the variety and complexity of the features, it may take some new users some time to get used to and take advantage of the full potential of Hayo AI APK.


Hayo AI APK is not just an ordinary face changer, but also a source of creative inspiration and a bridge to the world of artificial intelligence. Unique features like face swapping, AI drawing, and smart chat make Hayo AI stand out among similar apps. The variety and quality of photos create uniqueness and authenticity in every work. Furthermore, the ability to interact with various AI models makes the user experience interesting and multidimensional.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to swap faces in a high-quality way? +

To swap faces with high quality on Hayo AI APK, you just need to download the photo you want to use and click to create. Using the latest Stable Diffusion XL technology, the application creates quality images in a variety of artistic styles.

How to design avatars and create two-dimensional anime figures? +

To design avatars or create two-dimensional anime figures, you can use the AI drawing feature of Hayo AI APK. It provides many creative and flexible tools so you can create unique and stylish works as you like.

How to take advantage of AI chat? +

To take advantage of the AI chat feature, you can open the app and select your desired chat model, like GPT-4/ChatGPT, Claude 2, and many more. Then you can participate in AI games, create posts, and interact intelligently with the AI personal assistant.

Which AI models does Hayo AI APK support? +

Hayo AI APK supports many famous AI models such as GPT-4/ChatGPT, Claude 2, GooglePalm, Wenxin Yiyun, MiniMax, ChatGLM-Pro, and many others. This gives users the flexibility to choose models depending on their purposes and preferences.

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