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Gardenscapes APK is a game that combines building and puzzle elements, where the player is tasked with restoring and decorating an old garden into a beautiful and impressive place.

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Name Gardenscapes
Pagekage name com.playrix.gardenscapes
Version 7.3.0
Size 133.10 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Playrix

About of Gardenscapes APK

Gardenscapes is a popular video game developed and published by Playrix Entertainment. The game combines construction and puzzle elements, where the player is tasked with restoring and decorating an old garden into a beautiful and impressive place.

In Gardenscapes, the player takes the role of Austin, a talented gardener, and is tasked with exploring beautiful landscapes and solving puzzles to collect gold coins. This gold coin is then used to purchase items and decorations to recreate and create a beautiful garden.

Overview of Gardenscapes Mobile APK

The game has different levels, each of which requires the player to solve a series of puzzles by connecting stones of the same color. When completing a level, the player will be rewarded with gold coins to continue to restore the garden. Puzzles will also be combined with some tasks such as finding objects, repairing infrastructure, or finding ways to help the characters in the game.

A special feature of Gardenscapes mini games is the ability to build and customize the garden. Players can choose from a variety of decorations, plants and landscapes to create their very own garden. In addition, the game also offers other game modes such as finding hidden objects, racing against other players and participating in daily events.


Features of Gardenscapes for Android

Gardenscapes has many attractive features to help players experience and create a beautiful garden.

  • Build and decorate the garden: Players can design and recreate the garden according to their wishes. They can choose from a wide range of decorations, plants, landscaping and other elements to create a unique garden.
  • Puzzles combined with story: Each level in the game comes with a back story to keep the player interested and with the main character, Austin. Puzzles often involve connecting stones of the same color, finding hidden objects, and solving other challenges.
  • Many levels and challenges: Gardenscapes offer hundreds of different levels for players to challenge their puzzle solving abilities. These levels get progressively harder as the player progresses in the game, requiring concentration and strategy to complete.
  • Recreate and decorate many areas: In addition to restoring the main garden, players also have the opportunity to decorate and recreate other areas such as fountains, flower gates, aquariums, flower gardens and many more places in the game campus.
  • Side game mode: Gardenscapes offers side game modes for players to try and have different entertainment. This includes finding hidden objects in the garden, participating in daily events and racing against other players to see who can decorate the garden the best.
  • Linking to Social Networks and Friends: Players can connect the game to their social media accounts to connect and share achievements with friends. They can also visit and assist each other in the restoration and decoration of the garden.

Gardenscapes on pc is a building and puzzle game where players experience the restoration and decoration of gardens through solving puzzles and finding objects. With diverse features and attractive storyline, this game attracts many players on mobile and computer platforms.

Game mode, graphics of the game Gardenscapes APK

Varied Garden Simulation: Gardenscapes presents gardens with various areas and landscapes. From colorful flower gardens to peaceful fish ponds and splendid fountains, each area is designed with detail and bright colors.

Item and Decoration Details: In the process of building and decorating the garden, players will encounter a variety of unique items and decorations. From bushes, grass, trees to stones, tables and chairs, and other decorative objects, every detail has been carefully painted to create a fresh and harmonious garden.

Beautiful effects: Gardenscapes uses a variety of visual and sound effects to create an engaging visual experience. As players complete levels or trigger special events, they will experience exciting effects such as explosions, lightning, and other special effects.

Adorable Characters: The game features lovable characters like Austin, who guide the player through the levels and other characters in the story. Characters are designed with lovely drawings and smooth movements, creating an interesting interaction with the player.

The graphics of Gardenscapes are beautiful, creative and create a lively and interesting garden world. It contributes to creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for players.

How to play the game Gardenscapes Latest version

Download and install the game: Gardenscapes is available on mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows) platforms through their respective app stores. Search for "Gardenscapes" in your app store and download it.


Getting Started: When you open up the Gardenscapes game, you'll be introduced to the main character, Austin, and the game's backstory. Follow the tutorial to understand your mission and how to play.

Level Completing and Puzzle Solving: The Gardenscapes game is mainly based on completing levels and solving puzzles. Each level will have its own goal, such as collecting stones of the same color, finding hidden objects or dropping elements in the garden. Use your finger or mouse to connect stones of the same color and solve the puzzle. Complete the level objectives to progress far in the game.

Earn and use gold coins: As you complete the levels, you will earn gold coins. This gold can be used to purchase decorative items, trees and landscaping to recreate your garden. You can visit the "Shop" in the game to view and shop for items.

Regenerate and decorate the garden: After you have enough gold coins and purchased items, you can decorate the garden as you like. Touch the items and move them to the desired location in the garden. Create a beautiful and fresh garden by building and decorating.

Join side game modes: Gardenscapes offers side game modes for you to join and experience more. This includes finding hidden objects, racing against other players and participating in daily events. Enjoy extra game modes for extra rewards and challenges.

Pros and cons of Gardenscapes APK iOS


  • Beautiful graphics and vivid sound: Gardenscapes is designed with high-quality graphics, vivid sound and special effects, which enhances the player's gaming experience.
  • Attractive plot: The game has a unique and attractive storyline with many interesting details, helping players feel excited and want to continue playing.
  • Diverse gameplay: The game has many different types of puzzles, helping players to experience diverse and interesting gameplay.
  • Regular updates: The developer regularly updates the game with many new features, adding levels and events, helping players never get bored.
  • No internet connection required: Players can play Gardenscapes without internet connection, which saves mobile data and allows to play the game anywhere.


  • Limit ads: The game often displays ads, sometimes long ads, and interrupts the player's gaming experience.
  • Long wait times: Some levels in the game require the player to wait a period of time before they can continue playing. This timeout can disrupt the player's gaming experience.
  • In-game purchase cost: Some in-game features and items require the player to spend real money or gold (earned in-game) to purchase. This can reduce player interest if they don't want to spend extra money to buy features or items.


The Gardenscapes game offers an exciting garden-building and decorating experience, with beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline, and varied gameplay. Players can enjoy solving puzzles, collecting objects and recreating the garden as they wish.

The game also has disadvantages such as displaying ads and long wait times, which can disrupt the gaming experience. Also, asking for in-game purchases can reduce the player's interest if they don't want to spend the extra money.

Gardenscapes online is a fascinating and fun game for those who love building and decorating the garden. If you like solving puzzles and creating a beautiful garden, this game might be the right choice for you.



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