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Green App APK is an application that helps users monitor and manage their daily use of energy and natural resources, in order to contribute to environmental protection and cost savings for users.

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Name Green App
Pagekage name com.sltech.greenapp
Version 1.7.13
Size 4.52 Mb
Category Business
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About of Green App APK

Green App APK store icon is a smart and powerful mobile application, designed to help users manage and save energy, natural resources and costs. Users can plan their trip, get express delivery, facilitate school focused education, social media, Manage healthcare...

Overview of Green App Mobile APK

The Green App is a mobile application for the Android operating system, developed by SLTech. This application aims to assist users in monitoring and managing daily use of energy and natural resources, in order to contribute to environmental protection and save costs for users.

Green App APK is a comprehensive energy and natural resource management application, with the goal of helping users save costs and protect the environment. Green App is a useful tool to help users control energy consumption and save costs, while contributing to environmental protection.

Features of the Green App for Android

  • Guidance and knowledge: The Green App provides a variety of resources, articles, videos and infographics on living green, saving energy, sorting garbage, recycling and other environmental protection measures. Users can learn and grasp the necessary knowledge to perform green actions every day.
  • Record individual actions: Users can use Green App to record and track their green actions. For example, they can document their use of public transport, saving water, using recycled products, shopping without pollution, and more. The application will provide statistics and comments on the user's progress so that they can monitor and improve their green behavior.
  • Challenges and Achievements: go Green App APK organizes challenges and motivating activities to encourage users to engage and maintain positive actions. Users can participate in green challenges, achieve goals and achieve personal achievements. This creates a sense of healthy competition and motivation for users to continue participating in environmental protection activities.
  • Community and interaction: Green App provides an online community for users to connect and interact with each other. Users can join groups and discuss environmental issues, share ideas, experiences and get encouragement from others. The community also provides a platform for users to seek support and drive positive change together.
  • Search and recommendations: Green App provides a search engine so that users can search for the nearest green shops, services and products. The application also makes recommendations on environmental protection products and services based on user preferences and actions.
  • Notifications and reminders: Green App APK sends periodic notifications and reminders to assist users in maintaining green actions. This helps users remember and continue to take environmental protection measures on a daily basis.
  • Goals and Evaluation: Users can set personal goals for green action and Green App will help them track progress and evaluate results. The app provides a rating system and encourages users to achieve their personal goals.


How to use Green App Latest version APK

Download and install the Green App app from your mobile device's app store (App Store or Google Play).

Register an account: Open the application and register an account by providing the necessary personal information or login via a social network account (if any).

Explore knowledge: Get information and knowledge about environmental protection, energy saving, garbage sorting and other green activities in the Tutorials or Materials section.

Record personal actions: Use the app to record green actions you take every day. For example, document your use of public transport, save water, use recycled products, shop without pollution, and more. Select the corresponding options in the application and save the information.

Take part in challenges and activities: If available, participate in challenges and motivating activities in the app. Complete tasks and goals given to gain achievements and compete healthy with other users.

Connect and interact: Join the Green App APK community by participating in groups and discussing with other users about environmental issues. Share ideas, experiences and get encouragement from others.

Search and recommendations: Use the search engine to find the nearest green shops, services and products. The application provides recommendations for environmental protection products and services based on your preferences and actions.

Track progress: Track your progress in implementing green actions and achieving personal goals. The app will provide statistics and assessments so you can see your progress and improve your green behavior.


Receive notifications and reminders: Allows the application to send periodic notifications and reminders so that you remember and continue to take environmental protection measures on a daily basis.

Note that the usage process and specific features of Green App may vary depending on the specific version and update of the application.

Tips and advice when using Green App APK

Set specific goals: Set specific and achievable goals for the green actions you want to take. This helps you have a clear goal and direction for your efforts.

Record daily actions: To track progress, record the green actions you take on a daily basis. This gives you an overview of what you have done and evaluates your contribution to environmental protection.

Join the community: Take advantage of the app's community feature and join groups, discuss and share experiences with other users. You can learn from experienced people and get encouragement from the community.

Take part in the challenge: Participate in challenges and motivating activities in the app to create motivation and a sense of healthy competition. This can help you stay motivated and patient in taking green actions.

Leverage recommendations: Use the app's recommendations feature to find the nearest green shops, services and products. This helps you find the right and convenient options for taking green action.

App Updates: Make sure you keep your Green App updated to the latest version to receive improvements, new features, and bug fixes. Updating will ensure you have the best experience and enjoy the latest benefits of the app.

Share and spread: Don't just use Green App APK for yourself, share and spread the message about environmental protection and the application to your relatives, friends and community. This helps make a bigger impact and encourages others to join the green action.

Remember that every small action contributes to protecting the environment. Using the Green App is a useful tool to promote and sustain your green action, but most importantly be patient and consistent in implementing environmental protection measures on a daily basis.

Pros and cons of Green App APK iOS


  • Guidance and education: Green App provides a source of information and knowledge about environmental protection and green actions, helping users to grasp and apply these measures in daily life.
  • Record individual actions: The application allows users to record their green actions, helping them track their progress and evaluate their contribution to environmental protection.
  • Activities: Green App APK organizes activities to promote, motivate and healthy competition among users to motivate them to take green actions.


  • User-dependent: The effectiveness of Green App depends on user interaction and participation. If users do not have enough patience or determination to take green actions, the application may not achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Need to combine with action outside the application: Green App APK is just a support and guidance tool, users need to combine with real-life actions to really create a green impact.


Green App offers many advantages such as guiding and educating users on environmental protection, recording individual actions, organizing challenges and motivating activities, creating interactive communities and recommending options green.

Green App APK can be a useful tool to support and promote green action by users. And users make the most important contribution with determination and patience in implementing protective measures everyday environment.


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