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Google Earth is your gateway to a world of unlimited exploration, allowing you to travel across the planet right from your screen. Explore the world without luggage, starting today with Google Earth.


Name Google Earth
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Size 49.14 Mb
Category Travel & Local
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Google LLC

About of the app Google Earth APK

Google Earth APK is a cross-platform geography application developed by Google. First introduced in 2001, the app allows users to explore and explore the world through incredibly detailed 3D imagery and geographic data.

Google Earth APK is available on multiple platforms, including desktop computers, smart mobile devices, and tablets. This application brings an interesting and convenient experience for users to explore and learn about the world around them.

Overview of the app Google Earth APK

Google Earth is not only a useful tool for exploring the world, but also a valuable resource for education, research, travel and entertainment purposes. It has helped millions of people explore and deepen their understanding of the planet we live on.

Google Earth APK is a powerful tool for exploring the world and learning about the geography, culture, and history of many different places. Integrating leading technologies, this application provides an immersive and engaging user experience.

Features of the Google Earth APK for Android

Google Earth provides many attractive and powerful features for users to explore the world from diverse perspectives.

  • Satellite imagery and 3D geographic data: Google Earth APK allows users to view satellite imagery from space, along with realistic 3D geographic data. You can move, rotate, zoom in and out to see places from different angles.
  • Street View: The Street View feature allows you to explore streets, alleys and other places around the globe as if you were walking. You can navigate in a 360-degree landscape and have a realistic view of your surroundings.
  • Image history: You can view the image history of a specific place in Google Earth. This feature allows you to move back in time and see the changes of an area over the years.
  • Mark and create itineraries: Google Earth allows you to mark important places and create your own travel itineraries. You can add information, images, and notes to customize the markers.
  • Information Layers: Google Earth supports multiple layers of information that can be turned on or off. You can display geographic information from a variety of sources, including cultural, historical, topographic, traffic, weather, and more data.
  • Search for places: Google Earth APK allows you to search for specific places by entering place names, addresses, or related keywords. You can also perform searches by location type such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and more.
  • Location information: When you select a specific place, Google Earth displays detailed information about that place, including images, descriptions, user review scores, and other relevant information.
  • Sync data between devices: If you sign in to your Google account, your data in Google Earth will be synced between your different devices. This allows you to access your markers and schedule information from anywhere.
  • Random Places: Google Earth has an "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature that lets you explore a random place in the world, helping you discover new and interesting places.

How to use the Google Earth APK Latest version

Get the app: First, download the Google Earth APK app to your device. You can get the app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). If you want to use the desktop version, go to the official Google Earth website and download the software for your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Open the app: After successful installation, open the Google Earth app on your device.

Sign in (optional): If you want to sync your data and have a better experience, you can sign in to your Google account. This allows you to save your markers and schedule information and access them from any device.

Explore: You'll see the Google Earth interface with 3D maps and satellite imagery. There are many ways to explore the world:

Using keyboard and mouse (desktop): Move the mouse pointer to move in the map. Use the scroll buttons to zoom in or out, and drag the map to move to other areas.

Tap and swipe (mobile): On a mobile device, you can tap and swipe on the screen to move and navigate in the map.

Search for places: Use the search feature to find specific places, like the name of a city, landmark, or the type of place you're interested in.

Street View: To view the landscape directly from the road, drag the "Pegman" icon onto the map and drop it onto a green marked road.

Information layers: Turn information layers on or off to view geographic information from a variety of sources.

Mark and create itineraries: Mark important places by adding markers and create your own travel itineraries.

Explore more features: To learn more about Google Earth features, you can explore more in the app's menus and settings. Customize settings and learn how to get the most out of your app.

Those are some basic steps to using the Google Earth APK app. Now you're ready to explore the world from a new and exciting perspective!

Tips and advice for using the Google Earth APK

Select interesting places: Try to explore famous places in the world using the search feature. You can also use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature to explore interesting random locations.

Use Street View: For a more realistic view of a particular place, use the Street View feature. Drag the "Pegman" icon onto the map and drop it onto a green marked road to begin viewing the landscape from the road surface.

View image history: Explore how a place has changed over the years using the image history view feature. Move the time slider to see photos of the same area in the past.

Customize information layers: Google Earth APK provides various layers of information, such as terrain, traffic, cultural and historical information. Customize information layers to display information that suits your purposes.

Bookmark and share places: Use bookmarks to save important places and create your own travel itineraries. You can also share these bookmarks with friends and family.

Leverage Google Maps integration: If you want to get from one place to another, you can take advantage of Google Maps integration to get detailed directions.

Learn more about the place: When you select a specific place, tap the info icon to see detailed information about the place, including photos, descriptions, and reviews.

Custom Perspective: Google Earth allows you to rotate and change the view of the map. Use tools like scroll, scroll, and rotate buttons to customize the viewing angle to suit your needs.

App Updates: Make sure you always use the latest version of Google Earth for the best experience and access to the latest app features.

The tips above will help you explore the world in a more enjoyable and productive way using the Google Earth app. Enjoy exploring and learning about interesting places on our planet!

Pros and cons of the Google Earth APK iOS


  • Fun and immersive experience: The Street View feature allows users to have a realistic view of the environment from the road surface and creates a vivid and engaging experience.
  • Customization and flexibility: Google Earth allows users to customize information layers, create their own bookmarks and schedules, and share information with others.
  • Searchability and knowledge development: This application provides the ability to search for specific places and related information, helping users learn about the culture, history and geography of places.
  • User Community: Google Earth APK has a large and vibrant community that allows users to share information, photos, and reviews of places around the world.


  • Internet connection required: To fully experience the features of Google Earth, users need a stable internet connection, especially when downloading new data or using online features such as Street View.
  • Large capacity: The Google Earth application and related data are large, requiring sufficient storage space on the device.
  • Not suitable for navigation: Although Google Earth provides detailed geographic information, it is not an accurate navigation application like Google Maps. Therefore, when you need to find a specific route, you should use the Google Maps application instead of Google Earth.
  • Can't see real-time updates: Data in Google Earth may have been collected before, and events or updates that took place after the time of data collection may not be visible.


Google Earth APK is an enchanting and powerful cross-platform geography application that allows users to explore and understand the world from many different perspectives. With satellite imagery and 3D geographic data, the Street View feature, and various layers of information, users can explore famous locations, find detailed location information, and even View the image history of an area.

Experience a useful and engaging tool to expand your knowledge and explore the world around us. Take advantage of tips and advice when using this application, users will have a wonderful and unique experience of world geography and culture.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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