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GTA SA Cleo APK OBB is a unique and innovative version that opens a new world in GTA SA, where players can customize, create and experience this legendary game in a more unique and diverse way.


Name GTA SA Cleo
Version 2.11.32
Size 1.8 GB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Rockstar Games

Introduce to GTA SA Cleo APK

GTA SA Cleo APK is an open world action game released in 2004 and became one of the classic versions of the Grand Theft Auto series. This game takes players into the chaotic and criminal world of the city of San Andreas, where you will play as Carl "CJ" Johnson, a mobster trying to protect his family and hometown from criminals. and government corruption.

Cleo APK, in the context of GTA SA, is a powerful tool that expands the customization and creativity of the game. Developed by a passionate community, GTA SA Lite Cleo APK 200mb is not only an extension of the game but also a way for players to make GTA SA a personal and unique experience.

More Overview of GTA SA Cleo Mobile Game

GTA SA v2.00 Cleo APK mediafıre allows you to download and install custom scripts into the game, opening up new and exciting possibilities. For example, you can add custom missions, use weapons more effectively, control your character's superpowers, change the look and sound of the game, and even create side stories creative.

Diverse Cleo scenarios allow players to customize their experience without having to intervene deeply in the game's source code. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy GTA SA in their own way and refresh the game they have long loved.

All features in GTA SA Cleo For Android

Here are some important features that Cleo APK offers:

  • Create custom missions: GTA SA Cleo APK for android 12 allows you to create and perform custom missions in GTA SA. You can create stories, set conditions, and enjoy new and exciting missions.
  • Use custom weapons and tools: You can add or customize new weapons, tools, or vehicles in the game, providing a unique and diverse experience.
  • Character customization: GTA SA Cleo APK data allows you to customize your character, including the ability to enhance CJ's strength, speed, bullet resistance, and many other aspects.
  • Change interface and sound: You can customize the player interface, change the background image, icons, and sound of the game as you like.
  • Weather and time control: GTA SA Cleo APK allows you to adjust the weather and time in the game. You can create the perfect environment for a scene or change a night scene to day and vice versa.
  • Create special effects: GTA SA Cleo APK provides many scripts to create special effects, such as explosions, lights, smoke, and many other effects to make the game more vivid.
  • Manage and change vehicles: You can customize and manage vehicles in the game, even installing new features for them.
  • Change interactions with other characters: Cleo APK allows you to control how CJ interacts with other characters, from talking to attacking or making deals with them.

Interface, graphics on GTA SA Cleo Latest Version

Cleo APK does not directly impact the graphics of GTA SA, meaning it does not change the quality or basic graphic design of the game. GTA SA Cleo APK focuses on expanding the game's features and functions instead of changing the interface or graphics.

GTA SA Cleo APK allows players to add custom scripts and features without changing the basic graphics of GTA SA. For example, you can use Cleo APK to add special effects, like lighting or smoke, to make the game more vivid. However, these changes usually only apply to specific elements in the game, rather than a significant improvement in overall graphics.

How to play, gameplay for GTA SA Cleo iOS

Explore the open world: GTA SA Cleo APK retains the expansive world of San Andreas, with three main cities and diverse environments. You can walk, drive, fly, or swim to move around in this world.

Main mission: The game still has the main story that you will progress through each mission. You will play as Carl "CJ" Johnson and go through a series of missions to advance in the storyline.

Cleo Scripts: GTA SA Cleo APK allows you to add custom scripts to the game, opening up many new features. These Cleo scripts can be related to missions, character abilities, or special effects. You can activate them in the game by performing certain actions.

Character customization: You can use GTA SA Cleo APK to customize and upgrade your character. This includes enhancing strength, speed, bullet resistance, and many other aspects.

Diverse World: GTA SA continues to offer a diverse world with many side activities such as racing, golf, soccer, and many other entertainment activities.

Arbitrary freedom: One of the special features of GTA SA is arbitrary freedom. You can do anything you want in the game world, from obeying the law to living a life of crime.

Unique Experience: With GTA SA Cleo APK, you can create a unique experience and customize the game your own way. Add custom features and missions to refresh the game and create new challenges.

Pros and Cons of GTA SA Cleo APK


  • Diversity and customization: GTA SA Cleo APK allows players to customize and expand their experience in GTA SA in their own way. This creates a more personal and unique experience.
  • Creative Community: GTA SA Cleo APK has created a strong creative community with many shared scripts and features. Players can enjoy the variety of these scripts.
  • Change space and time: GTA SA Cleo APK allows you to control the weather and time in the game, helping to create the right environment for a variety of activities.


  • Ability to change the original experience: Some players consider that too much customization can take away from the original experience of GTA SA.
  • System resource requirements: Script Cleo may require more system resources, so a powerful computer may be needed to run smoothly.


GTA SA Cleo APK is a powerful tool for players who love this classic game. It allows for creative and diverse customization and expansion of the GTA SA experience. With Cleo APK, players can add new features, change characters, and even design custom missions.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to enable Cleo script in the game? +

To activate the Cleo script in the game, you need to open the game and then perform the actions or effects required by the script. Some scripts have specific commands to activate.

How to create custom tasks using Cleo APK? +

To create custom tasks, you need to use available custom tools and scripts. You can then create your own missions and stories using these scenarios.

Is there a way to remove Cleo APK if I want to return to the original version of the game? +

To remove Cleo APK and return to the original version of the game, you can delete the APK file and all Cleo scripts in the game's Cleo folder. This will restore the game to its original version.

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