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GTA 7 APK is an exciting action-adventure crime game where you will be immersed in a diverse open world, engage in illegal activities, undertake diverse missions and explore a real and lively city.


Name GTA 7
Version 1.0.8
Size 37.7 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Developer Rockstar Games

About of GTA 7 APK

In the virtual world of video games, there is no series as special and popular as Grand Theft Auto (GTA). And now, the next version has been released called GTA 7 APK obb, promising to bring a great and engaging crime experience. With significant improvements compared to previous versions, GTA 7 APK full game has truly surpassed all expectations of players who love this genre.

The first notable point when exploring GTA 7 APK update is the outstanding graphics. The game brought the American crime world of the 80s into the hands of players with realistic graphics, creating a lively and engaging environment. Characters, vehicles, cities, towns and other locations are meticulously designed, creating an expansive and exciting world to explore.

Overview of GTA 7 APK Mobile Game

With GTA 7 APK, the gameplay has been significantly improved to give the real feeling of living a life of crime. Exciting missions and a dramatic storyline will take players into tough challenges, while also opening up opportunities to show off their driving skills, use weapons, and create daring strategies to win challenge the police and gangs.

With the open world environment of GTA 7 APK, players can freely explore the vast world with diverse cities, towns, and locations. The freedom to move and interact in this world brings a sense of limitlessness and creates new experiences every time you play.

With all the improvements and unique features it brings, GTA 7 APK has proven itself to be a worth playing and desirable version in the GTA series. Taking you on a challenging and engaging criminal journey, this game is sure to please even the most demanding players.

Features of GTA 7 APK Latest Version

Here is a detailed list of the important features of GTA 7 APK:

  • Improved graphics: GTA 7 APK is optimized with high-quality graphics, bringing vivid environments with even the smallest details. Characters, vehicles and landscapes are all uniquely designed and realistic.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: The gameplay of GTA 7 APK has undergone many improvements, creating a rich storyline and diverse missions. Players will face tough challenges and need to use smart tactics to overcome.
  • Diverse crime styles: GTA 7 APK allows players to participate in many illegal activities such as bank robbery, car theft, drug trafficking and participating in other diverse criminal cases.
  • Open world environment: The world in GTA 7 APK is large and diverse, including many cities, towns, and countryside to explore. Players have freedom to move and interact in this open world.
  • Diverse weapons and tools: This version provides a rich arsenal with many types of guns, melee weapons and special weapons. Tools such as key pickers and explosives are also available to assist players in quests.
  • Customization Options: The game allows players to customize their characters, vehicles, and weapons. This makes each player unique and personalized.
  • Exciting Storyline: GTA 7 APK comes with a quality storyline, with rich characters and events. Players will be involved in fascinating and interesting stories.
  • Improvements in the combat system: GTA 7 APK has improved the combat system, providing better shooting mechanics, diversifying the fighting style and creating dramatic battles.

Graphics of GTA 7 APK iOS

The graphics in GTA 7 APK are designed to provide an engaging and exciting experience that takes players into a virtual crime world with high-quality graphics. Cities, towns, locations and landscapes are all meticulously designed with details such as walking characters, traffic, trees, and unique architecture.

The graphics of GTA 7 APK focus on reproducing the smallest details, creating a vivid and realistic environment. From the detailed lighting on the buildings to the changing weather and time effects, it all contributes to an engaging experience.

This version also uses special effects and lighting to create a unique feel for each situation. Sunlight, nighttime street lights, weather texture effects, all contribute to a diverse and beautiful visual space.

The graphics in GTA 7 APK also exhibit a considerable degree of physics and engine simulation. Vehicles can reflect physical models in their handling and movement, helping to create an engaging driving experience.

How to play and gameplay of GTA 7 APK For Android

  • Diverse Open World: GTA 7 APK takes you into an expansive world with many cities, towns, countryside, and locations to explore. You have freedom to move around in this world, interact with the environment, interact with non-player characters (NPCs), and participate in various activities.
  • Missions and Storyline: GTA 7 APK has a series of diverse and rich missions. You will be involved in criminal activities like bank robbery, car theft, participating in illegal activities and performing missions for gangs or individuals. The game's plot is also dramatic and will take you through many interesting events.
  • Character and Vehicle Customization Options: GTA 7 APK allows you to customize your character by changing outfits, hairstyles, and appearances. You can also customize and upgrade your vehicles, adding unique accessories and features.
  • Combat and Weapons: The game offers a diverse range of weapons for you to use in different missions and situations. You can use guns, melee weapons and even special weapons like grenades or machine guns. The combat system has been improved, providing an engaging and diverse experience.
  • Illegal Activities and Entertainment: In addition to the main missions, you can participate in illegal activities such as gambling, racing, and even participate in fun activities such as playing mini-games and walk on the beach.
  • Create Destruction: An important part of GTA 7 APK is the ability to create destruction. You can destroy vehicles, public property, and even create chaos in the city. However, remember that this behavior may attract the attention of the police and may lead to consequences.
  • Freedom of Control: GTA 7 APK creates freedom of control for players. You can decide for yourself what to do, where to go and how to do it in this criminal world.

Advantages and disadvantages of GTA 7 APK


  • Realistic Graphics and Environment: GTA 7 APK has good graphics, creating a vivid and realistic environment, helping players completely immerse themselves in the virtual criminal world.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: The gameplay of GTA 7 APK has been improved with a rich storyline and diverse missions, providing a unique and engaging experience.
  • Customization and Freedom: The game allows players to customize their characters, vehicles, and engage in many illegal activities, creating variety and freedom in gameplay.
  • Exciting Content: Besides the main mission, the game also offers many illegal and entertaining activities, creating fun and variety for the playing experience.


  • Violent and illegal content: The game contains a variety of violent, criminal and illegal content, which may not be suitable for all audiences, especially children.
  • High Time Investment: The open world and multiple missions in GTA 7 APK can require a large time investment to explore and complete, which for those who don't have a lot of time to play can become difficult.
  • Increased stress: Due to the violent and stressful nature of game tasks and activities, it may cause stress and create a game environment that is not suitable for everyone.


GTA 7 APK is a sequel to the popular action-adventure crime game series Grand Theft Auto. With high-quality graphics and vivid environments, the game takes players into a diverse and fascinating criminal world. Advanced gameplay, varied quests, and character customization provide a unique and free-flowing experience.

Under the overview, GTA 7 APK promises to bring a good experience for those who love the crime action game genre and are ready to challenge the traditional models. However, players need to carefully review and ensure that the game is suitable for their interests and age before participating.


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