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Download Gacha Nox Apk Latest Version available for Android 32-bit and 64-bit. You can enjoy Gacha Nox Game Apk itch io open skins and items for Android devices.


Name Gacha Nox
Version 1.3.0
Size 174 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Noxula Dev

Gacha Nox APK is a game based on the Gacha Club with the main objective being the same. All of this is done by fans of the Gacha community, in this case Noxula. In Gacha Nox, we can find a lot of new elements, such as new outfits, fancy hairstyles and accessories, etc., so please be with us until the end.

Introducing Gacha Nox APK

Now Download Gacha Nox Apk Latest Version is available for Android 32-bit and Android 64-bit. You can enjoy GachaNox Apk open all skins and Items for Android. Today we will introduce all about this game and how you can Download and install it for free on Android without any problem.
To download Gacha Nox Mobile, the first thing we must do is select the download link that is appropriate for the device that we are going to use and access the download instructions suitable for the device. Currently, Gacha Nox is only available for Android and Pc (Windows), but maybe it will be available for iOS soon.

Gacha Box APK is currently in development and its developer has stated that the final one will be released soon. This may mean it will be released before the end of this year or early next year, but either way, we believe the wait will be worth it as it looks great.

Gacha Nox APK Download

Gacha Nox Android want is finally out! It has arrived as a Christmas present from its developer for all fans, providing a version that offers the opportunity to create impressive characters, both aesthetically and original. You can't miss your chance to download Gacha Nox and start playing right now, because we are talking about one of the best gacha versions that have come out in a long time.

Features of Gacha Nox APK Open All

The program called Gacha Nox Game APK universal allows users to build their own anime characters and have those characters interact with them in a variety of situations.

  • Over 300 fully customizable new assets
  • New backgrounds
  • New foregrounds (some with unique effects)
  • Soft pink UI redesign
  • Some bug fixes
  • Pupils can no longer go over the eyes which allows for more looking directions
  • Fullscreen startup (Windows version)
  • Slowed down menu music with lower volume
  • Full version of Gacha Club (Windows version)
  • No level requirement for online import/export (the servers are unfortunately no longer working).
  • New pose page (new poses might be added in future updates).

Gacha Nox Android 32-bit Apk

Anime Fans

Gacha Nox iOS provides a comprehensive experience that is ideal for those interested in anime. You have access to a large collection of characters and then you can start to tailor their qualities to create the best spokesperson for your organization. You have the ability to change the features of the face, the hair, the eyes, the expression, the color of the skin, the way it moves and even the energy it transmits. In addition, you have options for both clothes and weapons to use as accessories for it.

Gacha Nox Android 64-bit Apk

Form your Personas here!

Once you've finished creating your character, you'll be able to start interacting with other characters in the Gacha universe, forming new friendships, and writing your own personal stories. In addition, players have the opportunity to participate in many entertaining minigames focusing on characters from this kingdom. Last but not least, the app can turn into a photo studio, allowing you to take pictures of any and all of your favorite settings, with any and all of your favorite characters. .

Editor game for android

Personalize your character

Players have plenty of time to express their own art with Gacha Nox. The software boasts an impressively high quality both in terms of the environment and the cast of playable characters, and it is sure to provide plenty of great entertainment.

Anime gacha game for android

Casual game

Gacha Nox old version is a casual game that gives you the opportunity to build and personalize a wide variety of characters from the convenience of your smartphone in a way like never before. You've probably heard of its predecessor, Gacha Life, by this time. However, Gacha Club offers a battle mode in which players can engage in combat with their enemies using any one of over 180 different units.

Gacha Club Nox Apk

The best editor with 300 different things

Using a great editor that gives you a lot of creative time, you have full control over the process of giving Gacha Nox's characters their unique look. You have the ability to change a character's skin color, face shape, hair, eyes and facial expressions, and other aspects of their appearance. The amount of detail is amazing, and that's not counting all the many outfits and accessories you can choose from. However, this is not all that is on offer; In addition to pets, there are over 300 different poses to choose from.

