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Experience the thrilling blend of survival gameplay and the quirky charm of Harley Quinn in Harley Mod PUBG APK. Join the fight and embrace the chaos with Harley Mod PUBG APK today!


Version 3.1
Size 88.6 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Harley Quinn

A New Turning Point in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Experience

The Harley Mod PUBG APK game is not just a gaming experience but also an engaging adventure that immerses players into a vivid world of action, strategy, and skill. With the perfect blend of the renowned PUBG universe and the unique style of Harley Quinn, a prominent character from the DC Comics universe, this game promises to deliver unforgettable and thrilling experiences to players.

Every match in HARLEY PUBG APK is a tense survival battle, where players must combat hundreds of opponents to emerge as the sole survivor. With realistic graphics and vibrant sound effects, players are drawn into a chaotic and dangerous world.

A special aspect of the game is the presence of Harley Quinn, a seductive and mysterious antagonist from the DC Comics universe. Harley is not just a graphical character but also an integral part of the storyline and gameplay. Players can engage in special missions related to Harley, but they must also be cautious of her presence, as she can be either a reliable ally or an unpredictable foe.

With a variety of weapons, means of transportation, and combat tactics, Harley Mod PUBG APK continuously presents new challenges to players. From strategic parachute drop locations to crafting intelligent battle plans, every decision can determine your survival in this game.

More than just entertainment, HARLEY PUBG APK also provides an opportunity to showcase your skills and tactics in a challenging environment. With its intense and captivating nature, this game is attracting millions of gamers worldwide. Be ready to face the challenges and emerge as the sole victor in the chaotic world of Harley Mod PUBG APK!

Key features of Game HARLEY MOD PUBG

Harley Mod PUBG APK brings a new breeze to gamers who love the survival genre with a series of unique and attractive features:

  1. Improved Graphics and Sound: The game is designed with high-quality graphics and vivid sound, providing a realistic and satisfying experience. Scenery, characters and combat effects are optimized to enhance the immersive experience for players.
  2. Special Harley Quinn Character: In the game, Harley Quinn is not only a regular character but also a central element of the plot and missions. Her appearance brings a new depth to the game with special missions and unique interactions.
  3. New Game Modes: In addition to the traditional survival mode, Harley Mod PUBG APK offers new game modes inspired by the story and style of Harley Quinn, allowing players to explore new aspects of the game .
  4. Diverse Weapons and Equipment: The game integrates a rich arsenal of weapons and special equipment related to Harley Quinn, each with its own features and uses, providing many strategic options for players. play.
  5. Missions and Challenges: The game offers a series of new missions and challenges, from simple to complex, related to the story of Harley Quinn and the events of PUBG. Successfully completing these missions not only brings valuable rewards but also helps players progress in the game.
  6. Character Customization: Players can customize their character with many unique outfits and accessories, including Harley Quinn's signature items, creating differentiation and personalization in the playing experience. game.
  7. Highly Interactive: Harley Mod PUBG APK promotes interaction between players through features such as team cooperation, in-game communication and challenge system, increasing competition and bonding between players. .
  8. Regular Updates: The game is always updated regularly with new content, bug fixes and improvements to ensure the player experience stays fresh and exciting.

All these features combine to create a version of PUBG that is not only a battle for survival but also a story full of color and character, giving players a unique and unforgettable experience.

Graphics in the Game:

The graphics in Harley Mod PUBG APK are truly a standout feature, providing players with a vivid and realistic experience. From the panoramic landscape of the map to the details of weapons and characters, everything is designed with exquisite care, creating a beautiful and dazzling gaming world that players cannot help but marvel at.


The gameplay of HARLEY PUBG APK is a unique combination of the survival element of PUBG and the essence of the character Harley Quinn. Players must seek out and utilize weapons and equipment to survive in a dangerous and competitive world. The diversity in tactics and means of transportation, along with special missions related to Harley Quinn, creates a unique and exciting gaming experience.

Advantages of the Game:

  • Vibrant and realistic graphics that make players feel like they are living in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Diverse gameplay and tactics that encourage players to use their strategic thinking and combat skills.
  • The unique combination of PUBG and Harley Quinn creates a fresh and engaging experience.

Disadvantages of the Game:

  • It may take some time for players to get accustomed to the gameplay and unique elements of the game, especially for new players.
  • Some players may feel that the integration of Harley Quinn into the game does not accurately reflect the essence of PUBG.


Harley Mod PUBG APK is a game worth playing for fans of the survival genre and Harley Quinn enthusiasts alike. With its vibrant graphics, diverse gameplay, and unique combination, this game promises to deliver exciting and thrilling experiences to players. However, like any other game, HARLEY PUBG APK has its own pros and cons, and the enjoyment of this game depends on the preferences and playstyles of individual players.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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