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Download Football Pro VTC APK and immerse yourself in the ultimate journey of the king's sport, experience the beautiful shots and exquisite technique on your mobile device.


Name Football Pro VTC
Version 112.104
Size 1.09 Gb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About of Football Pro VTC APK

Football Pro VTC Game APK is a unique and groundbreaking football game, giving players an authentic experience of the king sport on the mobile platform. Developed on the basis of optimal 3D graphics, the game brings not only sharp images but also a feeling of authentic experience like being on real grass.

With Football Pro VTC APK, players will not only be participants in the match, but also creators, taking control and expressing their talents through unique techniques. With more than 100 different techniques, from powerful powerful shots to delicate passes, players have the opportunity to perform impressive moves, create beautiful plays and score unexpected goals. guess.

Diversity also lies in the fact that players have the ability to build their own team from the top players in the world. From contemporary stars to football legends, you can assemble them into your dream team. The card spinning and puzzle collection system gives you the opportunity to own bright stars, thereby creating originality and creativity in the way you build and direct the team.

Overview of Football Pro VTC APK iOS

Football Pro VTC not only stops at showing talent in the match, but also opens up new directions with the training of great players. You can create a talent from scratch through a professional training system, bringing them from unexpected positions to bright stars on the pitch.

With an international copyrighted player system and real-time transfer market, Football Pro VTC Android is open for real-time player negotiations, negotiations and transfers, creating a live team management environment. dynamic and interactive.

Proud to be a product of VTC Mobile, Football Pro VTC APK is committed to bringing players top-notch experiences, constantly updating and developing to always accompany the king sports community around the world.

Features of Football Pro VTC APK For Android

Freedom of control - Skill Show:

  • An immersive and immersive mobile experience.
  • High quality 3D graphics bring the feeling of experience like on PC or Console.
  • Great gameplay and diverse team system.

Log in for 7 days to get Premium Metal Player:

  • Log in daily to get premium metal players.
  • Get world class players like Bruno Fernandes, Toni Kroos, Marquinhos.

100+ unique techniques that decide the match:

  • More than 100 different techniques to show off in the match.
  • Show individual talents like top players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappé.

Building a billion-dollar squad:

  • Gather the best players from Ronaldo, Beckham to Mbappé, C. Ronaldo, Messi.
  • Collect puzzle pieces or spin lucky cards to own high value players.

Train the greatest player of all time:

  • Build a player training and development system from scratch.
  • Choose a position and build the right player for your squad.

System of international copyright players:

  • Owning a system of international copyrighted players from FIFPRO.
  • Including contemporary and legendary players like Beckham, Ronaldo de Lima.

Free Transfer Market - Real time updates:

  • Join the transfer market to buy and sell players.
  • Real-time bargaining and negotiation to build the dream team.

Free 300 card openings:

  • Get 300 free spins to own players from excellent to legendary.
  • Create a satisfactory strategy with a diverse lineup.

Commitment to continuous updates:

  • The game is updated regularly to bring more tournaments and new content.

Graphics of Football Pro VTC APK Latest Version

Football Pro VTC APK is developed on the basis of high quality 3D graphics, bringing a unique and vivid visual experience on mobile devices. The game's graphics focus on realistic reproduction of details related to football and the field of competition.

The ball court is designed in detail, including the surface of the field, the grass strips, the lines, the penalty area, the 11m dots, the goalposts and other details. This creates a realistic environment for the match. The players are simulated in high detail, from their appearance to their unique playing techniques. You can recognize the individual movements and playing styles of each player.

The graphics also show the flexibility and natural reaction of the player in situations such as running, kicking, free kicks and collisions on the field. Football Pro VTC allows players to show off special skills such as dribbling, long shots, free kicks, high jumps, and many more. These skills are displayed in a realistic and vivid way.

In short, the graphics of Football Pro VTC APK provide a high-quality visual experience, helping to recreate the real football environment and promote the interaction and creativity of players in the match.

How to play, the gameplay of Football Pro VTC APK

Freedom of Control and Skill Show:

  • Players have the freedom to control players in match situations.
  • Use the on-screen keys and gestures to perform various ball moves such as running, finishing, dribbling, and special techniques.
  • Show off your unique talents through unique techniques, create impressive shots and score unpredictable goals.

Team Building and Management:

  • Bring together excellent players from different generations, including both contemporary and legendary players.
  • Build your dream team by collecting puzzle pieces or spinning lucky cards.
  • Plan tactics, change formations, and customize the way players play to adapt to each match.

Player Training and Development:

  • Create a player from scratch through the professional training system.
  • Identify playing positions for players and develop their individual skills and characteristics.
  • Improve your player from a promising talent to a real star on the field.

Real Time Transfer Market:

  • Participate in the transfer market to buy and sell players.
  • Real-time bargaining and negotiation with other players to build strong squads.

Tournaments and Challenges:

  • Participate in regular tournaments and challenges to test your skills and win exciting rewards.
  • Take on AI teams or participate in real multiplayer matches.

Daily Login and Rewards:

  • Log in daily to get attractive rewards like premium metal players and ingame gifts.
  • Participate in in-game events and activities for extra rewards.

Pros and cons Football Pro VTC Mobile APK


  • Freedom of Control and Individual Technique: The gameplay allows players to express their individual skills through special techniques and moves, creating a sense of fun and originality.
  • Team Building and Management: The ability to customize squads, plan tactics, and participate in the real-time transfer market brings depth and interactivity to the gameplay.
  • Player Training and Development: The player development system from scratch helps players create their own talents and pursue their development journey.
  • Constant Updates and Regular Events: Committed to regular updates and new events and tournaments keep the game fresh and exciting.


  • Strong Device Requirements: Due to high quality graphics and diverse features, the game may require more powerful devices to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Depends on Internet Connection: The game requires a stable internet connection to be able to participate in multiplayer matches and update content.
  • Depends on Control Skills: Showing individual technique requires good control skills, which can create difficulties for new players.
  • It Takes Time To Progress: Building and developing a team and players can take a considerable amount of time, especially for new players.


Football Pro VTC APK game has made a strong hit in the world of football games on mobile devices. With high-quality 3D graphics and diverse gameplay, the game has brought an exciting and vivid experience to players.

The Game Football Pro VTC really took players on a colorful and unique football journey where they could show off their talents, build their team and become stars on the virtual pitch.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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