Studio mode

Since Studio mode lets you create scenes with up to ten different characters, you're free to explore your full creative potential. Add a dialogue, object and pet. You also have access to a large selection of stage backgrounds to choose from. But without a doubt, the most important thing

Different battle modes

The game also features four distinct battle modes, each of which pits you against waves of enemies with the accompaniment of different tracks. The story mode in Gacha Nox reintroduces you to some of the game's previously seen characters, while also introducing you to some new people who will teach you about the world of DJing.

Mode de Scratches

Gacha Nox APK is a great game that offers many gameplay options. It allows players to design their own characters from scratch, change the appearance of existing characters to suit their preferences, stage scenes starring those characters, or participate in Join the fight using one of the different game modes. In addition, it has some other mini-games where you can continue to enjoy the adventures of the characters. This is a discussion of a game that can be played without an internet connection and where all editing components are freely accessible.

Pros and cons of the Gacha Nox Game


  • Beautiful graphics and a diverse number of characters: Game Gacha Nox possesses very beautiful and realistic graphics, creating a sense of excitement for players. In addition, the number of diverse characters, with many different skills, gives players many options to participate in battles.
  • Attractive Gacha System: Gacha Nox APK has an attractive Gacha system, with many different types of cards, giving players the opportunity to own rare, strong characters and have the ability to participate in matches with difficulty. High.
  • Diverse activities and events: Game Gacha Nox has many interesting activities and events, helping players not to be bored and have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards.
  • Offers a diverse gaming experience: Gacha Nox Android provides players with a diverse gaming experience including puzzle play, boss fights, PvP and PvE.
  • Increase interaction between the gaming community: Thanks to the chat feature and in-game events, Gacha Nox helps increase interaction among gamers around the globe.
  • High requirements: The game is highly challenging and requires players to be strategic and skilled in managing resources and using their characters effectively.


  • High cost: Gacha Nox APK requires players to spend a large amount of money to be able to collect rare characters, items and costumes.
  • Too much chance: Gacha Nox's gameplay is based on random draws to get characters, items, and outfits, so too much luck means players may have to spend multiple times to get them. desired object.
  • Boring: If the player is unlucky in collecting rare items, the game can become boring after playing for a long time.
  • Addictive: Game Gacha Nox iOS is a highly addictive game and can make it easy for players to spend too much money buying gift packs.
  • Error-prone: The game may crash or other technical problems can annoy players.


Gacha Nox APK game are quite famous these days and for that reason there are thousands of applications that provide the gacha games Android. Though the applications are a lot but the products and quality provided by the application we are going to learn about is of next level. So let’s learn about this amazing application. This is a version with a spectacular finish, where each element has beautiful details. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing versions released to date and we are looking forward to new updates with even more content.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Gacha Nox APK

Do I need an internet connection to play Gacha Nox APK? +

Yes, Gacha Nox APK requires an internet connection to download game data and participate in online activities.

How to get new Gacha cards? +

To receive new Gacha cards, you can participate in in-game events, complete quests, or use in-game money to buy new Gacha from the store.

Is there any way to increase your chances of getting rarer Gacha cards? +

That's right, to increase your chances of getting rarer Gacha cards, you can participate in Gacha that have higher spawn rates for rare cards or participate in special events in the game.

Can I transfer my Gacha Nox APK account to another device? +

Yes, you can transfer your Gacha Nox APK account to another device by linking the account with online game accounts such as Google Play or Apple ID. You can then sign in to that account on your new device and continue playing.

How to protect my account in the game? +

To protect your account, you should:

  • Connect accounts to social media or email accounts for resiliency.
  • Use a strong password and don't share it with others.
  • Always check account information and change your password periodically.
  • Avoid using fraudulent software or unofficial websites.
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