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Hamster Live APK is a powerful and popular live video streaming application that gives users the ability to share content and connect with online communities.


Name Hamster Live
Version 1.0
Size 9.4 MB
Category Lifestyle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer WeloGred

About to XHamster: Live Streams App APK

Hamster Live APK is a popular mobile application designed to help users stream live video and communicate with each other on mobile platforms. This app allows you to create and watch live videos from your mobile phone and interact directly with your viewers through features like chat and giveaways.

One of the hallmarks of Hamster Live APK is its ability to generate income from live streaming. Users can receive commissions from receiving gifts from viewers or through features like "Super Chat" or "Super Stickers". This facilitates users who want to become online artists and earn money from live streaming of their content.

Overview of HAMSTER.Live Mobile APK 

Hamster Live also offers users a diverse social interaction experience. You can make friends with other users, join chat rooms, and even participate in group video chats. This app provides a vibrant and diverse environment for socializing and connecting with people with common interests.

In addition, Hamster Live also meets the needs of users to follow artists, celebrities, and other popular personalities. You can follow, interact and watch live videos from your favorite accounts. This app provides a convenient and easy way to follow the people you care about and get notified about their latest activities.

Features in Hamster Live APK for Android

Hamster Live APK has many attractive features for users to stream live, interact with viewers and earn money. Here are some details about the key features of this app:

  • Live Video Streaming: Hamster Live allows users to create and stream live videos from their mobile phones. You can share special moments, daily activities or your own creations with the online community.
  • Chat and comment: Viewers can interact directly through chat and comments. You can send messages, ask questions or show support and interact with the streamers.
  • Send gifts: Hamster Live offers virtual gifts for viewers to give to the streamer. These gifts can include icons, stickers, flowers and other special gifts. User can get commission from receiving this gift.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: This is a feature that allows viewers to send special messages or special stickers, with a fee that viewers pay to stand out in chat and get the attention of streamers next. This gives users a way to monetize live streaming.
  • Make friends and chat groups: Users can make friends with other users and participate in chat groups of common interests. This creates a social environment to socialize, connect and share interests with like-minded people.
  • Follow and receive notifications: You can follow your favorite celebrities, artists and accounts on Hamster Live APK. By following, you'll receive notifications of the latest activity and live videos from the accounts that interest you.
  • Live Stream Monetization: Hamster Live provides an opportunity to earn money for users through streaming and receiving gifts from viewers. Users can receive commissions from receiving gifts, Super Chats and Super Stickers, generating a source of income from their online content.

Instructions, how to use Hamster Live APK iOS

Download and install the app: First, find the Hamster Live app at APKRabi website on your mobile phone. Download and install the app on your phone.

Create an account: Once installed, open the app and start the account creation process. You can sign in with your Google, Facebook account or use your email address to sign up.

Discover and follow users: Once you're signed in to your account, you can discover artists, celebrities, and other users on Hamster Live APK. You can search for a specific account or browse through a list of suggestions. When you find an account you're interested in, follow to receive notifications of the latest activity from them.

Stream video: To stream your own video, click the "Stream" button on the main interface of the app. You will be asked to grant access to your phone's camera and microphone in order to record and stream live video. Once authorized, you can select the live stream mode and start recording your video.

Audience interaction: During your stream, viewers will be able to interact with you through chat and commentary. You can read messages, answer questions, and interact with viewers. In addition, viewers can also send you gifts to show their support.

Other features: Hamster Live also provides other features such as making friends, group chats and following other users. You can explore interest groups, connect with other users and learn more about the online community on the app.

Tips and advice when using Hamster Live - Live Video Chat

Create engaging content: To engage viewers and build a loyal community, create engaging and unique live content. This could include sharing special skills, entertaining content, or sharing your expertise.

Use the giveaway feature: The giveaway feature in Hamster Live APK is a way for viewers to show their support and generate income for you. Encourage viewers to give gifts by creating an enjoyable interactive experience and rewarding their support.

Connect with other users: Hamster Live offers friends and group chat features, allowing you to connect with other users with similar interests and goals. Take advantage of this feature to build networks and engage with online communities.

Follow and learn from celebrities: Use Hamster website to follow and learn from other popular artists, celebrities, and personalities. See how they create content, engage with viewers, and build their own communities to learn from and enhance their capabilities.

Time and content management: Manage your stream time and ensure that you deliver quality and valuable content to your viewers. Set a schedule for your streams and prepare your content in advance to ensure that you're providing the best experience for your viewers.

Pros and cons Hamster Live APK Latest Version


  • Easy Video Streaming: Hamster Live provides an easy to use and convenient interface for live video streaming from a mobile phone. Users can easily share their content with the online community.
  • Highly interactive: Hamster Live allows viewers to interact directly with the streamer through chat, commenting, and gifting. This creates a deeper connection and communication experience between viewers and streamers.
  • Live Stream Monetization: Hamster Live APK provides an opportunity for users to earn money through receiving gifts from viewers. Users can receive commissions from streaming and receive giveaways, generating a stream of income from their online content.
  • Network and community: Hamster Live allows users to connect with other users with similar interests and goals. You can make friends, join chat groups and build an online community around your content.


  • Security: As with any online application, security management is an important factor. Users need to ensure that their personal and account information is securely protected and not compromised.
  • Internet connection quality: For smooth video streaming and good interaction with viewers, a stable and fast internet connection is required. Having connection problems can affect your experience and that of your viewers.


Hamster Live APK is a powerful and popular live video streaming application that gives users the ability to share content and connect with online communities. With its easy-to-use interface, high interactivity and ability to monetize live streaming, it has attracted the interest of many users. Hamster Live APK is an app worth watching and using for those who want to stream live video, communicate and connect with the online community.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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