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GSE Smart IPTV - Player APK is a diverse and flexible online entertainment application with a friendly interface, the ability to record programs, and support many content formats.


Name GSE Smart IPTV
Pagekage name com.gse.smartplayeriptv
Size 15.1 MB
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Krapf Dev

About to GSE Smart IPTV APK

GSE Smart IPTV Pro APK is a useful and flexible application for watching TV online. GSE Smart IPTV - TV Online APK is not just a regular TV viewing application, but also brings a great experience with flexibility and convenience.

GSE Smart IPTV APK reddit is designed to help users watch TV content over the Internet easily and conveniently. This application accepts a variety of formats and encodings, thereby providing great flexibility for viewing a variety of channels and entertainment content.

More Overview of GSE Smart IPTV Mobile App

One of the most notable points of descargar GSE Smart IPTV APK is its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Users can easily add their playlists and browse their favorite channels at their convenience. Furthermore, the application supports video recording (timeshift) and playback so you never miss important programs.

GSE Smart IPTV APK full does not just stop at watching regular television, but also brings a diverse multimedia experience. You can enjoy many different audio and video formats, creating a multi-dimensional entertainment space.

All features in GSE Smart IPTV Latest Version

  • Friendly User Interface: GSE Smart IPTV APK url focuses on user experience with a simple, easy-to-use and friendly interface. You can easily browse through the features without difficulty.
  • Supports Many Formats: This application is capable of reading many different formats and encodings, helping users enjoy a variety of entertainment content flexibly.
  • Playlist Management: GSE Smart IPTV macos allows users to add and manage various playlists. You can organize channels and content according to personal preferences.
  • Recording Feature (Timeshift): An impressive feature is the ability to record a program and play it back later. This helps you not miss any of your favorite shows.
  • Search and Filter Features: GSE Smart IPTV APK fire tv has smart search and filter features, helping you quickly find the channels and programs you are interested in.
  • Integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide): To help users easily follow broadcast schedules, this application integrates EPG, providing detailed information about TV programs.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Country: GSE Smart IPTV supports multiple languages and regions, facilitating users around the world.
  • Support Network Sharing: You can watch TV through GSE Smart IPTV APK android tv on many different devices in the same network, bringing convenience to family and friends.

Instructions, how to use GSE Smart IPTV For iOS

Download and Install: Search for the app on your phone or device's app store and download it.

Add a Playlist: Open the app and add your playlist by entering the URL or downloading it from a trusted source.

Browse and Watch: After adding a playlist, you can browse your favorite channels and shows and start watching immediately.

Customize Settings: Take advantage of settings like viewing mode, video quality, and audio to optimize your experience.

Tips and advice when using for GSE Smart IPTV Android

Browse Playlists Efficiently: Sort your playlists by preference or topic to easily switch between channels and shows.

Use Timeshift Smartly: If you have busy plans and can't watch live, take advantage of the timeshift feature so you never miss your favorite shows.

Video Quality Control: Customize video quality settings to match your network speed. This helps avoid lag and ensures a smooth experience.

Learn About Search and Filter Tools: Use search and filter features to quickly and conveniently produce accurate results for your entertainment needs.

Secure Playlists: If you share your device with others, use security features to avoid unwanted changes to your playlists.

Advantages and disadvantages GSE Smart IPTV APK


  • Variety of Formats and Encodings: GSE Smart IPTV APK supports multiple formats and encodings, bringing flexibility to users in viewing entertainment content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and friendly interface helps users easily operate and enjoy the experience without difficulty.
  • Record and Playback Features: The ability to record a program and play it back later is a strong point, giving you flexibility in managing your entertainment time.


  • Prime Internet Connection Required: Sometimes, for a smooth experience, the app requires a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • In-App Ads: Although free, there are ads appearing in the app, which can be annoying and make some users feel uncomfortable.


GSE Smart IPTV APK is a unique and rich online entertainment application, offering the advantages of format diversity, flexibility, and the ability to record programs, helping you tailor your entertainment to your liking. GSE Smart IPTV APK is not only a television viewing application, but also a companion in the world of multimedia entertainment.

Wishing you wonderful moments of entertainment and continue to explore the diverse world of online content through GSE Smart IPTV APK!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to add playlists to GSE Smart IPTV APK? +

You can add a playlist by opening the app, selecting the briefcase icon in the top left corner and then tapping the "Add" icon.

What formats does GSE Smart IPTV APK support? +

The application supports a variety of video formats and encodings including M3U, JSON, XML, and is capable of handling a variety of video encodings such as H.264, H.265, VP9, and many others.

How to use the recording feature (Timeshift)? +

To record a show, simply tap the record icon while watching the show. You can then playback from your recorded list.

Why might my video be laggy or not smooth? +

This can happen if your internet speed is not fast enough to process the video at its current quality. Please check your internet connection and reduce video quality if necessary.

On which platforms is GSE Smart IPTV available? +

Currently, GSE Smart IPTV APK supports both Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to use it on your mobile phone and tablet.

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