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Free Fire Advance Server Diamond Download APK is a beta version that allows players to experience new features and content before they are officially released in a major update.



Name Free Fire Advance Server
Version 66.32.0
Size 993 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+

About of Free Fire Advance Server APK

Free Fire Advance Server is an experimental version of the popular mobile game called Free Fire. It is developed and published by Garena, the game development company of Southeast Asia. FF Advance Server ob23 apk allows players to experience new features and content before they are officially released in a major update.

The main purpose of Free Fire Advance Server APK mediafıre is to test new features, identify bugs and gather feedback from players before applying them to the final version of the game. This allows the development team to improve and refine the game, ensuring a better balance and experience for players.

Overview of FF Advance Server Game APK

Players can register to join the Free Fire Advance Server through the website or application provided. After successful registration, they will receive an activation code to access the test server. On this server, players can experience new features, such as new maps, weapons, costumes, game modes and more that have not been released in the official version.

Free Fire Advance Server usually has a limited run time, after which the server will be closed for development and improvement based on feedback from the player community. The players participating in the test server are responsible for reporting bugs, providing feedback and contributing ideas to contribute to the development of the game.


Free Fire Advance Server benefits both developers and players. Players have the opportunity to experience new features early, contribute ideas, and have interaction with a community of other players. For developers, it provides a platform to test, improve, and tweak the game before its official release, creating a better experience for all players.

Features of Free Fire Advance Server For Android

New Maps: New maps may be available for players to explore and play.

New Weapons: New weapons may be introduced, including guns, bombs, and other gear.

New Outfits: Players can experience new outfits with various designs and variations.

New Game Modes: Free Fire Advance Server ob36 may introduce new game modes to bring variety and fun to the game.

Other Features and Improvements: Additional features and improvements may be tested, including UI improvements, upgrade system, and battle system improvements.

Graphics of Free Fire Advance Server Mobile APK

FF Advance Server brings graphics enhancements, including:

  • Lighting effects: Graphics in Free Fire Advance Server may include improved lighting effects, which increase realism and create more vivid game environments.
  • Textures: Surfaces in the game can be upscaled to provide greater detail and resolution, from grass and trees to building and item textures.
  • Object Details: Graphics can be improved to enhance the detail of in-game objects, including characters, weapons, and vehicles.
  • Special Effects: Free Fire Advance Server may add new special effects such as destruction, wildfire, thunder, or other weather effects to create a more immersive experience for players.
  • Optimization: Developers can optimize the graphics in Advance Server version to increase game performance and smoothness on different mobile devices.

How to play, gameplay of FF Advance Server APK

Free Fire Advance Server ob40 Apk Download has similar gameplay to the official version of the game. Here is an overview of the gameplay and gameplay of Free Fire:

  • Goal: The main goal of Free Fire is to stay alive and be the last player on the battlefield. You will participate in an intense survival match with 49 other players on a large island.
  • Skydiving: Initially, you will parachute onto the island and choose the landing point yourself. After reaching the ground, you must quickly search for weapons, equipment and resources to enhance your survivability and combat.
  • Safe Zone: During the game, there is a limited safe zone, and its size will gradually shrink. If you stay outside of your comfort zone, your health will gradually decrease. You must move into the safe zone to avoid being eliminated.
  • Fight and survive: In Free Fire, you will face intense battles with other players. You can use weapons and skills to destroy your opponents and protect yourself. At the same time, you also need to use smart tactics, choose hiding places, build fortresses and take advantage of the environment to gain an advantage in battle.
  • Equipment system: During the game, you can collect and use weapons, equipment and other useful items such as first aid bottles, grenades, or trap nets. You need to arrange and use them intelligently to increase survival and destroy opponents.
  • Different game modes: Free Fire offers many game modes such as Solo (alone), Duo (double), Squad (team) or other group game mode. You can choose the mode that suits your preferences and want to play alone or with friends.
  • League and communication: You can join a squad to play with friends or create your own. During the game, communication and interaction with teammates is very important to coordinate tactics and achieve the best effect.


Free Fire Advance Server ob28 APK allows players to experience new features and provide feedback to improve the game. While the main gameplay remains the same, the new features and content in the Advance Server version can add variety and fun to your gaming experience.

Pros and Cons Free Fire Advance Server APK Latest version


  • Experience New Features First: Advance Server allows players to experience new features, maps, weapons, costumes, and content before they are officially released. This allows the player to have a preview of the improvements and changes in the game.
  • Submit Feedback and Suggestions: Advance Server players can submit feedback and provide suggestions on new features, bug reports, and game improvement suggestions. This helps the developer get important information and can make a better final version.
  • Experience it early: With Advance Server, players can experience new content from the moment it's released in beta. This brought excitement and excitement to the players before it was officially announced.


  • Likelihood of Errors: Since this is an experimental version, Free Fire Advance Server may encounter bugs, issues, and instability. Players may experience game crashes, loss of connection, or incompatibility with their devices.
  • Time Limit: Advance Server is usually only active for a certain period of time. Players can only experience the new feature and submit feedback during this time, after which the server will close and wait for the final version.
  • Differences from the official version: Some features, content and improvements may or may not appear in the official version of the game. This may cause the experience in Advance Server to not accurately reflect what players will encounter in the final version.


Free Fire Advance Server is an experimental version of the Free Fire game, allowing players to experience new features, maps, weapons, and costumes before they are officially released. This brings excitement and provides an opportunity for players to submit feedback and provide suggestions to the developer.

In summary, Free Fire Advance Server gives players the opportunity to experience early and contribute ideas to the game, however, it can also face difficulties and limitations. It is important that Advance Server is part of the game's development and improvement and provides a preview of what new features are coming to the official release of Free Fire.

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