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Granny Multiplayer APK is a multiplayer horror game that takes players into a tense world where they must survive against dangers and challenges, along with an attractive fighting mode.


Name Granny Horror Multiplayer
Version 0.1
Size 130 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer DarkGamesSCB

Introduce to Granny Horror Multiplayer APK

Eddie Romero Rios Granny Horror Multiplayer is one of the classic games that offers a horror and tense experience that you should not miss. Developed on the APK platform, this game is not only a multiplayer version of Granny Horror but also brings significant improvements, making it impossible for players to take their eyes off the screen.

Through a series of rooms, players will have to fight to survive in the evil old lady's creepy house. Your every move creates sound and Granny's attention, making every decision important. However, the unique point of the Multiplayer version lies in the fighting mode, where players can face each other and find a way to survive in this terrifying environment.

More Overview of Granny Horror Multiplayer iOS

Granny Horror Multiplayer App APK not only attracts players with its beautiful graphics and unique sound, but also with its mind-stimulating storyline. You will have to go through challenges and puzzles to discover the dark secrets of this house, while facing unexpected risks.

Another advantage of Horror Granny Multiplayer APK is its multi-player interaction, where you can connect and compete with friends or other online players from around the world. This creates a community that is excited and ready to face new challenges.

All features in Granny Horror Multiplayer Latest Version

  • Multiplayer Mode: Granny Horror Multiplayer APK free download mainly focuses on a multiplayer experience, where players can participate in competitive matches against each other. The multiplayer feature creates a unique interactive space where players can cooperate or compete for victory.
  • Dramatic Plot: Granny Horror Multiplayer pc not only has horror elements, but also builds an engaging and challenging plot. Players will have to solve secrets and puzzles to progress through the levels, open new discoveries about the story.
  • Outstanding Graphics and Sound: Grandma Horror Game APK is impressive with beautiful graphics, creating a horror and mysterious environment. Unique sound effects enhance the feeling of horror, increasing excitement and tension for players.
  • Danger and Challenge: Risky play environment with evil Granny and endless challenges. Players must move carefully to avoid detection, while solving puzzles to progress through different areas.
  • Multiplayer Interaction: Opportunity to interact with other players through chat or other unique features, creating a diverse and exciting gaming community.
  • Regular Updates: Regular updates bring many new features, maintaining excitement and novelty for players.
  • Diversity in Characters and Outfits: Players can customize their characters and even their outfits, creating variety and personalization in the game.
  • Multi-Device Platform Support: Horror Granny Games APK is available on many different platforms, including Android and iOS, so players can experience without device restrictions.

Interface, graphics on Granny Horror Multiplayer For Android

Special Effects: The game can integrate many special effects such as lighting, darkness, and other visual effects to enhance the feeling of horror and tension. Sound effects can also be combined to create a dramatic multi-sensorial experience.

Environment Design: Areas in the game can be designed to create a horror and creepy environment, from dark rooms to mysterious hidden corners. Creativity in environmental design helps players immerse themselves in the terrifying atmosphere of the game.

Character Diversity: Characters, especially Granny and other characters, are often designed to reflect the game's personality and horror elements. There can be variety in character sizes, shapes, and features to create a diverse and engaging world.

Multiplayer Interaction: Graphics can also focus on representing interactions between players in a multiplayer space, such as facial expressions, gestures or special effects when players interact together.

How to play, gameplay for Granny Horror Multiplayer APK

Main Goal: The player's main goal in Granny Multiplayer mobile is to survive and complete the missions or challenges set forth in each level. Specifically, players may have to search for important pieces, objects, or solve puzzles to open portals out of the area.

Facing Granny and Danger: The main danger in the game is Granny, an evil character who hunts the player. Players need to move carefully to avoid being detected by Granny, as any noise can attract her attention.

Avoid Fighting: A unique feature of Multiplayer Granny Horror online game APK is the mode against other players. In some cases, players may have to confront each other to achieve a goal or to survive.

Interaction with the Environment: Players need to interact with their surroundings to find useful objects, keys, or items needed to progress in the game. Some areas may require creativity and logical thinking to overcome.

Multiplayer Mode: The game supports multiplayer mode, where players can cooperate or confront each other to achieve a common goal.
Interaction and communication with teammates can be the deciding factor in success or failure.

Levels and Challenges: Granny Horror Multiplayer regularly has many different levels and challenges. Each level may pose special requirements and dangers, increasing the difficulty of the game.

Survival Mode: Survival mode is an important part of the gameplay, as players must manage resources, music and silence to avoid Granny's attention.

Pros and Cons of Granny Horror Multiplayer Game Mobile


  • Unique Horror Experience: Granny Horror Multiplayer offers a multi-player horror experience, creating a tense and innocent atmosphere different from other games.
  • Variety in Levels and Challenges: Having a variety of levels and challenges helps keep the game fresh and interesting, while challenging players at increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Multiplayer Interaction: The ability to interact with other players creates a diverse community where people can cooperate or compete to achieve goals.
  • Multi-Device Platform Support: Multi-platform support helps many players on many different devices participate in the game.


  • Ability to Get Lost Quickly: Due to the horror and tension, some players may find it difficult to learn how to play, especially newcomers.
  • Internet Connection Required: The game requires a stable internet connection to participate in multi-player matches.
  • Danger Can Become Repetitive: Having to constantly face danger from Granny can make the game become repetitive after a while.


Granny Horror Multiplayer APK brings a unique and dramatic experience in the world of multi-player horror games. With beautiful graphics, unique sounds and fighting mode, this game promises to bring tense and exciting moments to players. Granny Horror Multiplayer APK is not only an entertaining game, but also a dramatic and tense innocent experience. If you are a lover of the horror genre and want to challenge yourself in a multiplayer space, this is definitely the right choice. Prepare yourself, and immerse yourself in the dark world of Granny Horror Multiplayer APK today!


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FAQs? Granny Horror Multiplayer APK

How is the gameplay like? +

In the game, the player will participate in multiplayer matches, go through horror levels, and solve puzzles to complete missions.

Who is Granny and why is she scary? +

Granny is the main character of the game, an evil character who hunts players. She is scary because of her ability to detect and hunt players in an unpredictable way.

Is there a multiplayer fighting mode? +

That's right, Granny Horror Multiplayer has a versus mode, allowing players to confront and compete with each other to achieve goals or survive.

How to interact with other players? +

The game offers interactive features such as chat and online community where you can communicate, cooperate or compete with other players.

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